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Mia Kyle understood the reason, but when she thought that there was a bastard who wanted to attack them, she couldn’t resist being angry, “Those bastards better watch out. I will ask Neil to deal with them and feed them to the dogs!”

“Mom, you can talk about these things when we are out of this dangerous situation. Although Levi Brown was young, he spoke like a little adult. Many times, he was much more sensible than his bad tempered mother.

“Brat, you’re insulting your mother again!” Perhaps Neil Brown had been protecting her too well these years and Mia wouldn’t take it seriously even in the face of danger.

Perhaps it was because she believed that Neil would appear

in time and he would not allow anyone to hurt them. “Little Aunt, Levi is right. Let’s walk slowly. Don’t walk too fast. We can’t let them know that we realized something’s wrong.” Compared to Mia, Karen Joy Kyle was more rational, and thought more comprehensively on what their next move

should be

After all, there were a significant number of men they had to be wary of, she didn’t even know where they came from and what they wanted. She didn’t know if Blake White was close by at all, which made her a little worried.

After all, she was the one who had brought her Little Aunt and Levi with her. Of course, she had to bring them home safely too.

After walking for some distance, because she couldn’t look behind her, Karen Joy took out her mobile phone and

observed the situation using the screen of the mobile


She said, “That person is making a phone call. He must be asking for instructions from his boss. Little Aunt, Levi, let’s use this chance to walk ahead quickly!”

Mia nodded and said, “Okay.”

The fake messenger was not clueless either. When he was

done with the phone call, he looked at them as they were walking away, and instantly noticed that something was wrong. He waved his hand and stepped forward to chase them. Karen Joy was alerted, “Little Aunt, Levi, that man is chasing

after us. Let’s walk faster and get into a crowded place. No

matter what happens later, hide behind me and I will protect


Among the three people, Karen Joy was the only one who had learned self defence and martial arts, and she was quite good at it.

If the other party didn’t have too many people or were highly skilled, she would be able to hold on for a while. She had to hold on until her forces arrived.

Mia said worriedly, “Karen..”

Karen Joy interrupted her and said, “Little Aunt, don’t say anything more. Prioritize protecting Levi. Levi, you have to take good care of your mother, do you understand?”

“Yes, I will.” Levi nodded heavily.

Neil had conditioned his son, Levi, since he was a little boy. He was prepared for any situation

Soon, Karen Joy realized something was not right. The tourists around them did not seem like real tourists. They did not look at the attractions, and they would throw furtive

glances at Karen Joy and her family from time to time.

Oh no!

Karen Joy screamed in her heart. It seemed that it wouldn’t be so easy for them to escape. Mia also noticed something unusual and said, “Karen, the surrounding people are walking towards us, they look as if

they want to gobble us up!”

Karen Joy instinctively protected Mia and Levi. “Little Aunt, let’s agree on this first, no matter what happens, just escape whenever possible.”

The people around them surrounded the three of them from all around. They were being trapped. Within a short time, those people had surrounded them closely and tightly and

they couldn’t break through.

The man came forward with viciousness in his eyes, but he still pretended to smile and said, “Mrs. Brown, Captain Brown has already sent a car to wait for you not far away. You can fix your make up in the car if you need to.”

The man had a forced smile on his face, but his tone was

very harsh. He didn’t give them any choice, and he was

trying to take them into the car by force.

“How can I do that? If I don’t dress up beautifully, I won’t have the mood to see him. When I’m not in the mood, even if he surprises me, I won’t be happy. Old Neil would rather wait for me for a few hours than to see me unhappy!” Mia’s words were somewhat barbaric, she seemed like an unreasonable woman.

After all, Mia was an actress who had won several Best Actress awards. With her skills, she could still act like she did not find the man suspicious.

Moreover, Karen Joy and Levi were also calm, so the man

really could not tell that the three of them had already known it was a trap.

Just at the moment when the man hesitated, another man stood out from behind him and said, “Brother Ronnie, Captain Brown wants them now. No matter what means you use, you just have to take them back.”

What that person meant was that there was no need to fool around or be patient with these three people anymore.

Now that they were surrounded, they could just bring them back. What was the point of talking so much nonsense? “What do you mean by that? Let me tell you this, if you don’t treat me well, Neil will skin you alive.” The barbaric warning was particularly in line with Mia’s barbaric image.

Mia’s words attracted a lot of scornful gazes, which sounded like they were saying, “She’s already at death’s end, how can still be so arrogant. She is really idiotic!”

They were focused on Mia, but they didn’t realize that Karen Joy had already secretly dialled Nathaniel Cooper’s number when Mia was distracting them.

She was now in danger in Country A, and so many people were surrounding them. Of course, the only person who could save them was her Brother Lionel

However, he might not arrive in time. When Brother Lionel received the phone call and rushes over, the three of them might probably have been taken away.

What should they do now?

Karen Joy thought for a moment and decided to use a risky

method to get away.

She said, “Little Aunt, why don’t you take Levi to the bathroom? I’ll get in the car with them and wait for you.”

If their target was her, then as long as she got in their car, they would no longer care about Mia and Levi. Hence, the mother and son could escape first.

When she proposed this idea, she immediately saw the man’s eyes light up. Karen Joy could now confirm that their target was her.

If their target was just herself, then the matter didn’t seem too hard.

Mia wanted to say something, but she also knew that this was the best way they could think of. It would be best if the three of them could leave together, but if they couldn’t go together, it would be better if the two of them escaped. Both the mother and son were vulnerable and did not know martial arts. If they were taken away with Karen Joy, it would only increase her burden to watch out for them. It

was better to find Neil in time and have him rescue Karen


After Karen Joy proposed to get on the car first, the people who surrounded them made way for her. The man leading the operation led her to the car.

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