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Karen Joy Kyle sighed silently.

She knew clearly that Brother Lionel loved her, but why was there no sense of security in her heart?

She had always been smart, but she couldn’t figure out why she always felt so uneasy about her relationship with Brother Lionel After waiting for a long time, Karen Joy couldn’t stand it anymore and fell asleep in a daze. She was still thinking

about her Brother Lionel in her sleep. “Brother Lionel, what

are you really busy with? Don’t you know how much I want

you to be with me right now?”

Although Karen Joy was out of danger from today’s

kidnapping and she didn’t get hurt or suffer any harm, but she still had some anxiety and uneasiness in her heart. At this time, she needed the company of her Brother Lionel. She hoped that he could give her a warm hug and tell her, “Don’t be afraid Karen, I’m here.”

What she wanted is simple, but Brother Lionel had yet to appear.

Her mood sank.

Neil Brown went to see Nathaniel Cooper. Before he met Nathaniel, Neil didn’t think highly of Nathaniel because he didn’t give Karen Joy a fair identity as his woman.

If a man couldn’t even give his beloved woman a fair identity, this man was definitely not someone to entrust her

life to.

After meeting Nathaniel and after a conversation between the two, Neil had reacquainted himself with this new President of Country A.

Before the age of 30, Nathaniel had assumed the position as the President of Country A, and became the youngest president in the history of Country A.

Of course, it was not because of his outstanding looks. It had everything to do with his accurate political insights, the ability to distinguish talents, his personal capabilities, and many more unique skills he had.

During the conversation, Nathaniel put forward two

possibilities, which were something Neil had not thought of, and they were very likely to happen.

Because he had a new understanding of this young man, Neil had changed his attitude towards him. At the end of the

conversation, Neil did not forget to remind Nathaniel, “Kid, as long as you treat our Karen well, everything can be discussed. In other words, if you mistreat our Karen, there will be nothing to talk about, between us.”

Neil’s words were not pleasant, but his words seemed to imply that he sincerely recognized Nathaniel as the future son-in-law of the Kyle family.

His words also hinted to Nathaniel that if he wanted to get the approval of his father-in-law, Kevin Kyle, everything else was not as important as treating Karen Joy well.

Nathaniel nodded and said politely, “Thank you for your reminder, Captain Brown. I will pay attention to that in the future. I also wish for our successful collaboration to unravel the person behind as soon as possible.”

Neil said, “Okay. If that person dares to come out and cause

trouble again, I will definitely seize him. I really want to see who the big shot is, hiding behind the scenes.”

Nathaniel smiled and said, “Me too. And I believe we are not far from the day when the truth is finally unveiled.”

The one-year time limit Kevin had given him was decreasing day by day. He had to deal with all the dangers behind him

before he could officially have Karen Joy by his side.

After the discussion, Neil and Nathaniel did not continue further. They went out of the secret meeting room one after another

Neil walked in front while Nathaniel walked at the back, they deliberately kept some distance.

After a few steps, Nathaniel saw someone approaching Neil

and whispered something to him. Then Neil dashed away at lightning speed.

What could make Neil leave in such a hurry?

With a question in his mind, Nathaniel withdrew his gaze. His personal bodyguard, Horatio, happened to walk up to him at this time and reported, “Mr. President, Miss Kyle was attacked while you were meeting Mr. Brown today.” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows, and his eyes turned piercing cold in an instance as he looked at Horatio. “What did you


Seeing that Nathaniel’s expression was not right, Horatio added immediately, “But our people have already sent Miss Kyle back to the North Palace safely. She is now resting in your lounge in the North Palace and waiting for you.

Nathaniel had already walked out quickly. His speed was even faster than that of Neil just now. At the same time, he blurted, “You guys are bold.”

Damn it!

Karen Joy was attacked, but they didn’t report to him instantly. Who gave them such courage to make the decision to hide the truth?

Horatio was confused. He thought that he had done a good job in rescuing Miss Kyle from the kidnapping.

Why did the President suddenly say that? He really couldn’t understand.

Later on, Jason Lesley patted Horatio who was standing there in a daze, and he said, “You didn’t inform Mr. President immediately when something happened to Miss Kyle, don’t you think you are bold?”

Hearing Jason’s words, Horatio looked even more innocent

and aggrieved. “Secretary Lesley, Mr. President had said

that nobody and nothing should disturb him during his

meeting with Captain Brown.”

Jason really wanted to knock Horatio on his head. He kindly reminded Horatio again, “Miss Kyle is a unique person, for Mr. President. So she is most definitely excluded from any circumstance.”

Horatio scratched his head and said unknowingly, “Mr. President didn’t give any special orders, how would I know Miss Kyle was special?”

“You’ve been with the President for so many years, but you don’t know that Miss Kyle is special to the President?” Jason could not help but sigh. “No wonder the President puts you in such an important position and always takes you along wherever he goes.”

Those with great agility were not as smart, but yet the less smart ones were highly loyal. This was Jason’s evaluation of Horatio.

Horatio was even more confused.

Wasn’t the President scolding him just now?

Although he still had some doubts, there was no time for him to think about it. Mr. President wanted to return to the North Palace, and he had to follow the President to ensure his safety at all times.

When Nathaniel returned to the North Palace, he heard Karen Joy muttering as he walked into the lounge. She was frowning slightly and was mumbling in an aggrieved tone, “Brother Lionel, what are you busy with? Don’t you know how much I hope you can be with me right now?” Hearing Karen Joy’s words, Nathaniel felt a squeeze in his

heart. He was distressed and anxious. Usually, Karen Joy

would always ask him to focus on his work. In fact, deep

down in her heart, she had wanted him to spend more time

with her, but he always didn’t have time for her.

“Karen..” Nathaniel wanted to say more, but no words came out. He stepped forward and sat beside her, then gently held

her in his arms. “Brother Lionel.” Feeling a sudden warmth and a whiff of the familiar masculine smell, out of instinct, Karen Joy

snuggled in his arms and fell asleep soundly.

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