My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 860

On Misty Mountain. Nina, who was still lying on the bed pretending to be ill, got up as soon as she heard that Jackie Leves wanted her to leave. She stared at Daryl Leves with wide eyes in disbelief and asked, “Uncle Daryl, did you make a mistake?” “How could it be a mistake?” Daryl shook his head and sighed. “Nina, listen to me. If it doesn’t belong to you, you’d better not stop desperately hoping for it.” What do you mean by ‘desperately hoping’. I’ve known the Young Master since I was a child. When did that Silas girl know him? It was that shameless woman that took away what belonged to me. Why would you ask me to let go?” Nina thought that Jackie should belong to her, but Serene suddenly got in between them and ruined everything. If it weren’t for Serene’s interference, she might have married Jackie a long time ago. They might even have had children together already. However, that damned woman, Serene, appeared in front of Jackie. She attracted his attention, and he no longer had eyes for others. Daryl said, “Yes, the Silas woman knew the Young Master later than you did, but Young Master likes her. How can you change this? Nina said, “As long as she’s gone, as long as she is no longer in this world, Young Master will notice me sooner or later. If he is given some time, he will definitely see that I am good. He will know that I am the woman who can accompany him down the road.” Daryl was embarrassed to hear Nina’s ridiculous remarks. He could not refute it, so he had to change the subject. “Nina, pack up and leave earlier. This will be better for everyone. Don’t be so stubborn.” Nina was unhappy. “Uncle Daryl, why did Young Master ask me to leave? I grew up in the Leaves family and have been with him for more than 20 years. How can I just leave like this?” Daryl shook his head and sighed. “Don’t you know what you have done? We all know how important Serene is in Young Master’s heart. If you want to get rid of her, you have to bear the consequences.” Nina was so anxious that her eyes turned red. “Uncle Daryl, I’ve been careful about that matter. I didn’t leave any trace. How did Young Master know it was me?” Looking at Nina’s expression, Daryl was also worried. After all, he watched this child grow up since she was young. He said, “You know what kind of person Young Master is too. Especially since Serene was involved, do you think he will not know about what happened? Since he knows now, how can he still tolerate you?” Seeing that Daryl was forcing her to leave, Nina was furious and shouted, “Could it be that you deliberately told Young Master these things so that you can stay by Young Master’s side? Uncle Daryl. you watched me grow up, how can you betray me?” Before she figured out the truth, Nina shouted at Daryl, as if Jackie was the fool and Daryl played tricks behind their back. She was so anxious that she said such words, and forgot that Daryl was the only person who stood on her side. If Daryl didn’t support her, she couldn’t do anything. Listening to Nina’s nonsense, Daryl frowned unhappily, but since he had known her for a very long time, he did not want to argue with her again. He said, “Nina, pack up. It’s better if you leave like this. If you continue to cause a fuss, Young Master will send someone to kick you out.” “Are you threatening me?” Nina put on her coat angrily, turned around and rushed out. She was very quick. When Daryl wanted to stop her, she had already run out of the room. Daryl was older than Nina was, and he knew more about their master’s character. If she really offended their master, Nina would not be able to bear his punishment. Nina made one mistake before, but their master could still let her go because she had been loyal to the Leves family for so many years. If it happened a second time and if their master knew about it, he would definitely not be merciful. Daryl was more mature, so he could see it clearly. He knew that their master will take action on Nina this time. But Nina was still naive to think that as long as she refused to admit her doings or tried put on a pitiful face, their Young Master would still let her off the hook like how he did the last time. It was not until she rushed into Jackie’s study and saw the piercing, cold gaze from Jackie, did Nina realize that she had made a big mistake this time. “Young Master, II..” She stammered and couldn’t even say a complete sentence. She shouldn’t be so impulsive and she should have thought of a solution before looking for him. But now that things had escalated and she had nowhere to go. As long as she clenched her teeth and held on, maybe she would have a chance to stay by Jackie’s side. “Speak.” Perhaps because Nina grew up in the Leaves family and worked for him for so many years, Jackie gave her a chance to explain. “Young Master, I don’t want to leave. I want to stay by your side and continue to take care of you.” Nina spoke as she knelt on the ground. This was the only way she could think of at this point in time. Jackie looked at her and did not speak. No matter what she said, he was firm on his decisions. Nina raised her head slightly and glanced at him quietly, “Young Master, I’ve been with you for many years, and I’ve been taking care of your meals all this time. I don’t feel at ease to hand these things over to anyone else, Please give me another chance.” “So you’re saying I can’t survive without you?” Jackie raised his lips and looked like he was smiling, but that smile looked so cold that it sent shivers down her spine. Nina panicked and said hurriedly, “Young Master… I, I didn’t mean that…” Jackie said coldly, “Daryl, send her away.” Daryl heard the command and walked into the room. He wanted to drag Nina away, but Nina shook off his hand and rushed to Jackie’s side as she yelled, “Young master, no, you can’t.. I like you. I want to marry you. How can you be so cruel to me!” Seeing that her last hope was destroyed, Nina couldn’t care less anymore and shouted out the secret that had been long buried in her heart “You like me, but I don’t like you. I won’t ever fancy you in this life, and I won’t in the next life too. Don’t think too much.” Jackie spoke so calmly and indifferently that it was scary. He had completely dismissed Nina’s feelings for him. Nina was so desperate that she lay softly on the ground. She wanted to cry but she couldn’t. In her heart, she repeated Serene’s name again and again. Jackie added, “Send her away. She absolutely cannot appear here again!” Nina had feelings for him, so she would hurt Serene because of her jealousy. Therefore, Jackie must absolutely get rid of this potential grenade and spare all future trouble.

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