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The group of friends are very happily together.

When they left, Yaya gave Karen Joy Kyle a big hug. “Little Jar, I don’t want to hide it from you. I wanted to work there to pursue your brother. But no matter what happens between your brother and I, I hope we can be friends for the rest of our lives.”

Karen Joy smiled and said, “Sister Yaya, of course, as long as you don’t fault me, you will always be my good friend.”

Previously, Karen Joy was a little worried that Yaya was so impulsive and worried she would blame her if she could not get what she wanted. Now, what Yaya said completely eliminated Karen Joy’s internal worries.

On the way home, Karen Joy sighed again. The biggest joy of coming to Country A was to meet Yaya and her friends. In this superficial world, it was really difficult to have sincere and innocent friends like Yaya and the two boys.

“Karen Joy..”

Hearing a crisp and tender voice calling her name, Karen Joy looked up and saw the little master of the Brown Family Levi Brown, standing at the elevator.

Seeing that the seven-year-old little one was here alone, Karen Joy did not feel strange. She stepped forward and pinched his face. “Little one, I am older than you, you have to call me sister. You can’t just call me by my name directly.”

Levi corrected her, “Karen, I am your elder.”

Karen Joy pinched his face hard and said, “You brat, you are my Little Aunt’s son, so you are my cousin. How could you

call yourself as my elder, do you want to be punished?” Levi said again, “But yet, my father is your Great Uncle. He is

your father’s uncle! So am I not your elder?”

Karen Joy was taken aback by his words.

This little one was only seven years old, but he was good at refuting her. It was really not that easy to fool him.

Karen Joy rubbed his little head and sighed. “What a complicated relationship. Forget it, since you are still a little kid, I won’t argue with you.”

“What do you mean you won’t argue with me?” Levi didn’t want to accept her concession, so he decided to debate with Karen Joy

“You are a little man, can’t you forget about arguing and just call me sister?” He didn’t want Karen Joy to just surrender, but Karen Joy was insistent.

Levi pouted and said, “Dad is right. The women in the Kyle family really like to take advantage of the men.” His mother often snatched his sweets, and she did take

advantage of him, and so did Karen Joy. Well, she looked

sweeter and lovelier than his mother.

They were relying on their lovely and innocent faces to dazzle the men in their family.

“Oh, brat, so that’s what your father taught you behind my back!” Mia Kyle suddenly jumped out and patted Levi’s head

while looking unhappy. Levi dodged Mia’s hand. “Mom, you’re playing runaway again. Don’t you think it’s tiring? I’m tired of it. I think Dad is

tired of it too. Be careful, one day he will really decide to

ignore you.”

Mia put her hands on her waist and pretended to say

ferociously, “Brat, if you are tired of it then go home. Don’t follow me here! You are not allowed to refuse me if you refute me again, I will sell you away to another family.”

Levi silently complained, “What a heartless mother. But it’s not your fault. It’s my fault that I ran too fast when I was getting reincarnated. I didn’t lodge myself in the right


Mia said, “Brat, you’re despising your own mother.” Levi said, “How would I dare despise you.”

Mia said, “That’s more like it.”

Levi added, “If possible, I really want a kind and virtuous mother like Karen Joy’s mother.”

Mia was angry as she said, “You brat, don’t… don’t follow me then. I will no longer acknowledge you as my son.”

Levi said, “Very well. I don’t want others to know that you’re

my mother too.”

Mia kept quiet

She was so angry with her own son that she couldn’t say anything

One of them was more than 30 years old, while the other was only seven years old. How could they quarrel for such a long time? Karen Joy really admired their patience.

The mother and son duo would probably not stop quarreling for a while, so Karen Joy coughed softly and said, “Little Aunt, Levi, if you two want to quarrel, go on, I’m going home first.”

“Karen, you can’t leave. You have to stay here to be the judge.” This time, the mother and son spoke in unison, like they were best friends once again.

“Okay, I won’t go.” Karen Joy had foreseen this, so she said,

“Since you two have run away from home and came here, then come and stay with me.”

“My Baby Karen is the best.” Mia hugged Karen Joy tightly.

“Let’s go. Let’s go to your place.” After returning home, Karen Joy served some water for Mia

and Levi and asked, “Little Aunt, how did Great Uncle offend

you this time?”

Mia took a sip of water and said, “Take a guess. Karen Joy thought for a moment and said, “You thought he cheated on you?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her and said, “Guess again.” Karen Joy thought about it again and said, “Little Aunt, does

he think you’re not as loving as you used to be?”

“Guess again.”

“He’s sick of your bad temper?”


“Then what is it?” Karen Joy really couldn’t guess it, because she knew that her Little Aunt was always coming up with odd reasons to run away from home.

Mia put down the glass of water angrily, and said, “He lied.” Karen Joy was doubtful. “How could Great Uncle lie to you? What did he lie to you about?”

Mia held her face and said, “The old bastard, Neil, said that my skin was better than when I was 18 years old.”

Upon hearing Mia’s words, Levi, who was sitting next to her, immediately rolled his eyes. His mother was a really weirdest lady in the world,

His father said those things because he wanted to praise his wife. He didn’t understand how could she feel offended

and got so angry that she ran away from home.

His father was also one that could tolerate such an unreasonable women. Levi wondered if he were to marry a wife like that in the future… No, he would never marry such an unreasonable wife. He needed a gentle and kind woman who could take care of his family.

Karen Joy’s reaction was similar to Levi’s. She answered calmly, “Little Aunt, Great Uncle was praising you. What were you thinking about?”

“I wasn’t thinking about anything, that old bastard Neil was insulting me.” Mia took Karen Joy’s hand and put it on her face, saying, “Karen, try and touch my face, how does my skin feel?”

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