My husband warm the Bed- 870

Chapter 870

In the past, when Karen Joy Kyle was born, the Kyle family and the Brown family pampered her so much as she was the family’s first child.

Everyone spoiled Little Karen like mad like she was their rare gem.

Everyone spoiled her as she grew up. No matter how old she was, no matter how far she went, in the eyes of the

adults, she was still a little child.

Everyone wanted to treat Karen Joy well and help her out always, so she could always live a peaceful and healthy life.

When she saw her Uncle Neil, Karen Joy was as excited as a little girl. She threw herself into her Uncle’s arms and rolled around on his chest like she did when she was a child. “Uncle, you’re really fast. Little Aunt and Levi just arrived and you’re already here. But I don’t care, you all have to stay with me for a few days. It’s really boring for me to live here alone.”

She had not behaved like this in front of her Great Uncle for a very long time. She really missed those happy days in the past.

Neil patted her head and said, “Of course. As long as you don’t drive us away, we will stay here with you this time.”

“Uncle, you really know how to make me happy.” He was the top officer for the military of Chatterton Town. He had a lot of work to do, how could he have time to accompany her?

“Hmm, let me count. We’ll accompany you for at least a week.” It would take at least a week for Neil to find out the

truth of the matter.

“Uncle, it’s a deal. You can’t go back on your words.” Being in a foreign country, she felt so great to have her family around


Usually, she did not think that she would miss her family who was thousands of miles away, but when her family

came to her, she realized that she missed them very much.

However, when she was alone, she was used to being strong and taking care of herself independently, she forgot

that she had a family that she could rely on. The arrival of the Brown family made Karen Joy miss her parents so much that when she went back to her room and lay on the bed, she immediately called her mother.

As soon as the call was connected, she spoke in a soft voice, “Mom…”

A mother indeed would always be closest to their child, in their hearts. Just by hearing Karen Joy’s voice, Karen Daly knew that she was feeling upset. “Karen, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Hearing her mother’s voice, Karen Joy’s nose twitched and she almost shed tears. Fortunately, she controlled herself in time, “No, Mom, I just suddenly miss you guys.”

“Karen, did Lionel hurt you?” Although Karen had a good impression of Lionel, if he made her precious daughter sad, no matter how good of an impression she had of him, it would vanish!

“How could it be Brother Lionel… Karen Joy immediately

retorted, but the more she said, the quieter her voice became. Perhaps her sudden homesickness had something to do with Brother Lionel.

It had been several months since she came to Country A. It

was getting closer and closer to the New Year, but there was no progress in her relationship with Brother Lionel at all.

There were too many issues between them, and she couldn’t get rid of their obstacles in a short time, so she was feeling anxious.

“My baby Karen, don’t worry, everything will be fine. If you like him, then trust him. Give him some more time, he will definitely overcome the obstacles between you two.” With

Karen Daly’s understanding of Lionel, he would definitely not want her daughter to feel hurt too.

He wouldn’t bear to hurt her daughter, but if Karen Joy felt this way, that must be because the relationship between the two of them was still in a lot of uncertainty.

In the past, Karen Daly couldn’t fully trust Kevin Kyle at all.

She didn’t believe that he could handle the problems between them well. So when she was threatened by others, she stupidly asked Kevin for a divorce.

Although Kevin produced a falsified divorce agreement to trick her, and they only had a fake divorce, Karen still blamed herself for that hardship.

If she had fully trusted Kevin and believed that he had the ability to protect them, there would have been fewer twists and turns between them and she would not have lost the child in her womb. Karen Joy was her daughter. She hoped that her daughter

was wiser and stronger than her. She hoped that her

daughter’s love life could go smoothly, and she didn’t want

her to suffer as much as she did.

Hearing her mother’s words, Karen Joy suddenly understood what her mother meant. She pursed her lips and said with a smile, “Mom, did God send you to me? How do

you know everything in my mind?”

Karen said gently, “I’m not sent by God. You’re my daughter and I’m your mother. If I don’t understand you, who will?” Karen Joy nodded hard. “You’re right Mom. Dad doesn’t understand me, he always throws his temper at me, he even dislikes Brother Lionel.”

Karen responded, “Ahem..”

“Baby Karen, when you complain about your father, you have to be sure that he is not around. If he knows about this, he would be angry for two weeks!”

Karen Joy kept quiet.

After hearing her mother’s reminder, Karen Joy stopped talking. She could imagine how dark her father’s face was at

this time.


She silently wailed.

However, as smart as she was, she quickly thought of a solution and immediately added, “Although Dad always throws his temper at me, and dislikes Brother Lionel… In my heart, he is still the most handsome Dad in the world. No one can compare with him.”

After this sugar-coated compliment, she trusted that her

father would have calmed down a little. “Yes, I also think he is the best husband in the world!” Looking at Kevin’s unhappy face, Karen also chimed in playfully.

As expected, as soon as she said that, Kevin’s face gradually changed. When she looked closely, she could even see that his lips were slightly raised, and there was a slight smile in it.

Karen looked at him, but he immediately looked down at the newspaper, pretending that he didn’t hear anything at all. He was still so calm.

Karen sighed. What a difficult man!

In front of his wife and daughter, why was he acting so cold? How would his family know that he loved them very much if he was always behaving this way?

Early in the morning, before Karen Joy got up, she smelled food. She opened the door with a messy head of hair and saw Neil and his family talking and laughing together. They were eating something delicious.

Last night, Karen Joy tried her best to suppress her homesickness, but now as she saw them, the feeling came back again

“Son, you’re still growing up. Eat more.” It was rare for Mia not to compete with her son for food. Instead, she placed a soft and fluffy cake on his plate.

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