My husband warm the Bed- 872

As Neil Brown was occupied with his thoughts, the door opened and a man came out of the room.

They looked sharply at each other, and it didn’t look amicable at all. The atmosphere was filled with a dangerous vibe.

It was almost like they were staring to kill. If a tiny spark

were to ignite know, there would be an explosion

Of course, both of them knew what they were after. Even after many years, they still feel the same pain in their hearts, so neither of them was willing to take a step back.

After staring at each other for a long time, Neil stood straight and continued to stare at the man. Gradually, the

man surrendered.

He smiled awkwardly at Neil and said, “Captain Brown, welcome to my territory.”

He was not talking about Country A nor Coast City, but he

emphasized on the words ‘my territory’ with a heavy tone.

Others wouldn’t know what he meant, but Neil who had differences with him before, was well aware.

When this man went to Chatterton Town, he was in Neil’s territory. They remembered the day when Neil barged into his house to warn him.

“So what if it’s your territory?” Neil chuckled. He asked him back casually, but he sounded dominating.

“I am just joking with you, Captain Brown.” The man walked to the door and gestured for him to go in. He smiled and said, “Captain Brown, please come in!”

Without hesitation, Neil walked into the room

It was so cold in Coast City that a gush of wind was enough to make anyone shiver. But as soon as they entered the room, there was heat, making them feel much warmer. Without waiting for him, Neil chose a place and sat down. He reached out to rub his hands and quickly warmed

himself up.

The man ordered someone to serve tea and said politely, “Captain Brown, it must be tiring for you to come all the way here. I’ve asked my people to brew our famous local tea. After tasting it, please tell me what you think. Let’s compare the teas from Coast City and Chatterton Town.” “I don’t have to taste it, I already know my answer. Our tea

back home is incomparable.” Neil said these words without

any mercy.

The man’s face changed, but he still tried to smile and said, “Captain Brown, you haven’t even tried ours and yet you already made a conclusion. You might miss out on a lot of good things in life, behaving this way.”

Neil said simply, “Actually, I can read things quite well. Once

I set my mind on it, I’ll put my whole life into it. No one can convince me otherwise.”

The man hadn’t said anything yet, but Neil took one step forward to stop him from saying anything. It was really annoying

Before the man replied, Neil added, “Zuriel, we are all

sensible people, and I don’t want to beat around the bush

with you. Don’t treat me so politely when you clearly hate

me. Let’s just be frank and disclose what we want, and we

will both feel more comfortable once we speak our minds.”

As soon as Neil said this, Zuriel Perth also breathed a sigh

of relief.

Although he was a diplomatic official who was good at debates, he had never engaged in one with a person he hated.

In his world, people whom he hated had already gone to hell. Neil was the only one who was still alive.

It was not because he didn’t want to kill Neil, but he didn’t

have the ability to kill him. This was the basis of his hatred. Zuriel added, “Captain Brown, you’re really straightforward. Then I won’t even serve you any tea… But don’t you feel thirsty after saying so much?”

Although he couldn’t fight him off, he could still make use of his eloquence.

“I came to you today to ask you how much did you know about the spy incident thirty years ago?” Neil asked very directly, completely ignoring the provocation of Zuriel’s words, as if he was just a nobody.

“Neil, how could you still ask me about this?” When it came to this matter, Zuriel, who had just been grinning cheekily, suddenly became enraged.

He stood up suddenly and pointed at Neil, “Neil, how can you ask me this fu*king question, why don’t you ask your dead father? He was the one who did everything, he was the one who killed our people, he should be clearer about it than anyone else.”

Neil just kept quiet.

That year, his father caught the spies, and he had also

assassinated them. There were evidences that supported that claim, so there was no room for debate. Neil did not speak and Zuriel got more annoyed. “Hey Brown, why are you bringing this up today?” He spoke more


Neil calmed down and said, “That year, Mia’s biological parents were likely to have only been substitutes for the real spies. My guess is that the real spies are still out there, or someone else is manipulating this matter. They didn’t know that they went to Chatterton Town as spies.”

Although what Neil said sounded a little bit complicated, as a diplomatic minister, Zuriel was good at reading between the lines. He understood immediately and asked, “Do you mean that Mia’s parents died unjustly?”

Neil nodded and said, “Yes. received an anonymous email a few days ago, and some doubts were pointed out in that incident. After reading it, I thought it was very likely, so I want to find out. In Country A, you are the only person know. Although I hate you very much, I still came to you. You should feel touched and honored.”

“You b*stard.” Hearing this, Zuriel was so angry that he grabbed something and was about to throw it at Neil. But before he threw it, he smiled again. “Neil, are you trying to dig your own grave?”

Mia was originally engaged to be Zuriel’s wife. But when he found her, she was already deeply in love with Neil, so he couldn’t intervene.

He had been depressed before and had thought of a way to get her back, but in the end, he had to give up because he still hoped that she would live a happy life. For more than a decade, he had tried hard to forget that

extremely tricky, stubborn girl, but his efforts were futile.

Instead, he missed her even more. This was the reason why he didn’t marry another woman

after so many years.

Today, when Neil came to him and told him such an important thing, did it mean that Neil had exposed his weakness in front of him?

What was the purpose of Neil doing this? Zuriel looked at Neil and wanted to dig deeper from his body language, but he could not decipher anything in the end.

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