My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 858

Anyway, as long as they were against the Leaves family and were involved in the death a year ago, Daryl Leves hated them so much that he wanted to kill them as soon as possible to avenge for the family. “Think about it yourself.” If it wasn’t because Daryl had been with him for many years and was loyal to him, Jackie would never allow such a dangerous time bomb to be by his side. Serene was his woman. It didn’t matter how he treated her, but he would never allow other men to bully her and would never allow others to say anything about her. He was such a selfish man. “Yes.” Daryl had to accept his fate, because he didn’t want to leave Jackie, or at least he couldn’t leave until he found the real murderer who killed the Elves Family. Lying quietly on the hospital bed, Serene couldn’t fall asleep, and the thoughts in her mind were messy and chaotic, like a bunch of horses galloping in her mind all at the same time. She had never dreamed that the devil she feared the most would be her Jackie, the man she was thinking about every day. When she first heard the truth, she was so stunned, as if she had been struck by lightning. She could not calm her turbulent emotions down for a long time. Jackie was the person she loved the most in her life, and also that devil was the person she hated the most in her life. Destiny messed with her once again. Destiny! Destiny! This damned destiny! They really thought highly of Serene. She was just a little girl, and she was just trying to live her life. Why did her destiny keep messing around with her? The person she loved the most had become the person she hated the most. She didn’t even know how she should feel right now. He accused her for killing the people of the Leaves family, he accused her for betraying their relationship; he accused her for being a vicious woman… She kept telling herself that this person was the devil, not the Jackie she loved, but when she heard of his accusations, she still felt so much pain as if thousands of arrows were piercing through her heart. That was the person she trusted and relied on the most. He was the person who helped her survive. How could he not believe her? Thinking about it, her tears rolled down the corners of her eyes and dripped on the hospital’s quilt staining it all over. “Jackie.. How can you not believe me?” Although she had said that she would not forgive him for the rest of her life not long ago, Serene still hoped that Jackie could trust her. No matter how much he changed, not matter what he had become, no matter what he did to her, he was still her Jackie. He was the one person she would never forget. “Brother Lionel, isn’t Jackie your best friend? Why don’t you persuade him?” Seeing that Jackie left hurriedly and when she saw Serene’s sad gaze, Karen Joy felt very upset too and whined to Brother Lionel “You have already said what I wanted to say to him. What else can I say?” Nathaniel rubbed Karen Joy’s head, looking at her with an affectionate gaze, as if she was the only person in the world. “Brother Lionel, are you blaming me for being a busybody?” Karen Joy knew clearly that Brother Lionel didn’t mean that, but she just wanted to throw a little tantrum on him. Because she knew that besides having her family, there was also Brother Lionel who also doted on her unconditionally, so that she could still fuss around at will. “You helped me so much that I can’t even thank you enough. Why would I blame you?” Originally, Nathaniel was angry at this girl for not knowing the seriousness of the matter. But when he realized that she was not an impulsive person, and saw that she had her reasons and grounds for acting that way, so he trusted her. After that, he understood more clearly that this girl was cleverer than he thought. Although she was young, she saw through a lot of things. Nathaniel was impressed by the genes of the leader of Rovio, Director Kevin. With such a powerful father, only could he give birth to such an excellent, smart, and sensible daughter “Brother Lionel, are you complimenting me?” Karen Joy lay on his arms, and her small head rubbed against his chest as if she were a kitten. “If it’s a compliment, don’t just say it. You should reward me more.” “Okay.” Nathaniel promised her. Then he held the back of the little girl’s head and pushed her towards him. He kissed her lovingly and inviting her to reciprocate. Bad Brother Lionel! Karen Joy punched him playfully. How could he see through her little thoughts at a glance? She did want him to kiss her… but she didn’t expect for him to be so direct. He was so direct and quick, as if… as if she was a little pervert. In fact, she was still an innocent child that didn’t know anything. After a long time, Nathaniel let go of her. He gently stroked her red and tender lips and showed a flirty smile. “Are you satisfied with this reward?” “Brother Lionel, you are so annoying! I have decided, I’m going to ignore you temporarily.” Karen Joy blushed and glared at Nathaniel with a wronged look. Brother Lionel was really bad! Couldn’t he just act that way and play things cool? Didn’t he know that she was also embarrassed? It was rare to see Karen Joy embarrassed and shy look. Nathaniel laughed out loud. After laughing, he held Karen Joy’s head and gave her another deep kiss. “Mm, this time, I just really want to kiss you. Are you happy now?” What was that? Karen Joy was even angrier. She was so angry that she stepped on him. But when she was about to step on his foot, she stopped in time. She didn’t want to hurt Brother Lionel at all. Even if she stepped on him, he wouldn’t feel any pain at all, but she just couldn’t do it. “Alright, don’t be angry anymore. I won’t tease you anymore.” Looking at her angry look, Nathaniel was in a good mood. It was also the first time he laughed so happily in this period of time. “Brother Lionel, does it still hurt?” Karen Joy did not care about the kiss. She changed the topic and asked another question Nathaniel was stunned. “What?” Karen Joy reached out and touched his face. “You still have the bruises on your face. It must be very painful when you were beaten.” She pouted and said, “In the future, no matter who the person is, if anyone dares to hit you, you must return the favor. If you let yourself get hurt again, I will ignore you.” Of course, when Karen Joy said this sentence, she absolutely did not know that her Brother Lionel’s second injury in his entire life, would be because of her father.

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