My husband warm the Bed- 869

Chapter 869

Back in the room, Mia Kyle immediately took out her phone and dialed a familiar number.

As soon as the call was connected, the person on the other side answered the phone immediately. On the other end of the phone came a slightly loud and pleasant voice of a man, “You and Levi must be tired.”

Hearing his voice, Mia unconsciously put on a sweet smile, but she didn’t want to reveal how happy she was to hear his voice.

She snorted softly and said, “Being tired is the least of my concerns now, but your son thinks that I’m a mother who just runs away from home casually. He despises me.”

Neil Brown said, “If that boy dares to think so, I’ll whack his butt when he gets back.”

“How dare you, Neil!” Neil was just teasing but Mia already felt sorry for their son. “I can’t even bear to hit my son, how dare you if you even touch a strand of his hair..”

Neil was speechless. She was the one who complained about their son, she was also the one who spoiled their son. Women were all so unreasonable.

In order not to let his wife worry, he added, “You are so excellent and capable. In the future, my son will know that his mother is actually a loving and kind mother.” Although she knew that he was coaxing her, Mia was still

happy. She let out a wider smile and said, “My Old Neil, don’t say these nice words. When we go back to Chatterton Town, you will make it up to me.”

Neil added, “You don’t have to go back to Chatterton Town,

come out now, I can make it up to you.”

Mia replied, “Liar. You’re just trying to make me happy. Do you think I will be as stupid as last time?”

Neil asked, “When have I ever seriously lied to you?” Mia refuted his question, “You want to talk about that now?”

Neil nodded, “Of course.”

Mia was annoyed, “Neil, I’ll go downstairs now. If you’re not there when I get downstairs, I’m really going to leave home,

don’t blame me for that.”

Neil spoke seriously, “Come now.”

Mia stood at the entrance of the gate and looked around, but she didn’t see Neil anywhere.

“Old bastard, you lied to me again.” Mia gritted her teeth and cursed. She turned around and she was about to head back indoors. Unexpectedly, she saw Neil behind her as soon as she turned around

He smiled and said, “Are you surprised to see me?”

Mia glared at him and said, “Copying my tricks, don’t you think you’re childish?”

Neil shook his head. “Nope.”

Mia snuggled into his arms with a bright and said, “Neil, why did you come to Country A? So you regret asking me to bring your son back to my hometown now?”

Neil was a soldier and he could not casually go to a foreign country at will. It was indeed unexpected that Neil would appear so soon

In the past, whenever Mia ran away from home, she would choose to go abroad because Neil would need some time to

process his visa documents before leaving the country. By the time they reunited, she would have already calmed down.

Although she was always running away from home, she considered everything before doing it. It was never an impulsive decision. She did not intend to leave Neil alone forever

“If I don’t chase after you two, what if something happened to you two?” This was his logical reasoning. In fact, Neil couldn’t tell Mia the real reason.

This time, he took the initiative to ask Mia to bring their son to Country A. The real reason was related to the death of Mia’s parents thirty years ago.

Back then, Mia’s parents had been arrested by Neil’s father, Later, both of them died in prison. Therefore, no one doubted that the couple was indeed enemy spies.

However, not long ago, Neil received an anonymous email. The mystery person wrote that Mia’s parents were wrongfully arrested, as they were only stand-ins for the real spies.

That incident was very long ago, and Mia had already let go of it. Neil didn’t want to cause any more trouble, but he knew that this matter was related to the Silas family of Country A and the newly appointed President, therefore it was related to Karen Joy, the treasure of the Kyle family.

So, Neil immediately contacted Kevin and discussed it with

him through a video call. After the discussion, they

unanimously decided to figure out what had happened that

year, as they worried that Karen Joy might be in danger.

There were not many people who knew about the spying incident thirty years ago, and the information they had was limited. It was very difficult to analyze the matter.

Since this was a sensitive matter, and they didn’t want too many people to be roped into this matter, Neil was the best candidate to help investigate.

However, as the top dog at the Chatterton Town Military Neil could not go abroad at will. If he entered Country A for military reasons, he would inevitably attract a lot of attention. Therefore, they asked Mia to come to Country A first.

Mia arrived at Country A with her son, and people would understand that Captain Brown would arrive at Country A too to look for his family. That way, he wouldn’t attract too much attention or suspicion.

Mia patted Neil on the shoulder and said, “So you are still

worried about us but don’t worry, even if I was taken away

by someone else, your son will definitely bring me back.”

Neil smiled and said, “Mm, thank you for giving birth to such a smart and sweet son.”

Mia said, “Is saying thank you enough?” Neil immediately added, “When we return to Chatterton

Town, I’ll satisfy you tens times more.”

Mia smiled a little as she replied, “Hmm, Neil, where has your mind gone? That’s not what I’m talking about.”

Neil was even more confused. “Then what were you talking

about?” Mia said, “B*stard, why are you asking what you already


Seeing Mia blushed with anger, Neil was in a good mood. He laughed heartily and said, “Okay, go upstairs. I haven’t seen our baby Karen for a long time. Let’s see if that little

girl misses me.”

Mia said discontentedly, “Neil, you only care about Baby

Karen, you didn’t even say you want to see your son.” Neil raised his eyebrows. “You can even be jealous of this?”

Mia refused to admit that. “No, I just feel like you don’t care Neil stopped and held Mia’s face. He made her look at him

about our son enough.”

and he said seriously, “Levi is our son who you gave birth to,

how could I not love him? In my heart, nothing is more

important than you and our son.”

In the past, Neil had never said such mushy words. Mia was surprised and felt secretly happy at his answer, but still acted stubbornly, “Old Neil, don’t act so sweet, I won’t fall for your tricks.”

Neil didn’t like to say mushy words, so he felt uncomfortable when he said those things too. He held Mia’s hand and said, “Let’s go see our Baby Karen.”

Mia held his hand, and they strolled along together. She chattered beside him and said, “I still remember how cute and little Baby Karen was. It was only not long ago, but now she is all grown up and she’s already with the person she loves.”

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