My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 861

Time flew by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, a week had passed just like that. Serene Silas was discharged from the hospital today, and Karen Joy originally wanted to bring her home. Unexpectedly, her Brother Lionel had arranged a residence for Serene and asked someone to take care of her. Not only did he hire special personnel to take care of her, but he also personally ordered the domestic helper over there, “Miss Silas is in poor health. You have to take good care of her these days.” She hoped that Brother Lionel could help Serene out, but when she saw how Brother Lionel could take care of another woman so thoughtfully, Karen Joy began to feel jealous again. She felt that she was really a strange woman. She was extremely confident, but she always lost that part of herself in her relationship with Brother Lionel. Perhaps it was because Brother Lionel had a fiancee in name and she was entangled in an awkward relationship, that was why she felt insecure. “Karen Joy, don’t worry, I am totally fine.” Seeing Karen Joy being so silent, Serene thought she was worried for her, so she gracefully spun twice in front of Karen Joy, proving that she had really recovered. “Sister Serene..” Serene’s body was now fine, but what about the wound in her heart? Could Jackie heal Sister Serene’s wound in her heart? In the past week, Jackie had not appeared, nor had there been any news of him. Sister Serene didn’t seem bothered, but Karen Joy could see that in fact, Sister Serene had been thinking about Jackie in her heart. “Karen Joy, what’s wrong?” Serene asked gently. “Sister Serene, when I am not by your side, you must take good care of yourself. Don’t get hurt again. Karen Joy gave Serene a big hug. “Yes! My dearest Miss Kyle!” Serene said with a smile. “Sister Serene, you’re mocking me!” “Our President is here, I don’t have the courage to laugh at the person he loves.” When Serene said this, Nathaniel came right towards them. “Hmm?” Nathaniel continued, “Who bullied my Karen?” “Who’s your Karen?” Karen joy rebuked. Since they were not officially a couple yet, he shoudl not say such flirty words and make others misunderstand! “Are you not? But everyone knows that you are my girl.” It was rare to see Karen Joy’s shy face, so Nathaniel wanted to continue teasing her. “Don’t go too far, Nathaniel.” She shot him a warning look. Now, she would tolerate as there were others. If there were only the two of them, he would have to see how she would get “revenge” on him. “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop.” Nathaniel rubbed her head and took her hand. “Serene, we’ll go first. We’ll come to see you another day.” “Mm, okay.” Serene sent them off to the door and watched their car leave. Then she turned back to the house. As soon as she turned around, she bumped into something. She hurt her nose badly and she cringed in pain. She covered her painful nose and looked up to see a masked face. She was so frightened that she took a step back, but the next moment, she fell into the man’s broad and strong arms. No matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape. In the past, when she did not know that this man was the Jackie she had been thinking about every day and night, it would make her sick whenever he touched her. Now, she knew that he was the man she was thinking about every day and night. Although he changed his face, he was still the same man deep down. When he touched her, it didn’t feel as disgusting as before, and she was even willing to let him touch her, actually When his body temperature and breathing gradually merged with hers, she seemed to have felt a sense of familiarity that had been gone for a long time. In the past, when they were together, when he would make her angry and she would throw a tantrum, he would hold her in his arms and kiss her in spite of her struggle and resistance. For a long time, Jackie had always been very domineering. He was so overbearing that she couldn’t even mention another man’s name in front of him. However, he also doted on her and treated her preciously As long as he was around, no one could hurt even a strand of her hair. But… He definitely didn’t know that he would be the one who hurt her the most in the end. She wasn’t too saddened when she was being used by the Silas family, because they didn’t love her and she didn’t love them anyway. She could disregard their doings and their mistreatment of her. But Jackie was different to her. Jackie was the only person she could rely on over the years and the person she loved deeply. In her opinion, even if everyone in the world could betray her and bully her, Jackie would never, absolutely not! For a long time, she firmly believed in Jackie and his love for her. However, he still let her down, and he betrayed her love for him.. Thinking of this, Serene bit her lips hard and pushed away the man who was holding her with her greatest strength “Get out! Don’t let me see you! You devil!” Jackie froze, and he looked at Serene coldly. His masked face seemed icy and unapproachable. His gaze was cold, but Serene seemed to be able to see the gentleness in his eyes that she was familiar with.. Her heart suddenly ached for him. It was as if someone had took her heart out and tried to crush it, the grip getting tighter and tighter. She found it hard to breathe and she felt as if her heart was about to be crushed. She didn’t look at him, and she didn’t want to be influenced by his gaze. She turned around and tried to avoid him. However, she knew that Jackie was definitely not a person who would give up easily. Therefore, before she could turn around, Jackie pulled her back with his long arms. Jackie held her shoulders with both hands and stared at her. He didn’t blink and didn’t say anything. “Let go of me! Don’t touch me! If you touch me, I will feel dirty!” Serene punched him and shouted with all her strength. “I was wrong! I misunderstood you because I didn’t find out the truth!” Jackie said loudly and very clearly. “I’m sorry!” He was an extremely proud man. She had never heard him say these words out loud before, and it was not easy for him to say it out loud this time. Serene understood him and knew how difficult it was for him to say these words. Serene’s heart throbbed again and she was in a panic because of the pain. “I’m sorry?” Serene smiled, but tears ran down her face. Did he think that a simple ‘sorry’ was gh? Did he know how much psychological trauma he had given her? For a whole week, every time she fell asleep, she had the same nightmare; a nightmare where she was raped by a man with a mask and a face that couldn’t be seen clearly. “Serene, I’m sorry!” Jackie said again. His voice gradually crumbling as he repeated his apologies. “Sorry? What are you sorry for?” Serene roared at him, and her tears rolled down her cheeks like floodwater. She couldn’t control herself..

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