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“Little Aunt, I think it’s very smooth. It’s like the skin of an 18 year-old.” Although these words were a little exaggerated, it was only a little bit. Karen Joy Kyle was still speaking sensible words.

But her words still couldn’t convince Mia Kyle. Mia said, “Although I maintain it well, and I don’t look as old as the women my age, but my skin is obviously a little saggy now. How could I be like this when I was 18 years old?”

Karen Joy was speechless.

So that was her Little Aunt’s point. What an odd thought


She didn’t even know if she should persuade her Little Aunt. According to Karen Joy’s understanding of her Little Aunt, unless Mia figured it out herself, no matter how others tried to persuade her, it would be useless. So she decided not to persuade Mia any further.

Mia reached out to touch Karen Joy’s face and said with envy, “Karen, I was the same as you when I was 18 years old. My complexion was great, and my skin was tender. was so beautiful.”

Karen Joy shook her head helplessly and said playfully, “Little Aunt, for someone to be as capricious as you, they must be the masters among the masters. I really admire


Levi Brown immediately agreed and said, “I agree.”

Mia turned back and glared at him. “Brat, go away. This is not the occasion for you to speak. If you interrupt us again, I’Il beat your little butt.”

Levi shut up obediently. After all, in their family, no matter how long they discussed and argued, his peculiar mother had the final say.

Sometimes, he really doubted whether his father had a tendency to abuse himself. That was probably why he could spoil his wife so unreasonably?

Forget it, he shouldn’t guess what his father was thinking, he knew no matter how he tried, he wouldn’t be able to guess it.

There were guests in her home, so Karen Joy was also happy. She wanted to cook for them. But when she thought of when she almost blew up the kitchen, and Brother Lionel’s angry face, she immediately gave up this idea. She did not know how to cook, and she turned down the

domestic helper arranged by her father, so the best way

was to order takeout for the mother and son who were unwilling to go out for dinner. Karen Joy was not hungry because she just ate, but Mia and Levi just got off a long flight, and a few hours had passed

since they roamed the streets and arrived at her house.

They were hungry for a long time. Because of the hunger, Mia and her son were not so picky

about food, so they ate their food happily

Karen Joy sighed as she looked at them. Only her rebellious Little Aunt could run away from home with her son instead of staying at home.

“Little Aunt, I don’t know if I should say something that’s on my mind.” After thinking for a long time, Karen Joy decided to let it out.

“Little girl, when you were born, I was just as old as you are

right now. I watched you grow up from when you were a little baby. Don’t act smart in front of me, just say what you want to say.” Mia even rolled her eyes at Karen Joy while she was eating. Mia thought that this little girl was too young to act smart in front of her!

Karen Joy organized her thoughts and said, “I don’t know

where I have seen such a quote. Love should not be tested.

You cannot just run away from home so many times and

test his patience just because you think that Great Uncle

doesn’t love you enough. What if his patience runs out one

day and he really doesn’t want you to go home, what will you


“Then i’ll go back on my own. These legs are mine. Do I have to wait for him to ask me to go home before I can go back?” Mia said confidently and didn’t think there was anything wrong with her actions.

Karen Joy expressed her admiration, she raised her thumb and said, “Little Aunt, if you ask who I admire most in the world, it will definitely be you.”

She really could debate her way through life, but it was on the premise that her Great Uncle was willing to let her do all these things.

From their relationship, Karen Joy realized that men who were much older were more mature and reliable than their female companion, and they would also spoil their woman.

For example, her beloved Brother Lionel was also much older than her, and he acted like a grown-up man in front of her. Could Brother Lionel remain like this in the future?

Thinking about it, she had some expectations.

Levi’s face was full of displeasure. His father was right. The women of the Kyle family were all liars.

Mia walked around the house and looked at her little humble abode. She sighed and said, “Sure enough, your father loves you a lot and has prepared everything for you. He didn’t allow me to do anything back then, as he controlled a lot of things.”

Karen Joy smiled and said, “That’s not the same. Because

my Dad had my Mom, and he gradually turned gentle, that’s

why he is willing to listen to me and spoil me like this.”

Mia pouted and said, “He is biased.”

Karen Joy said, “Don’t you also have a Great Uncle who dotes on you? I’ve never seen him treat any other women well except for you.”

Mia said, “If he dares to treat other women better than me,

will castrate him.”

“Mom, mind your language.” Levi warned her.

Mia said, “Is there anything wrong with what I said?” “No, you’re always right… Of course, only in front of Dad.”

Levi gave Mia no mercy. Seeing that the mother and son were starting to quarrel

again, Karen Joy knew that they were not going to stop so soon. She was ready to escape. “Little Aunt, you two may continue squabbling. The guest rooms are over there. Just choose the one you like. I’m going to rest now.”

Looking at Karen Joy’s back as she entered the room, Mia and Levi looked at each other. Suddenly, they had the same idea, and they rushed to the bigger guest room at the same time.

Mia said, “I came into this room first.” Levi said, “I chose this room first.”

Mia tried to the plea, “As my son, can’t you just give way to

your mother?”

Levi refuted, “As my mother, can’t you give way to your seven-year-old son?”

Mia said, “You’re so good at talking, you don’t even look like a seven-year-old child at all. You’re obviously just an old man. You don’t need me to give way to you.”

Levi replied calmly, “You are so good at running that of course, I won’t make way for you.”

Mia replied, “Both of you Mr. Browns, are just bad, both of you just can’t give way to me and you guys hurt me every day”

Levi looked displeased and said, “Don’t use this trick anymore. No one will fall for it anymore.”

Mia kept quiet

She thought that they would always fall for this trick.

Levi said, “I’ll let you have the big room. It was a busy day for us. Rest early, if you get too tired, Dad and I will worry about you.”

Mia continued, “Brat, don’t be so affectionate all of a

sudden, okay? That’s not your style.”

Levi answered calmly, “Dad is not around. If I don’t take care of you for him, who else will?”

In fact, the most important thing was that if something happened to his mother, he would definitely be spanked by his father when he went back home. He had better take good care of his mother so that he wouldn’t be punished.

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