My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 856

 “Sister Serene, this man is already crazy, and you want to go crazy together with him? If you speak nonsense, he will really kill you. I beg you, don’t fool around, okay?” Karen Joy stamped her feet anxiously, and she really wanted to pull them together and beat them up. There must be some misunderstanding between them. Whenever there was a misunderstanding, communication was the most important thing. At this time, they should sit down and have a good talk. They loved each other deeply. As long as they communicated, then there was nothing that could not be solved. However, both Jackie and Serene were very stubborn. Neither of them was willing to give in. Seeing that they were getting fiercer, Karen Joy panicked. She was really worried that these two would go into an irredeemable situation. “Karen Joy, stop talking. I know very well what I am doing.” Serene turned around and smiled at Karen Joy She assumed that the Jackie she was waiting for was dead, so she would be able to see him once she died. Therefore, death was something she wanted. “Do you really know what you are doing?” Karen Joy asked her loudly. “I know. At the worst, I will die. We will have to die sooner or later anyway. No one can escape that.” Serene spoke flatly. She really had no hope for life anymore. “Die? You want to die? Dying is very easy, but it’s also what a coward would do.” Karen Joy was really anxious and said rudely, “I don’t understand. Stay alive and well, and help your beloved man find out the real murderer, isn’t that better?” When Karen Joy said these words, Serene and Jackie felt extremely shocked at the same time, and both of them chose to be silent. Seeing that they did not speak, Karen Joy added, “Do you two have to misunderstand and hurt each other, only then will you feel comfortable? Do you want the enemies hiding in the dark to laugh at you fools for harming each other?” Karen Joy turned to look at Jackie and said, “And you, you don’t even trust the person you love. What right do you have to say that you love her? You only knew how to take advantage of Sister Serene’s kindness. If it were me, I will definitely kill you.” If Brother Lionel didn’t trust her, she would definitely discuss matters with him. If Brother Lionel still didn’t trust her, she would kill him. He would always say that she was his Baby Karen. If he didn’t even have trust for her, how could she still be his Baby Karen. As soon as she spoke out boldly, Karen Joy felt a little embarrassed when she saw that both Jackie and Serene were staring at her. She scratched her head and stepped forward to help Serene. “Sister Serene, you haven’t recovered yet. Let’s go back to your room to rest first. Take some time to think about things calmly and carefully. I think that self-righteous man would also calm down and think. After all, people always say that impulsiveness is a devil. We should all calm down, then everything that was a misunderstanding would be resolved.” Karen Joy said loudly so Jackie could hear too. She knew that Jackie was not really that foolish. The reason why Jackie misunderstood Serene was because he cared for her a lot. He cared about her too much, he lost his sense of rationality, and he couldn’t even think properly. Now that the two of them met up, they just needed some time. As long as the two of them had time to calm down and think, everything would eventually be okay. At present, what Karen Joy wanted to do was to help Serene go back to the ward to rest. It was better to leave Jackie to Brother Lionel After all, they were good brothers. After they cleared things off, they would definitely work together to manage those enemies hiding in the dark. Karen Joy was very sure that for those enemies, their good days were coming to an end. On the way back to the Misty Mountain. “Young Master.” Daryl Leves drove the car straight to Misty Mountain. He was silent on the way, and finally decided to speak up. “The girl from the Silas family personally admitted that she was the culprit who poisoned the Leaves family. Why didn’t you kill her off? Don’t you want to avenge Mr. and Mrs. Leves and the rest?” Serene, the hateful woman, admitted that she was the culprit. Why did their Young Master protect her? Could it be that the woman knew how to control minds? Under such circumstances, their Young Master still protected her, it indirectly showed how difficult it was for them to get rid of Serene. “Are you doubting me?” Jackie raised his eyebrows and glanced at Daryl coldly. “After working with me for so many years, don’t you know what kind of people I hate the most?” “I know, but I still want to say… Young Master, obviously can just turn a blind eye to this. But every time I think of how Mr. and Mrs. Leves treated me so well, and how they were burnt to death, I would rather be punished by you than keep my peace.” Daryl straightened his back and said with righteousness. For the sake of the Leaves family and the innocent lives of more than a dozen people, he could put his own safety aside. “If you really want to avenge the death of the Leaves family, then arrange your men to investigate what happened a year ago again and see who was behind it.” Jackie swore that he must take out the person hidden behind the scenes and let them taste what it was like to be burned alive. “Young Master, don’t be so stubborn. The Silas girl has personally admitted that she was the one who poisoned everyone. How can that be wrong?” Daryl was emotional and did not think much before he spoke. Even Jackie could hear the hatred for Serene from his tone. “It’s my business, who are you to tell me what to do?” Jackie looked at Daryl fiercely and said in a colder voice. “Yes… I crossed the line.” Daryl was reluctant to stop, but he couldn’t afford to piss him off. If their master found anything wrong, they would have no chance to harm Serene again in the future. “By the way, what has Nina been doing these days?” Jackie asked again. In the past, that woman was always trying to stay close to him. But since Serene’s accident, he didn’t see her at all. “Nina?” Daryl glanced at Jackie from the rear-view mirror. He saw that he had his eyes closed and seemed to be asking casually, but he was not sure if he had his intentions. He thought for a while and answered according to his plan, “Nina was not feeling well these two days and has been lying in bed.” “When you get back, ask her to pack up and leave Misty Mountain. I don’t want to see her anymore.” Jackie gave such a simple order.

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