My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 859

“Mm.” Looking at Karen Joy Kyle’s distressed look, Nathaniel couldn’t resist touching her gently again. “I promise you, will try not to let myself get hurt in the future.” A little external injury was nothing to him as a grown-up man. In the past, he survived from more serious injuries. For a long time, he really didn’t think his life was that precious However, it was different for him now. Karen Joy would worry about him, so he could not do anything that would worry her. In Nathaniel’s memory, his parents’ marriage was political. There was not much affection between them, only political interests. Therefore, he had never seen his parents show affection towards each other, so he had always believed that relationships among people in this world were all based on interests. Love meant nothing in his world. It was not until he knew the Kyle family and saw that Kevin Kyle doted on a woman so much that he realized that the world still had love. It was a very lucky thing to have a woman to love and to be loved by a woman. It was probably life’s greatest blessing. For him to have Karen Joy like him so much, he must have done something right in his past life. “What do you mean you will try?” Karen Joy was very dissatisfied with Nathaniel’s answer. She pouted and said, “Brother Lionel, do you think I’m being unreasonable?” “How could that be?” Of course, he knew that she was concerned about him. “Then why won’t you talk to me properly?” Karen Joy acted like she was very hurt. She pressured Nathaniel to give her the right answer. “Then I promise you that I will never let myself get hurt anymore.” Nathaniel shook his head helplessly and had to agree to this little girl’s request. Hearing this answer, Karen Joy smiled with satisfaction and said, “Brother Lionel, if you promised me, you have to remember it. You are not allowed to break your promise. Otherwise, I will be very angry . In the end, Karen Joy was just worried that her Brother Lionel would be beaten up by others. He was the President, the leader of the country, and her beloved Brother Lionel, Even she couldn’t bear to hurt him, how could he be beaten up by others? It was true that Jackie was his good brother. How could his brother hit people without any reason? Anyway, Karen Joy firmly remembered what happened. She would definitely find a chance to avenge Brother Lionel in the future. She may be petty, but she was a woman with principles. She acted this way only for the people she loved. He didn’t stay for a long time, because there were still a lot of national affairs waiting for Nathaniel to deal with. He went back to the North Palace shortly after. Before leaving, Nathaniel told Karen Joy to go back to the ward to rest for a while. While taking care of Serene, she must not get sick too. Karen Joy nodded lightly and sent Nathaniel away with a smile. In fact, she was feeling sad in her heart. She thought that Brother Lionel would stay with her all the time, but she knew that it was impossible, so she could only watch him leave pitifully. As soon as Brother Lionel left, Karen Joy felt that her heart left too. She couldn’t do anything as she lay in the lounge. She couldn’t sleep and eventually, she received a phone call from Samantha Lesley, who hadn’t contacted her for a long time. “Samantha…” Karen Joy said weakly. “Karen Joy, are you in the hospital?” Samantha’s voice came from the phone. Samantha heard that Serene was injured, so she came to the hospital to visit her. But because she didn’t have any special pass, she was stopped by the bodyguards, so she had to call Karen Joy for help. Seeing her classmate and friend whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, Samantha pulled Karen Joy’s hand and said, “Karen Joy, what were you busy with these days? Why didn’t you look for me?” “What else can I be busy with?” Karen Joy said dejectedly. Apart from doing things related to Brother Lionel, she really didn’t know what else she could be doing. The main reason why Karen Joy insisted on staying in the hospital to take care of Sister Serene was because of Brother Lionel too. As Serene still had the title of being the President’s fiancee, Serene’s every move would be closely watched by the public, so Karen Joy could not let anything happen to her again. “O.” Samantha snorted and scratched her head stupidly.” “I came to see Sister Serene, but she has fallen asleep, and I don’t want to disturb her.” “Sit here for a while. When Sister Serene wakes up, let’s chat with her.” Because they had known each other for many years, Karen Joy didn’t treat Samantha as courteously as she treated others. She was lying on the couch as she spoke to Samantha casually Samantha looked at Karen Joy. After waiting for a while, she said, “Karen Joy, a very good friend of mine has opened a new themed leisure club. If you have time, come with me to support my friend. “Okay. Karen Joy agreed immediately, but suddenly thought of something. “I’m afraid I can’t go so soon. I won’t have time until Sister Serene recovers.” “Karen Joy, how long have you known Sister Serene? Why are you so kind to her?” Samantha’s tone sounded a little bitter. Back then, it took her a long time to gain Karen Joy’s trust completely. Sister Serene and Karen Joy had only met twice, so how could they be so close to each other? She knew she wasn’t smart enough. She couldn’t figure it out, so she asked directly. “Because Sister Serene is very kind.” This was Karen Joy’s answer. The answer that Karen Joy couldn’t say out loud was that Sister Serene was Brother Lionel’s fake fiancee, and because she took Brother Lionel away from her, she needed to treat her well to compensate for that. Before Brother Lionel openly admitted their relationship, she hoped that Sister Serene could reconcile with her former lover first and hope that she and her lover could live a good life together Samantha murmured, “I really want to become as brilliant as you.” “Little girl, what are you thinking about?” Karen Joy stared at Samantha. “How many times do I have to tell you this? Everyone is unique and irreplaceable. I have my own good qualities, you have yours too. Do you understand that? Don’t look down on yourself again.” “Hehe, I know now.” Samantha giggled. “Karen Joy, among my friends, you’re the kindest to me. Although, when I stand next to you, I look like a clown, I’m still very happy.” “Samantha!” Karen Joy was angry and poked her forehead, “Did you already forget what I just told you?” “Hey hey.. I remember! Karen Joy, don’t be angry!” Samantha reached out and scratched her head, showing her signature silly smile.

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