My husband, Warm the Bed- Chapter 862

Jackie was speechless.

He was stunned as he looked at her quietly.

What was he sorry for?

He was sorry for too many things

Even if he had to spend the rest of his life to compensate her, he wouldn’t be able to make up for the damage he had done to her

“You’re sorry, sorry?… If saying ‘sorry’ has any use, why would there be a need for law and order? So when therapists say sorry, must the victims just forgive


Not giving Jackie a chance to speak, Serene shouted over and over again as she was wiping her tears, as if she was venting the grievance she had suffered from him during this period of time.

Hearing that she compared him to a rapist, Jackie sighed and looked down, and there was a hint of sadness in his eyes

In fact, Serene was right. Not long ago, he imprisoned her and didn’t give her any freedom. He even did whatever he wanted with her. Those actions were diabolical, to say the least! Comparing him to a common rapist was already being kind to him

“Go! I don’t want to see you! I beg you, please let me go! I really don’t want to see you again, not even a glance.” She couldn’t forget how kind he used to be to her, so she couldn’t

accept that the person who raped and tortured her, was actually the person whom she loved.

During the time in the Misty Mountain, whenever she was bullied by him, she would call out Jackie’s name in her mind, imagining that the man on top of her was him.

She had never expected that the man was indeed her


Jackie’s tall body stood in front of Serene like an unmovable mountain. No matter how she pushed him, she couldn’t push him at all.

After a long time, Jackie gently opened his mouth and said, “I’m sorry!” It was still these words he could utter.

“I asked you this. What are you sorry for?” Serene didn’t know what was in her mind. She just had to get an answer from him.

Jackie was speechless.

Once again, Jackie could not answer her question, because he owed her too much, so much that he was too guilty to say anything.

Serene bit her lips and asked aggressively, “Can’t you say it? Well, tell me, who are you? What is our relationship? Why do you have to say sorry to me?”

“I have not known who I am for a long time, and I can’t even find the courage to live… But I have never forgotten that! still owe someone a promise. I said that would give her happiness, but I haven’t done it yet. I hope she can give me a chance to continue to do the things that I haven’t accomplished.” He spoke every word slowly and surely, and Serene heard every single word he said.

Serene remembered clearly. It was snowing heavily that day, and the snow engulfed every patch of land, like a thick fluffy


A man, with a silly look on his face, took her hand, and ran into the thick snow. He ran to the top of the snowy pile and held her hand as he shouted to the sky, “God be my witness, 1, Jackie Leves, swear here today that I will love Serene Silas for the rest of my life and give her happiness. I will absolutely not allow anyone to hurt her again.”

Such a childish thing did not look like what the usually calm and rational Jackie would do, but for her, he did do such a childish thing.

Just as Serene looked at him in a daze, he suddenly turned his head and caught her gaze. He smiled and said, “Serene, from now on, you will be my woman. I will take care of you, and I will never let anyone hurt you again.”

“Okay.” Although his words sounded ambitious, Serene did not care about that at all. She let out a wide smile. “With you around, I won’t be afraid.” She put her slender hands into his hands. “Jackie, I ill give you happiness from now on too.”

They promised each other that they would make each other happy. However, not long after, a huge tragedy separated


She was waiting for him to come back, while he was recovering on a sickbed, and was looking forward to coming back to find her.

They were not together, but they were thinking about each other.

However, no one had expected that another tragedy had

taken place one day before Jackie planned to come back Jackie asked Daryl to secretly investigate the extermination of the Leaves family. After half a year of investigation, he finally got a clue. The information that he obtained pointed

at Serene for being involved in the homicide.

In this one year, his source of support and strength became the culprit of the extermination of the Leaves family. When he received this information, Jackie felt like his world had collapsed.

“Can you give me another chance?” Without waiting for Serene’s answer for a long time, Jackie clenched his fists and asked cautiously

Serene looked at him. He had changed his face and voice, but the way he looked at her did not change, which made her see the tenderness that she was so familiar with

“Is that okay?” He asked again in a more cautious tone as if he was worried that he might scare her if he spoke louder.

Serene did not answer him. Instead, she stretched out her hands, slowly approaching him, and finally touched his half masked face.

One year ago, when the tragedy happened to the Leaves family, she heard the news and got there immediately. She saw how the mansion of the Leaves family was burned down. There were more than a dozen burnt bodies in the house, and no one could tell who died and who survived. Later, after the forensics were done, it turned out that the dead bodies were all members of the Leaves family.

However, Serene couldn’t tell who survived and who did not. So, Serene didn’t know whether her Jackie was still alive or dead from that big fire.

Since she didn’t know, she persuaded herself that he would be fine since he was so smart and skilled. He would definitely have escaped and be fine.

She was waiting for him for a whole year with this belief. Now that he finally came back, it didn’t matter if he changed

his face, or even if he did something to hurt her… She still had no way to blame him.

Most of the time, her body was more honest than her thoughts. Before she could say anything, her hand had already touched his face.

She could only imagine his pain in the past year.

“Serene..” He said. “I’ll give you happiness too.” This was the answer she gave


“Karen?” Seeing Karen Joy Kyle lowering her head, Nathaniel Cooper reached out and patted her head, but the little girl did not respond and kept pouting.

“Karen, what’s wrong?” Nathaniel held her face and asked again.

“Nothing.” Karen Joy said sullenly.

“Nothing?” All her emotions were reflected on this girl’s face. How could it be possible that it was nothing?

“I just suddenly feel depressed, feel a little uncomfortable.” Karen Joy looked up and met Nathaniel’s gentle gaze

Nathaniel understood what she was thinking and knew what she was worried about. He stroked her head and said softly, “Karen, can you give me some more time?”

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