My husband warm the Bed- 880

“Karen, I’m here!” Nathaniel Cooper stroked Karen Joy Kyle’s head gently and said her name softly

However, Karen Joy did not answer. She was sleeping soundly in his arms and even snored occasionally. It was very adorable.

After waiting for a while and seeing that Karen Joy had fallen into a deep sleep, Nathaniel grabbed her by the waist and carried her to the bedroom within the lounge.

He walked very slowly and very carefully, as if he was worried that he might wake her up if he walked too fast.

Arriving at the bedroom, Nathaniel bent down and carefully put Karen Joy on the bed. “Karen, sleep for a while. I will be here with you.”

After putting her down, Nathaniel sat down next to her.

Looking at her sleeping face, she looked quiet and adorable, with the charm of a little lady. Nathaniel couldn’t help but reach out his hand to touch her face. He couldn’t get enough of her.

At the same, he didn’t even realize that he had lowered his head to kiss her. He didn’t come to his senses until his lips touched hers.


He wanted to laugh at his own actions. He had always been very good at self-control, but he was always out of control in front of this girl.

She was growing more and more attractive. He was really afraid that he would not be able to control himself and

gobble her up one day!

When Nathaniel’s thin lips touched her cheek, Karen Joy. who had just fallen asleep, suddenly opened her eyes and reached out to hold his neck.

She blinked at him and smiled proudly, “Brother Lionel, you secretly kissed me! I caught you this time. Let’s see how you are going to deny it.”

He secretly kissed her and she caught him doing it.

Nathaniel decided to take it further instead and held Karen Joy’s head towards him to kiss her deeply It was not until Karen Joy was out of breath in his arms had he reluctantly let go of the sweet little thing. “Is this still

considered as secretly kissing you?”

Karen Joy didn’t know what to say


Brother Lionel was always the better kisser and used this method to shut her mouth every time. She vowed that she would take revenge” one day. She blinked her eyes and soon came up with an idea,

“Brother Lionel, how can you be so silly? Didn’t you realize that I was pretending to be asleep?”

She smiled brightly. Her eyebrows were curved and her eyes glinted like stars. Seeing this, Nathaniel was overcome with emotions. He shook his head slowly and said, “No.” “Brother Lionel, you are so silly!” Karen Joy poked him

between his eyebrows with her slender and fair finger. “You

are the President of a country. How can you be fooled so


Nathaniel looked at her, but he smiled without saying anything. Did she know that he was willingly being teased because it was her. No one else could have the privilege to

do so.

Karen Joy pouted and said, “Brother Lionel, does your silence mean that you think had said something wrong? It’s not the first time I found out that you are silly, don’t you deny it.”

Nathaniel did not speak. Instead, he climbed onto the bed

and pressed her under his body. He looked at her and said,

“I didn’t deny it.”

He looked at her with burning eyes, his voice was husky, and they were in an ambiguous and flirtatious posture… Oh no! What was Brother Lionel doing? At the thought of what Brother Lionel might do to her, Karen

Joy was so nervous she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. In

her trembling heart, she was looking forward to what Brother Lionel would do to her next.

Ah .

What was she thinking about?

A few days ago, she still felt that she was a child who was

too innocent to understand anything. How could she have such dirty thoughts today?

She was fantasizing about Brother Lionel finally claiming her as his woman!


Brother Lionel called her name. What did he want to say to her?

If he were to ask for her willingness to give herself to him…

Karen Joy thought for a moment. Before Nathaniel could ask her, she nodded vigorously and said, “Brother Lionel, I, I

am willing.”

Anyway, she would become Brother Lionel’s bride sooner or

later. Brother Lionel was an adult already, he had his physical needs. She would just give herself to him early. Karen Joy closed her eyes, as if she was ready to give it all

to him.

“I’m sorry!”

Brother Lionel said these words.

Why would Brother Lionel suddenly say these words to her? Brother Lionel suddenly said these words before she could

agree to his request. What did Brother Lionel mean?

Could it be that Brother Lionel was impotent? With this idea, Karen Joy really didn’t know what to say. She

looked at Nathaniel, her face red.

Because this matter was related to the pride of a man. No matter how she comforted him, she was afraid that it would hurt Brother Lionel’s self-esteem.

Oh no!

What could she do?

What should she do?

She didn’t want to hurt Brother Lionel.

“I’m sorry!” Nathaniel was not aware of the nonsense she was thinking. If he knew, he would definitely prove her

wrong with practical actions.

“Brother Lionel… It, it doesn’t matter. No matter how you are, I will accept you.” Anyway, she liked Brother Lionel, and they didn’t need to have sex to live a happy life together.

“Karen, how can you be so sensible?” Nathaniel lowered his head and kissed her. He kissed her from the eyebrows, then moved downwards and finally stopped at her collarbone. “You were almost kidnapped today, and I didn’t come to your

side immediately, how can you not blame me?”

She should blame him. She had hoped that he could be there for her in time, and she kept nagging him in her sleep. But when he came to her side, she did not mention that she had been kidnapped. This silly girl was so sensible that sometimes it frustrated him.

“Brother Lionel, I won’t blame you. I will treat you even better in the future. I will always stay with you.” Karen Joy stretched out her hands to hold Nathaniel tightly, and inadvertently closed the gap between each other’s bodies.

Every time Karen Joy moved, Nathaniel could feel every soft and beautiful curves of the body that was uniquely hers.

This girl had inadvertently seduced him again. Did she know

that if he couldn’t control the temptation eventually, she would have to face a beast?

“Karen… Do you know what you’re doing?” Nathaniel’s voice was already hoarse.

“Brother Lionel, of course I know… no..” Karen Joy suddenly realized something. She realized that Brother Lionel was different from usual.

Even though she hadn’t experienced it, she had studied biology and had seen it on the Internet. She realized the change on Brother Lionel’s body.

Just now, she was still laughing at Brother Lionel’s silliness. She was obviously the silly one here. How could she be so silly to think that Brother Lionel was impotent?

He was obviously very capable.

She knew by just looking at how much he craved for it.

She still remembered that when Brother Lionel held her in his arms the last time, he also had the same reaction as

today. At that time, she knew about it. Why on earth did she think he was impotent today?

Oh no!

How would she put out the fire?

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