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Who would have expected that one knock did not have much effect on the man? The man forced himself to say, “Blake, you are a smart guy. You can live a free life, what benefits can you get by helping the Kyle family?”

Blake White smiled coldly and said, “We have never thought about the benefits of helping the Kyle family. We only know that even if we need to sacrifice ourselves, we are still willing to help.” Both the White brothers were only 22 years old. Ten years

ago, they were only 12. There were some things that they

couldn’t remember, however, the brothers and their mother

remembered vividly that Kevin Kyle was the one who saved

their lives.

If it hadn’t been for Kevin’s help, the White family of three wouldn’t have lived to this day. Kevin’s life- saving grace meant a lot to them and they were immensely grateful Because of that, they decided to repay Kevin for the rest of their lives.

“Sacrifice” The man continued to persuade, “With your family’s reputation, there are so many people who are willing to pay a high price to get your help, why would you make yourself suffer like this?”

“Then I can also tell you that we, the White family, are not motivated by money,” Blake said and once again raised his gun and knocked him violently.

After knocking him with the gun handle, the man struggled a little before finally passing out.

Blake poked the man’s head with a gun, looked at Karen Joy

Kyle, and asked, “Miss, how do you want to deal with this man?”

Karen Joy raised her foot and kicked the man hard. A cold malice flashed in her beautiful eyes. “Since he really likes to take advantage of women, let’s make sure that he can never take advantage of women again in the future.”

Blake felt a sharp pain in his private part when he heard Karen Joy’s words. He looked at Karen Joy in surprise.

In his impression, Karen Joy was a kind and lovely girl who would not say such harsh words or use such a vicious punishment

Karen Joy raised her eyebrows. “Didn’t you hear what I


Blake immediately replied, “Yes. I’ll do as you say.”


The mobile phone suddenly rang. Karen Joy looked at it and realized that it was Mia Kyle. When she answered the phone, she heard Mia’s voice saying, “Karen, are you out of danger already?”

“Yes, Little Aunt, I’m fine now.” Karen Joy nodded and said, “Little Aunt, are you and Levi okay?”

Although she knew that someone had saved them, Karen Joy still needed to hear it from Mia for reassurance. “We are fine.” Mia suddenly paused and took a deep breath to calm herself down. “Fortunately, you are fine. If something happens to you, how will I explain it to your parents?

Mia regretted it the moment Karen Joy left. The three of them were in danger at the same time. In theory, it was better for the two of them to escape, than to

have all three of them being caught. But anyhow, she shouldn’t have let Karen Joy take those risks.

If something really happened to Karen Joy, her cold brother would blow up Country A.

Thank God!

Mia put her palms together devoutly, closed her eyes, and murmured a prayer to herself.

Fortunately, Karen Joy was fine.

“Little Aunt, don’t worry. The people around you should be the ones arranged by Brother Lionel. We will all be fine.” Karen Joy also breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness her Little Aunt and Levi were safe.

The driver didn’t say a word and drove steadily towards the North Palace. It was a place that many people wanted to visit but could never approach, enchanting yet mysterious. The driver drove through a series of security checkpoints and finally stopped the car. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for Karen Joy. “Miss Kyle, Mr. President asked me to bring you to the lounge to rest for a while. He is

meeting someone outside and he will be back later to see


Karen Joy looked around and did not see Mia and Levi Brown, she was a little worried. “Where is Mrs. Brown and

Little Master Brown? Are they not here?” The driver said respectfully, “Miss Kyle, not everyone can come in casually. But you can rest assured that our people will send Mrs. Brown and Little Master Brown to Captain

Brown’s side safely.”

The driver was Jamie, who was Nathaniel Cooper’s private

driver. When Karen Joy met with Nathaniel secretly back then, she had seen him many times before, so she believed in his words.

Karen Joy nodded and said, “Then please take good care of them.” The VIP lounge in North Palace was really for VIPs. Even

though Karen Joy was born into the wealthy Kyle family, she

still felt that this lounge was very luxurious.

It was not about how luxurious the interior design was, but it was the meticulous attention to detail in every design and the decorative items including the fine ornaments on the wall, which were all hand- made. It was not even an exaggeration to say that these decorations were priceless.

Karen Joy studied them carefully. It seemed that Country A’s unique culture and specialties could be seen all around this room, which had been used to entertain foreign guests.

However, she did not know that this lounge was not used to entertain foreign guests, it was Nathaniel’s private resting lounge in North Palace.

Nathaniel was the leader of the country, but he didn’t like extravagant things, so this lounge was carefully designed in such a way.

Selling a single piece of the items from the room, would not be worth a lot of money. However, if the whole set of items were being used together as decoration, they became


Karen Joy looked around for a while and saw a book on the bookshelf called, “Give Your Heart to Me”.

By the name of the book, it must be a romance novel. Why would there be a book like this in a room used for entertaining foreign guests? Shouldn’t they put books on

politics here?

Out of curiosity, Karen Joy reached out to take the book and opened it. At the bottom of the preface, she saw this “If you love me, give your heart to me!”

It was indeed a romance novel.

Karen Joy continued to flip through the pages. After reading

a few pages, she found that the male lead in the book lost

his sight in an accident and wanted to give up on the female

lead. It was the female lead’s love that guided the male lead

out of the dark and brought them together again. It was indeed a touching story, but Karen Joy was not touched, because she believed that no matter what the reason was, as long as you really loved someone, you wouldn’t give the person up easily

If you gave up, you would feel that you no longer have the psychological burden, but what about the other person? Would you ever think about what she would do if she lost you?

If he was considerate of her, he would not give her up easily.

After closing the book, Karen Joy waited. Her eyelids grew

heavier as she waited, yet Brother Lionel was still not back

to see her.

She lay on the sofa with her eyes closed and thought, “In Brother Lionel’s heart, his work and his country will always be his first priority. When will he be able to put me as his first priority?”

Although this was a negative thought, but she liked Brother Lionel deeply. So she could not help but hope that she was more important than other things Brother Lionel’s heart.

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