My husband, Warm the Bed- Chapter 863

“Brother Lionel, I’m just a little scared.” Karen Joy Kyle said. “What are you scared of?” Nathaniel Cooper replied with a question

“I’m scared that, just like when I was a child, I would wake up one day and not see you again.” When she was a child, she went through two traumatic experiences. As a result, she was afraid of darkness, and she was afraid that she couldn’t find her Brother Lionel after she wakes up.

These days, Brother Lionel was clearly with her, but her heart was inexplicably in a panic. She always felt that she would lose him.

“No! I will never leave you alone like that.” Nathaniel took her into his arms and lowered his head to kiss her forehead gently

She had this worry, so did he.

She certainly did not know that he was more afraid that she would disappear from his sight too.

“By the way, Brother Lionel, has Jackie figured things out?

Would he secretly come and cause trouble to Sister Serene?” As they talked, Karen Joy thought of Serene Silas again. If she did not see Serene live a happy life with her own eyes, she would feel bad to be with her Brother Lionel.

Nathaniel rubbed her head and said, Jackie is already at

Serene’s place. How could he not figure things out?” “Jackie is at Sister Serene’s place? Really? Brother Lionel,

are you sure you’re not just comforting me?”

“When have ever lied to you?”

“Hehe, of course not.” Karen Joy smiled awkwardly. “Jackie, that big idiot, he actually figured it out so quickly?”

“He is not an idiot, but the evidence he got led him to a dead end. With someone reminding him of the truth, he could see things quickly. He will shoulder the responsibility that he should and protect his woman well from now on.” Nathaniel looked at Karen Joy tenderly. “Karen, don’t worry about Serene anymore.”

Karen Joy smiled and said, “Well, I will only care about you in

the future. Not others!”

“Karen, I’m sorry!”

“Brother Lionel, are you crazy? Why did you suddenly apologize?” Karen Joy was confused.

“I made you suffer.” Nathaniel said again.

As the almighty Miss Kyle of Rovio, Karen Joy had been well

taken care of by her family since she was a child. When did she ever need to worry so much and suffer so much? However, since she came to Nathaniel’s side, trouble had been following her.

“Brother Lionel!” Karen Joy smiled brightly. “It doesn’t matter if I am suffering now, as long as you take extra care of me in the future.”

“Okay. After saying that, Nathaniel lowered his head and kissed her, stopping the little girl from saying what she wanted to say


The annoying ringtone suddenly rang. B*stard, how could someone call her at this time?

Karen Joy clenched her fists and couldn’t wait to tear up the person who called to harass her at this time.

She wanted to ignore it, but the annoying ringtone kept ringing, so she couldn’t enjoy Brother Lionel’s kiss. She had to push him away. “Brother Lionel, wait for me. Let me attend to whoever’s calling me and beat him up, and then we’ll continue.”

“Mm, okay.” Nathaniel tried not to laugh. The little girl was so adorable that it made him want to swallow her up in one bite.

Her words were hilarious.

However, when Karen Joy saw the caller name on the screen of the phone, she immediately became frightened. The phone call was from her dearest father. Hence, she needed to play nice.

Immediately, she put on a lovely smile and said softly, “Dad, I miss you so much. Do you miss me too?”

However, no one spoke on the other side of the phone. Karen Joy knew that her prideful father was still angry with her. The last time he called her, she didn’t pick up the phone. She called him back, but he didn’t pick it up either.

Every time she encountered this kind of situation, she would try a little harder. No matter how angry her father was, he would not be able to withstand her pestering and he would surrender. However, she did not do that this time around, She had forgotten everything since she was so busy these days, so her father might be even angrier with her.

Karen Joy immediately said something pleasing to her

father, “Dad, don’t be angry at me. Even though I didn’t call

you, I’ve been thinking about you every moment I get.”

There was still no sound from the other end of the phone, She could even imagine how cold her father’s face looked. Her evil father would only bully her. He treated her so

differently than her mother did sometimes

Karen Joy was dissatisfied with her father now, but she didn’t dare to say it out loud. She just pulled an ugly face, but she still said sweetly, “Dad, are you going to ignore me

for the rest of your life?”

There was still no response.

As expected, he was cold blooded!

He was indeed arrogant!

She had to remember this grudge. When her mother argued

with him in the future, Karen Joy would surely not side with him anymore. She would definitely add oil to the fire. “Cough-” Seeing that she didn’t speak for a long time, the prideful man on the other end of the phone deliberately

coughed to show that he was listening

When her father gave the signal, Karen Joy knew that her cold father was slowly melting.

Her beautiful eyes blinked, and there was a cunning light flashing in her eyes. She put on a pitiful look, “Dad… you don’t like me anymore. Brother Lionel also has another woman behind my back, and all of you don’t want me anymore, I am just a poor child that nobody loves.”

“That kid got with another woman behind your back?” Hearing his daughter’s aggrieved voice, Kevin Kyle couldn’t be more nervous. He said in a low voice, “Karen, don’t cry. I will bring you home immediately. As for the person who betrayed you.. Nick, find someone to beat him up.” This was the arrogant, cold, and very proactive Director

Kevin Earlier, he was still showing his temper at his daughter, but when he heard that his daughter had been bullied, he immediately ordered to send his men to beat up the person

who made his daughter sad.

No matter who the other party was, even if he was the

leader of Country A, if he made his daughter sad, Kevin would not let him go.

Because in his point of view, his daughter was his world. The President was nothing compared to his daughter.

These days, every time he thought of how Nathaniel had stolen his lovely daughter’s heart, Kevin was so angry that he wanted to send someone to assassinate that brat.

Karen Joy was scared out of her wits after listening to her father’s words. Did her father have to be so protective of

her? She quickly explained, “Dad, no, no, I’m messing with you.

Brother Lionel didn’t betray me.” Kevin was very unhappy. “You’re still protecting him?”

“No, he really didn’t betray me. It’s because you were not talking to me, I deliberately teased you. Dad, I am your most lovely, beautiful, and smart daughter. Have you ever seen me stoop low for others?” Besides having to deal with her father, there was also another sharp gaze staring at her.

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