My husband warm the Bed- 871

Seeing his mother actually focused on feeding him, Levi Brown did not forget to tease her, “Mom, did you poison this secretly?”

Mia Kyle glared at him and was about to snatch the cake back, “Brat, if you don’t want to eat it, give it back to me.” Levi swallowed it in one go and said, “Even if there’s poison,

I’ll still eat it.”

Mia glared at the little kid again, “Brat, you’re itching for a beating, aren’t you?”

Neil Brown echoed, “Brat, apologize to your mother, or else! won’t be able to help you too.”

Levi pouted and said, “Dad, it’s not like you’ve ever helped

me before.”

Neil just looked at him silently.

How could this little one say that? Neil was the head of the family!

He was always being dominated by his wife and son. Even if that was the case, he would appreciate if they considered his feelings for just a bit.

Mia smiled proudly and said, “Your father is my man. Even if he wants to help someone, he can only help me. How can he help a little brat like you?”

Levi looked a little angry, “Do I mean nothing to you two?”

Mia nodded.

The wife nodded. Neil received a threatening stare from her, so he had to nod too.

In their family, he felt that his status was really declining day by day. Maybe someday, he would be replaced by someone else.

Looking at the noisy family of three, and thinking of her lonely self in a foreign country, Karen Joy was feeling


She bit her lip and wished she could go back to her room and continue to sleep with her head covered. That way, she didn’t have to be reminded about family.

As soon as Karen Joy thought of this, Mia saw her and greeted her happily, “Karen, morning!” Levi added, “Mom, the sun is already so high up, how is it

still morning?”

This teenage girl didn’t even get up earlier than the little kid. Sure enough, women of the Kyle family liked to sleep in and

bully people.

Mia said, “Shut up, boy!”

Mia then pinched Levi’s ear. “Little Levi, i’ll ask Little Precious to play with you some other day okay?”

Levi shook his head hard. “No. I don’t want to play with puppet.”

Julien Kyle was just a boy who was a year older than Levi, but he was such a cold child that he did not bother talking to Levi. He would even put on a stern thinking face’ all day long. Was he trying to be cool to attract attention from little girls?

Karen Joy smiled and said, “Well, it’s a deal. You can play together during the New Year’s.”

Levi had a bitter look on his face. “I don’t want to.” Mia immediately went to the kitchen to get the breakfast

that she had specially prepared for Karen Joy. “Brat, you

don’t have the right to speak here. Karen, come have breakfast. I know you want to sleep in, so I didn’t wake you up just now. But these are all specially for you.” Levi muttered, “Wonder who’s your actual child.”

Perhaps in the eyes of the Kyle family and the Brown family, only Karen Joy mattered the most, and the other children

were all secondary

He had no status in both his families, and the little log of the Kyle family had no status at home too. Only Karen Joy, a little devil who only knew how to bully people, was pampered and spoiled unconditionally.

“Thank you, Little Aunt! I know you love me so much!” Karen

Joy said sweetly. She didn’t forget to give Levi a provocative look as if she was saying, “Brat, you are still too young to fight with me.”

Karen Joy won easily in this battle against Little Levi, just as she had done many times before.

Neil put down his fork and looked at Karen Joy. “Karen!” Karen Joy nodded and said, “Great Uncle, I’m here. What can

I do for you?” Neil added, “Your Aunt and that brat are not familiar with

Country A at all, how about you bring them out today?” Karen Joy said, “I am happy to be their guide, but why don’t

you come with us too?” Neil raised his watch and looked at the time. “Um… I have

something to do today. I’ll leave them to you.”

Hearing what Neil said, Mia immediately looked up at him and said, “Old Neil, didn’t you come to Country A because you were worried about us? What else do you have to do here?”

Neil replied seriously, “Work.”

Mia asked, “Other than me, what other important things

even need your attention?”

The two of them were about to quarrel again. Levi immediately said, “Please, have your breakfast first!”

Karen Joy added. “Levi is right. When it’s time for breakfast, let’s eat happily. When it’s time for work, then you can do your work. We should ban arguing today, and more so, ban any form of running away from home!”

After breakfast.

Karen Joy accompanied Mia and Levi to visit some famous

scenic spots around town. Meanwhile, Neil contacted a person who he knew, but was not familiar with

Because he had come to Country A for his personal issues, it was impossible for him to bring so many people with him. However, there were many of his subordinates in plain clothes following him around, so that he could do his

investigation easily.

“Mr. Brown, we’re here.” The man who was also the Neil’s most capable assistant, had now disguised himself as a common chauffeur on the streets of Country A.

“Okay.” Neil slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the window. “Keep a close eye on the surroundings. Not even a fly is allowed to fly close.”

“Yes, the man replied.

After getting out of the car, Neil entered cafe nearby, the cafe was named ‘Searching In A Dream’.

At this time, it was still office hours. The cafe was close, but when he arrived, someone opened the door for him. After he

entered, the man locked the door again. It was like nothing had happened.

After entering the cafe through the back door, it was like he walked into another universe. There was a unique courtyard, rockery, fountain pool, and plenty of beautiful decorations. The host said, “Mr. Brown, please come with me. Our master

has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Okay.” Neil nodded. With a casual glance, he firmly remembered the route into the house and the surrounding scenery

After passing through a long cobblestone path, they finally stopped in front of a Japanese style wooden house. The host said, “Mr. Brown, my master is inside.”

“Your master is inside?” Neil raised his eyebrows. No one had ever dared to put on airs in front of him.

It was already very rare for him to come and meet someone personally. He was already there, but that person didn’t even want to come out to greet him. If it was at Chatterton Town, probably… not probably, as no one would have the guts to do so in Chatterton Town.

But it was different in Country A. First of all, he came here for personal affairs, and he was the one who requested the meet.

That person’s identity was considered special in Country A, so it was not unreasonable for him to put on airs like this.

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