My husband warm the Bed- 873

“Now, all you need to do is to tell me what you know. You don’t have to worry about other things, I will handle them.” Neil Brown said it so directly, as if he took Zuriel Perth as his subordinate and that he could only obey his orders.

“Captain Brown, have you misunderstood who is the host here?” Zuriel snorted and said, “Now you are in Coast City of Country A, you’re not in Chatterton Town. This is not your territory. Before you give orders to other people, please know your place.”

This was Coast City, where Zuriel had his stronghold. Zuriel knew that he could expose Neil for coming into his country for non-diplomatic reasons.

Neil raised his eyebrows and did not take his threat

seriously at all. “Why does it matter?” Neil did not understand Zuriel’s threat as he was an assertive person. If he wanted something, he would get it.

Zuriel was speechless because of Neil’s words. He wanted to refute, but he couldn’t. He could only glare at Neil. “You arrogant bastard!

“Zuriel, don’t you want to clear the couple’s name? Don’t you want to figure out what really happened that year? Don’t you want to get rid of those who hid behind your President? Don’t you want Country A to become stronger and more powerful?”

Neil looked at Zuriel coldly as he voiced these concerns, and these concerns hit close to home for Zuriel.

The Perth family had served as high-ranking officials in the government of Country A for three generations. They were

loyal to the Cooper family from generation to generation. In his generation, the Cooper family and the Perth family were ready to be bonded through marriage, Unexpectedly.

something happened halfway. In particular, the last sentence Neil mentioned about making Country A stronger, hit Zuriel the most.

These people who were loyal to Nathaniel Cooper wanted to make Country A more powerful under his leadership.

However, there was an unfathomable force behind them that was trying to stop them from moving forward. It tried to control so many things and tried to drag Nathaniel down. He knew that the force was manipulating some people,

trying to destroy Nathaniel’s reputation in the hearts of the

people of Country A, but until now, no one had been able to

find out where the force came from.

He wanted to do his best for the President on this matter, but because he tried his best to stop the little girl of the Kyle family from staying in Country A and staying with the President, he had now been neglected by the President for a long time.

After thinking for a while, Zuriel responded deeply, “Of course I want to.”

Neil added, “It’s good to have this thought.”

Zuriel rushed to say, “But, I have one condition. If you can promise me this, I will do my best to work with you, to find out what exactly happened with the spy incident that year.” Neil raised his eyebrows again. “What condition?”

Zuriel said sternly, “Take away Kevin Kyle’s daughter and do not let her get close to our President or even step foot in Country A anymore. Our President can only be in the mood to deal with those people who are plotting against him if

she is not around. And only when we drive her away, our President will be invincible.”

In Zuriel’s opinion, Karen Joy was Nathaniel’s weakness. It was the only weakness that other people could use against their invincible President.

As long as she was there for even a day, Nathaniel would be

in danger.

“Huh.” Neil scoffed shortly.

Zuriel asked again, “Captain Brown, what do you mean?”

Neil added, “No matter if it’s the leader of Rovio, Kevin, or I, Neil, we have never and will never be threatened.”

Zuriel gulped nervously and said, “I’m not threatening you. I’m asking for a condition. After all, it’s not a bad deal for you.”

Neil suddenly smiled and said, “Zuriel, do you really know who you are trying to drive away?”

Zuriel was a little annoyed. “Of course I know.”

Neil added, “The little girl you want to drive away is the child that we have been guarding since she was a baby.”

Of course, Zuriel knew this, and he added, “You watched her grow up, shouldn’t you keep her by your side and watch over her continuously? Why do you want her to be married to

such a far place?”

“Because that’s what she wants.” Neil was still smiling, “Do you know what I want to do now?”

Zuriel was stunned.

Neil added, “I want to break your neck.”

Zuriel’s face changed. Neil was too fu*king arrogant, and he was not afraid of anything. He didn’t expect that Neil would Chapter 873

insult him at his own territory!

Neil went on to say, “Perth, let me tell you, if anyone dares to plot against Karen Joy, the only way is death.

Zuriel quietly clenched his fists and suppressed the anger in his heart. He said, “Since you’re so firm on your stance, that means that there is no way for us to talk about it today.” Neil got up and said, “Zuriel, I gave you a chance to work

with me. Don’t come begging me in the future. No matter

how you beg, it will be useless.”

Zuriel just kept quiet.

He really wanted to swear at him.

What did he mean about giving him the opportunity to cooperate with him? Was Neil really that arrogant to think that Zuriel needed him?

Neil said again, “Master Perth, I’m sorry for disturbing you today. I’ll be leaving now. Don’t have to see me off!”

Zuriel’s face sank. He said, “Don’t worry, Captain Brown. won’t come begging for you. But if you want to see me next time, it won’t be so easy.”

Neil chuckled, turned around and left.

After a few steps, Zuriel’s voice came from behind again,

“Captain Brown, you have to think about it carefully. Are there no other good men in the world? You don’t have to let the pampered daughter of the Kyle family die hanging on a tree.”

Neil stopped, turned back and smiled, “If our almighty Miss Kyle is willing to die on a tree that she likes, we wouldn’t stop her, and we would even support her.”

For the other children in his family, like Levi or Little Precious, it was okay for them to suffer a little. But Karen Joy was an exception. They would not allow anyone to hurt her. She was their princess,

Zuriel was left speechless.

Sure enough, he underestimated the importance of the little girl to the Kyle family and the Brown family.

Back then, he had seen how the Kyle family and the Brown family doted on the little girl.

Now that such a long time had passed, their love for the little girl had not been reduced even one bit. On the contrary, their protectiveness for her grew more and more.

Seeing that Neil was about to walk out of his sight, Zuriel shouted at him, “The Silas family. Warren Silas was the current Old Master Silas’ elder brother.”

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