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The car was a luxurious eight-seater commercial car, parked at the exit of the staff entrance next to the scenic area, which was very close to where Karen Joy Kyle, Mia Kyle, and Levi Brown were hanging out earlier.

Very soon, Karen Joy was taken to the side of the car by the leader. She stood still and looked back but she couldn’t see Mia and Levi anymore.

She could no longer see Mia and Levi, and Karen Joy was slightly relieved. She believed that as long as Mia escaped from these people’s sight, they could think of a way to


“Miss Kyle, please get in the car!” The man stepped forward and opened the door. The impatience in his tone was getting obvious. They were acting ruthlessly now. “Why are you in such a hurry?” Karen Joy raised her eyebrows and looked coldly at the man. She turned around

and got into the car. After all, she was in a weaker position

now now, she couldn’t offend them just yet.

As soon as Karen Joy got in the car and sat down, the man also got in the car and sat down beside her. He immediately

ordered, “Drive!” As soon as the man gave the order, the driver started the car quickly and drove out of the scenic area in a very short

time, leaving most of their people far behind. The man did not take any measures to restrain Karen Joy or restrict her vision. While in the car, Karen Joy could look out of the windows, she took note of the road signs on both sides of the road.

Besides the driver, there was another man sitting in the passenger seat, and then there were herself and the rude man next to her, in the back seat.

Hence, there were three tall and strong men in the car, and Karen Joy could vaguely make out the bulging muscles under their suits. She thought, these men were physically built to attack.

Although she had practised Taekwondo since she was a child and was rather skilful, she didn’t know the strength of these three men and couldn’t tell whether she could win or lose in a fight against them. Therefore, she couldn’t act ruthlessly

Just as Karen Joy was thinking about ways to escape, she

realized that the gaze of the man next to her seemed to feel

different all of a sudden.

She looked around and saw that the man’s eyes were fixed on her chest. He was peering so attentively at her, like he could see through her clothes.

“Disgusting!” Karen Joy wanted to dig out the man’s eyes, but her face remained calm.

She would not act rashly before she was sure that she would be able to escape from them or defeat the three of them.

“Little girl, you look quite attractive.” The man gulped and raised his eyebrows. He looked at Karen Joy with lust in his eyes. Karen Joy pursed her lips and She turned her head and looked out of the car. She didn’t look at his lustful eyes. She moved her body to the side and folded her arms. No one had ever had the courage to stare at her like this. If they did, she would dig their eyeballs out.

However, it was different now. She needed to play safe and be careful. Therefore, Karen Joy had to grit her teeth and endure it.

Karen Joy held back, and the man was getting over his head. The words he said became more disgusting and obscene. “You’re so young but puberty has done you good. Look at your curvy body, it really makes my heart itch. I really want to press your body under mine, and show you some tender loving care.”

Karen Joy still didn’t say a word, but she clenched her fists a little more tightly.

The man approached her and said, “Little girl, do you know where you are going today?”

Karen Joy clenched her fists even tighter.

It didn’t matter where she went, but she knew that she would definitely make this man die a miserable death.

The man noticed Karen Joy’s anger, but he still thought nothing of this weak little girl. He continued to say, “I’ll tell you because i’m kind. Since you have gotten on this vehicle

with me, there is no chance for you to leave here safely.”

Karen Joy’s calm face aroused him. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch her. “You’re not going to be pure anymore anyway, why don’t you let me taste you first? 1 really want to know what’s different between a woman that Nathaniel attached so much importance to, compared to other women?”

As soon as she heard his last sentence, Karen Joy couldn’t bear it anymore. She launched her fist and punched heavily on the man’s nose. After getting hit, his face was now full of his own saliva, “Do you know now? This is Nathaniel’s woman.” She said menacingly.

Even if she didn’t have the confidence to beat up these three people in the car, even if she couldn’t get out of danger, she couldn’t let such a disgusting man touch her.

“B*tch, I’m giving you a chance, but you don’t want it! You are courting death!” The man raised his hand and was about to fight back, his fist was aiming towards Karen Joy. However, as soon as the man raised his hand, a cold and

hard pistol was pressed against the man’s head. A young man had poked the man’s head hard with a gun and

said in a cold voice, “If you want to live, you’d better listen to

me.” Because his back was facing the front of the car, the man could not see who was holding the gun against him. He still said arrogantly, “Do you know who you are pointing the gun at? When we get back, I will definitely have my superiors kill

you, you ungrateful b*stard.”

“Blake, why are you here?” Karen Joy looked forward and saw Blake White holding the gun against the man. She could

not hide her joy. “Since you’re here, of course I will be here.” Blake did not

reveal his identity earlier, because the other party had too many people on their side.

The people who had followed Karen Joy were not only Blake, but also a group of people Nathaniel sent to protect her.

After discussing with them, Blake formed this plan to get rid of the two people in the car first and then get Karen Joy out of danger.

The driver and Blake were responsible for Karen Joy’s safety. The rest of their comrades rescued Mia Kyle and her son. They just received the news that the mother and son

duo was safe

“Hmmph! It’s just you guys!” Even if he couldn’t see them, the man still “recognized” the person who was holding the gun at him. Karen Joy had addressed the person as ‘Blake”, which was not a common name around her. And for the man to appear

by Karen Joy’s side so quickly, the ruffian couldn’t think of

anyone else besides the infamous White family.

“Since you know it’s us, and you already know who she is, you still have the guts to make a move on her? It seems that

the person behind you is also a big shot,” Blake said. The man snorted, “It’s good that you know that. If my superior could be this brave, it signifies that he has never

been afraid of anyone. The White family has nothing to do

with this matter. It’s still not too late to get out of here. Why

would you want to get involved in this mess?

“Thank you for your reminder!” Blake raised his hand and punched heavily on the man’s head. He wanted to knock him out so that he wouldn’t have to listen to him blabber.

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