My husband warm the Bed- 875

Karen Daly was taken aback.

He knew what she was talking about, but he acted like he didn’t understand.

This man, after all these years, finally learned how to tease


“Alright, go and have a rest.” Kevin Kyle kissed her and let her go. He didn’t want her to accuse him of being some kind of pervert He had always respected her and never forced her to do

anything she didn’t want to do.

“When you’re done with your work, rest early. I’ll go see Little Precious first.” Karen regained her freedom and took a few steps back in a hurry, as if the man in front of her was a beast.

“Mm.” Kevin nodded. He didn’t go back to work immediately, but he watched her leave the room until he couldn’t see her


To have a person who could capture his heart and made him so happy was a blessing.

After the call with Kevin, Neil received another call, which sounded much more polite compared to Kevin’s call. The voice on the phone didn’t say his name, but Neil

recognized his voice immediately. He smiled and said, “Should I say that it’s my pleasure that

Mr. President is calling me personally?”

Hearing Neil’s slightly provocative voice, Nathaniel was not

angry, but his tone was even more polite. “Mr. Brown, called you not through a President’s name. Speaking of which, you are my elder.”

Nathaniel was implying that he admitted to being Karen Joy’s man, making Neil also a Great Uncle to him, in terms of family ties.

Neil should be happy to hear that, but he was not. Instead, he said with a little anger, “I’m your elder? Where did this come from? Mr. President, don’t think too highly of me, I don’t dare to have anything to do with you.”

Well, it seemed like he wasn’t too pleased with Nathaniel too, just like Kevin.

Karen Joy was his family’s treasure. However, Nathaniel hid her away like she was a nobody, not giving her a proper status as his woman.

Every time he thought of this, both Neil and Kevin were very angry. With his temper, he couldn’t wait to grab Nathaniel and teach him a lesson.

Nathaniel understood why Neil was angry. He knew he was in the wrong, so he just let Neil vent his dissatisfaction. After Neil vented his anger, he said, “Mr. Brown, I know why you came to Country A this time.”

Neil said calmly, “It’s not a shameful thing for me to chase after my wife. So what if you know? You’re going to send me back immediately?”

Neil didn’t tell the truth, but Nathaniel pointed it out directly, “Mr. Brown, why do you want to find out the truth about the incident 30 years ago? The best partner you can look for is definitely not Zuriel Perth. I can assure you that I am more suitable to help you.”

If Nathaniel said so, it meant that he understood a lot about Neil right now.

His every move was under his watch, logically, Neil should be angry, but he smiled instead.

Neil’s fingers flicked on the leather chair. Because he was in a better mood, he spoke happily. “You are finally a little more

competent. Karen has quite a good taste.”

Although these words were not pleasant, Neil’s words sounded like an assurance to Nathaniel. Nathaniel surely

could understand it. He went on to say, “Mr. Brown, the car in front of you with the car plate 9090 has my men. If you are willing to talk about it with us, my driver will take you to see me.”

Neil was more satisfied now. He said in a much better tone, “Okay.”

Coast City was a popular city for tourism. It had two world famous attractions, and there were countless famous scenic spots too.

Today, Karen Joy was being a tour guide. She chose two nearby attractions as she understood her Little Aunt and cousin well, they would not like to travel very far just for an attraction.

However, she still didn’t expect that before they finished touring one spot, Mia was so tired that she didn’t want to walk anymore. She whined that she wanted to just return home.

Karen Joy was helpless, “Little Aunt, do you feel like you’re growing a little plumper recently?”

Mia was stunned for a moment, and then she came to her senses and said, “Karen, you are so heartless. How can you

say that to your beautiful and invincible aunt?”

Levi suddenly said out loud, “Mom, I also think so.” Mia reached out and knocked on Levi’s head. “Brat, are you really my son? How can a son insult his mother all day long?”

Levi said, “I also suspect that I’m not your real son, because I’ve never seen a mother pick on her son all the time.”

Mia just glared at him.

Karen Joy was about to stop the mother and son when a tall man walked up to them and said politely, “Excuse me, are you the family members of Captain Brown?”

“Yes!” Mia nodded instinctively.

Because she liked to be referred to as the family of Captain Brown, which implied that she and Neil were inseparable. The man said again, “Captain Brown needs all of you to

follow me.”

Mia asked, “Where to?”

The man said, “Mrs. Brown, you don’t have to ask me about this. Captain Brown said to give you a surprise, and he

wants me to keep it a secret.”

“Oh, okay.” Mia nodded with a smile and did not forget to praise her man. “That Old Neil, he’s getting more and more romantic as he grows older. He even wants to give me a surprise.”

The man smiled politely and led her, “Mrs. Brown, please

come with me.”

Mia added, “That Old Neil wants to give me a surprise. Of course I can’t go and see him like this. Wait for us for a few minutes, i’ll go do my make up and go with you later.”

By the time Mia spoke, Karen Joy had already grasped Levi

tightly. When Mia turned around, Karen Joy took Levi’s hand and walked side by side with Mia.

“What the fu*k was that? How dare they set their eyes on us? When Old Neil comes back, I’ll have him skin those dogs.” Mia muttered as she walked.

Karen Joy whispered, “Little Aunt, don’t show your anger.

There are a lot of people around staring at us. I don’t know

who sent them. Calm down and find a way to escape first.” When the man said the second sentence, Mia and Karen Joy already found something unusual.

If Neil really wanted to surprise Mia, he wouldn’t have done it in such a gentle way.

He’s gonna have Mia kidnapped first.

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