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“Ser…” Jackie Leves opened his mouth, but he was so emotional that he couldn’t call out Serene Silas’ name. He looked at her quietly. He quietly observed her smooth forehead, her beautifully shaped eyebrows, and her dark eyes…

She was the Serene he knew. She had not changed at all, but he mistakenly thought that she was the culprit of the extermination of the Leaves family because of the fake information he received. He didn’t investigate further and even imprisoned her and hurt her so deeply

“Jackie, I will be with you from now on!” Serene took the initiative to hold his hand instead.

Her hand was very thin and small. Her delicate hand

appeared so small in comparison to his. “Okay!” His response was brief, but it took him a lot of

energy to say so.

From now on, with her by his side, he suddenly felt much calmer. No matter how difficult the road ahead was, he had enough courage to go on.

“Have you.. eaten?” After looking at each other for a long time, the two looked a little awkward, and Serene broke the ice.

“Not yet.” He shook his head.

“Then I’m going to cook. You wait for a while.” Serene rolled up her sleeves and was about to go into the kitchen, but she was grabbed by Jackie as soon as she took a step.

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “Serene,

let me hug you.”

At this moment, he still did not dare to believe that she had forgiven him just like that.

He thought that she would not forgive him and might even hate him forever

However, she was so kind and did not fault him at all, she even felt sorry for what he had gone through.

He had always known that she was a kind soul, but… Thinking of what he had done during this period of time, he felt extremely remorseful. He could only hug her tighter and tighter

Serene was much shorter than he was. When he hugged her in his arms, her head fitted perfectly on his chest.

Breathing his smell in, Serene greedily rubbed her face against his chest. Over the past year, her anxious heart finally found a harbor to rest on.

She came back to life again.

She was no longer the Serene who lived like a walking dead. Instead, she found the strength to carry on now.

After escaping from Brother Lionel’s evil hands, she returned home. As soon as she entered the door, Karen Joy Kyle received a phone call from Yaya.

Yaya told Karen Joy excitedly that she had passed the interview and was ready to treat her for a celebratory meal.

It was Yaya’s treat, so Karen Joy decided to go anyway. She picked up her backpack again and rushed to the place that Yaya had suggested.

When she arrived at the place, Yaya, Burly, and Shane had already arrived.

Burly said, “Our Yaya is so brilliant, as long as she wants something, there’s nothing she can’t do.”

Shane, who had always liked to rain on others’ parades, spoke really sweetly today, “Yes, our Yaya is the best.” “Yeah, Sister Yaya is the best. It’s my honor to have you as

my friend.” Karen Joy joined everyone’s compliment

competition as soon as she entered the room.

“Little Jar is here.” The three of them looked at her and greeted her enthusiastically, “Let’s order. Let’s pick the most expensive food. Our Yaya will have a job and a salary soon, so this bill will not affect her too much.”

“Then I won’t show any mercy” Although Karen Joy said she

would pick expensive dishes, she did not actually do so. In

her heart, her friendship with the group was very precious

and priceless.

Each of them picked one of their favorite dishes. Yaya ordered two other dishes generously because she was ecstatic. She said boldly, “Waiter, please give me another

bottle of the most expensive red wine in your restaurant.” Burly quickly stopped her and said, “Waiter, don’t listen to

her. You can just serve us our dishes later.” Yaya was dissatisfied. “Burly, why did you stop me? Are you

afraid that I can’t afford it and that I would borrow cash from


Burly said again, “Yaya, you only passed an interview, you didn’t find a pot of gold.”

They were all children from the countryside. Usually, they lived frugally. When they came out to eat, they always tried their best to pick the cheapest places.

Today, they chose a high-end restaurant, and she wanted the most expensive wine, was Yaya planning to pay for her

debts over a long period of time?

Yaya nodded and said with a smile. “You’re right. I really found a pot of gold.”

She had successfully gotten the job and passed the entry assessment. She would begin her job as the secretary of the general manager tomorrow and see the man she wanted to see every day. If that wasn’t a pot of gold, what

else could it be?

Shane asked, “What kind of company is it? Is it really as good as you said it is?”

“Hehe.” Yaya glanced at Karen Joy bashfully and said, “In fact, you all should have heard of this company before.”

“Rovio Real Estate, the subsidiary company of Rovio Corporation Inc?” Seeing Yaya’s blushing face, Karen Joy guessed that she must have gone after Jayden Elias Kyle.

“Yes, congratulations, you’re right!” Yaya said.

“Sister Yaya, are you really going there?” Karen Joy was a little surprised. At least to her, Jayden was not that charming of a man, for someone to give up their passion to serve as his secretary

Of course, that was because Karen Joy didn’t know much about Jayden’s charm. Well, her heart was filled with Brother Lionel, so how could she think about other men?

In the past few years, there were too many women who wanted to be the secretary of the Young Master of the Kyle family, but many of them failed to do so. In the end, they all did not pass the interview. Yaya was lucky enough to get the job at the first try and pass the entrance assessment.

“I think we have to work hard to get what we want. We can’t always rely on luck.” The more she spoke, the more excited she became. “Look, I’ve succeeded in my first step. I’ll

continue to work hard in the future.”

“Rovio’s subsidiary?” Burly and Shane were still shocked. Both of them opened their mouths in surprise.

Burly said again, “Yaya, are you sure it’s Rovio Real Estate? How can such a large financial group recruit a non professional? Are you sure you got the right job and it’s not a scam?”

Rovio Corporation Inc was a multinational conglomerate. Its big boss had been ranked as top of the richest people in the world for many years. So far, no one else could challenge his ranking and status. “Sister Yaya, make sure you read things clearly and don’t get

cheated.” Karen Joy’s words had another implied meaning,

as she was afraid that Yaya would be lost in Jayden’s


However, after thinking about it carefully, Jayden didn’t seem to have any hidden intentions or plans… If Yaya could get together with Jayden, and Jayden could also fall in love with her, that would be great. Yaya was such a nice girl. It would be nice to be her sister-in-law in the future.

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