My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 857

Daryl Leves knew why Jackie Leves wanted Nina to leave, but he didn’t want to believe that Jackie knew what Nina had done, so he asked with a fluke mentality, “Young Master, why… why do you want Nina to leave?” Jackie opened his eyes and also looked back at Daryl from the rear-view mirror as he said coldly, “Don’t you know the reason yourself?” “Young, Young Master… You just gave the order. Forgive me for being stupid, but I can’t figure out why you want Nina to leave..” Daryl was so scared that his hands, which were holding the steering wheel, trembled slightly, but he still clenched his teeth and didn’t want to disclose any information Because Daryl knew that as long as he did not admit it, Jackie could not find any evidence to prove that Nina had something to do with Serene Silas’ escape. As long as there was no definite evidence, their master would forgive Nina on the account that Nina was loyal to him for so many years. “Who set the trap in the mountains? We just went down the mountain and Serene already escaped from the back door of my study. She was in the room for the whole month, so how could she know that there is a small door to the back mountain in my study?” Jackie calmly expressed his doubts. On the day of the incident, Jackie noticed this odd detail. But because he was too worried about Serene’s safety, he had no time and energy to think about why Serene would escape. At this moment, Jackie knew that Serene was safe, and he saw her injuries, so the first thing he wanted to do was to deal with those men who were behind it. Jackie would definitely not have any traitors around him. “Young Master, I’m afraid this is the strength of Miss Silas… At that time, she was also the one who poisoned the food under your nose. Nobody even realized it was her.” As long as Jackie did not expose his doings or found any evidences, Daryl would not admit it. “You have been with me for many years, this is the first time that I know of your eloquence. It’s such a waste of your talent if you continued to work for me instead of others.” Jackie snorted coldly. He hated this kind of backstabbers the most “Young Master, I..” Daryl shivered again. Although he liked receiving praises, this was not how he wanted to hear it. This matter was related to Nina’s wellbeing. It was definitely an important matter. He could not surrender just because of his master’s threat. “Don’t explain anymore. Go back and get her out of there. I don’t want to see her anymore.” In the end, Jackie didn’t want to keep a person who was a threat to Serene, He knew Nina’s personality well. Previously, when she had done something to Serene, he already decided that he wanted Nina out of there. However, Daryl pleaded and thought that this woman was also loyal to the Leves family, that was why he let her stay. He thought that Nina could change, but he didn’t expect that just as he left, Nina had set up a trap to frame Serene. If it weren’t for Serene’s luck, she would have fallen into Nina’s trap already. Jackie was sure that he would not allow any person who tried to harm Serene to be around them anymore. “Young Master, Nina grew up in the Leaves family and had been by your side for many years. She is loyal to you. She is young and a lot of times, she just did not consider the consequences of doing these things. Please have mercy on her.” Knowing that their master had seen some things and that he was really angry, Daryl had to change his strategy and tried to persuade Jackie so that he could let Nina go again. “She is young? Then when she tried to kill Serene with poison, did she ever think that Serene is still younger than she is?” Jackie could accept an excuse, but if he were to accept the same excuse again, he would be stupid. Nina was already 26 years this year. Serene was only turning 23! If Nina could harm a girl younger than her, how could he say that she was young and ignorant? “Young Master, Nina definitely did not do these things for herself. She did this for your own good. She was afraid that you will be deceived by Serene, that vicious woman. She was afraid that history would repeat itself like when the Leves family were burned alive a year ago.” One of his tricked failed, so Daryl thought of another trick, which was also a trump card to deal with Jackie. Because they all knew that the death of his family was definitely his weak spot. This was a painful event he would forever remember. As long as he was reminded him of this matter, he would want to get revenge for the Leaves family and get rid of Serene, the culprit. “After you go back, pack up your luggage and leave with her.” Jackie closed his eyes and said coldly. “Stop lying, or else you can get out of the car now.” “Young Master, you would rather get rid of us who have been by your side for many years for that vicious woman?” Daryl stopped the car on the side of the road and thumped his chest anxiously. He was really anxious. “That’s my woman. Who are you to speak ill of her?” Jackie said out loud again, and his tone sounded even colder. It was so cold that it pierced through Daryl’s bones. “Young Master, that woman killed the people of the Elves family, and she made you lose touch with reality. Why can’t I speak ill of her?” Daryl’s eyes were fuming with anger, and he was more anxious. “I want to kill her. Only by killing that woman can I avenge the people of the Leaves family. Then, you can return to being yourself.” “If you kill her, you can avenge for my family?” Jackie suddenly smiled, and his laughter echoed in the narrow space of the car. “If you really want to avenge them, then you wouldn’t just hand me such weak evidence.” At that time, when Jackie saw that the evidence was pointed at Serene, his brain didn’t even think rationally. He just stupidly thought that Serene was taking advantage of him when he was with him and believed that she had poisoned his family. Now that he had time to calm down and think about it, it didn’t take much time for him to realize the loophole in the evidence in his hands. Daryl surely knew that there were loopholes in the evidence It was very likely that he had seen through it, but he chose to remain silent, because he also believed that Serene was the culprit behind the poisoning. “Young Master, I.” Because he hated the Silas family secretly, and he found evidence that showed how Serene poisoned their food, so Daryl just jumped on the bandwagon.

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