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“What are you looking at? Do you think I’m wrong?” In this matter, Kevin Kyle was very stubborn. Although Karen Daly had persuaded him many times, he still did not like Lionel

Kevin remained quiet.

Karen said in a gentler voice, “You’re not talking again? So

you disagree with me?”

Kevin still kept his peace.

Karen added, “Director Kevin, if you are not happy, just say it. Let’s have a good talk. You being silent like this, are you

mad at me?”

Kevin replied, “No, I’m not.”

Karen asked, “You’re not what?” Kevin said, “I think you are right.”

Hearing Kevin’s words, Karen did not know how to react. “If you are unhappy, just say it directly. I am not an

unreasonable woman.”

Kevin said lightly, “Are you not?”

“What?” Karen raised her eyebrows and suddenly smiled gently. “Apparently I am an unreasonable woman in your


Kevin realized that he had said something wrong and immediately explained, “I didn’t mean that.”

Karen smiled even more gently, and her beautiful eyes were shining very brightly. “Director Kevin, tell me, what did you mean?”

Kevin did not answer her.

In front of Karen, he couldn’t just debate his way out of anything.

Karen smiled and said, “Hmm? Are you going to explain yourself, Director Kevin?”

Kevin did not want to.

Karen finally said, “Director Kevin, get busy with your work.

I’m going away with your son for a few days. Goodbye!”

After that, regardless of Kevin’s expression, Karen turned around and walked out of the door.

She came to her son’s room and said, “Son, pack up. Let’s go find your sister.”

Little Precious raised his head, he frowned and asked,

“Mom, has Little Aunt been chatting with you lately?”

Karen was stunned. “I’m inviting you on a trip, why did you suddenly mention your Little Aunt?”

Little Precious said seriously, “As far as I know, only Little Aunt would do something as childish as running away from home. My mom is gentle and forgiving, she would never do such a thing.”

Karen rubbed Little Precious’ face and said lovingly. “Little Precious, are you saying that your mother is childish?”

Little Precious shook his head and said, “I’m saying that my Mom is gentle and forgiving, but my Little Aunt is childish.”

Karen chuckled and said, “Little one, your mouth is smarter than that evil Dad of yours.”

Her son looked as cold as his father, but his emotional intelligence was much higher than his father’s. He knew how to please people with his words.

Little Precious said again, “Mom, moreover, could you really bear leaving dad all alone, by running away from home?”

He didn’t wait for his mother’s reply, he only stared at her conflicted look. Little Precious already knew that his mother absolutely didn’t want to part with his father.

Besides, even if his mother really wanted to run away from home, would his father let her?

See, what did he just say? As soon as his mother arrived at

his room, his father was just behind her.

Karen tried to reason her stance. “Your father accused me of being unreasonable. If I didn’t get mad at him, he will continue to bully me in the future.”

Little Precious winked at his mother, indicating that there was someone behind her.

Karen was still a little angry. She knew that Kevin had already caught up with her, but she didn’t want to look back at him.

Kevin walked to her side and reached out to hold her hand, I was just joking with you. Do you have to make it such a

big deal and run away from home?”

Karen kept quiet. She did not appreciate a “joke” like this.

Kevin said softly, “Even if you are unreasonable, even if you have all kinds of bad qualities, why does it matter?”

Karen rolled her eyes at him and said, “How could it not

matter? It’s related to my reputation, okay?”

Over the years, she had been working hard to be a woman worthy of him, so she didn’t want him to dismiss her efforts.

Kevin added, “No matter what you are like, you are still my wife. You are the woman I like and the woman I want to take care of for the rest of my life.”

Karen pouted and smiled like a happy child. “Good that you know to say nice words to make me happy. Okay, I will

forgive you this time.”

Kevin stroked her head and asked, “You’re not angry anymore?”

Karen pretended to be confused, “Who’s angry?”

Kevin shook his head. No wonder their daughter would

always play dumb and innocent whenever she was in

trouble, because she learned this trick from his wife.

It was said that a woman’s marriage is truly blissful if she could still laugh silly like a child after many years of

marriage. In addition, if a woman could still throw childish tantrums in her marriage after so long, then she must be someone

whom her husband really cherished.

For so many years, Kevin showered her with unconditional

love and care.

She understood his love, hence, she cherished relationship even more.


There was no need for him to talk about what the Leaves family had gone through this year. Serene Silas knew the

gist of it.

But knowing that his face had been destroyed by the fire, and knowing that Old Master Leonard had spent a lot of effort to reconstruct his face and that he took care of Jackie for nearly a year so that he could recover, Serene still felt so

sad and pain that her face turned pale.

They had removed the burnt skin and surgically grafted the skin from his thigh onto his face. It was as if he was being reborn

An ordinary person would not be able to endure that kind of


“It must have really hurt!” After stroking Jackie’s face for a long time, Serene choked and said these three words. As soon as she spoke, her tears fell even more quickly

“It doesn’t!” Jackie shook his head and reached out to hold Serene’s hand on his face. In order to comfort her, he emphasized, “It really doesn’t hurt.”

“How can it not hurt!” Serene wiped her tears and bit her lips

to control her crying.

“It’s all in the past,” Jackie said again. He was calm when he thought about the wounds he had suffered, but Serene’s tears were something unexpected to him. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn’t know how to.

After a long time, Serene finally calmed down. “The fire was so huge that most of your family were killed. How could it not hurt you?

Besides the physical pain, the despair and pain in his heart must be the most terrible. When he was so desperate and scared, she was not by his side.

A year ago, she tried her best to look for him, hoping to stand beside him to bear the pain of the incident with him. However, Jackies seemed to have vanished from the world.

She could not find him no matter how hard she tried. “At least I still have you!” Jackie stretched out his hand and wanted to hold her in his arms, but he thought of the evil things he had done to her before. He stretched out his hand and stopped halfway, as he did not dare to do anything else to make her feel uncomfortable.

“I’Ll be with you from now on.” Over the past month, Jackie had hurt her deeply. She hated him and even thought that she would not forgive him for the rest of her life.

However, every time she thought of the living hell he lived through this past year, she could not bear to blame him.

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