My husband warm the bed- Chapter 864

Chapter 864

Karen Joy Kyle felt chills run down her spine when she saw the look in the eyes of the person next to her. She turned her head and saw Brother Lionel looking at her coldly.

Both her father and Brother Lionel were not men to be trifled with, so why was she so courageous to mess with both of them?

She smiled at him and didn’t say anything. She continued to talk to her father, “Dad, look. If you don’t talk, I will feel anxious, and I feel like a child that no one loves. Dad, I am your lovely and sensible little daughter, please talk to me.”

In comparison, her father was more important. Karen Joy decided to comfort her proud father first. As for Brother Lionel, she had a lot of ways to comfort him later.

“Mm.” Kevin Kyle scoffed, she didn’t know if he meant his Karen Joy pouted angrily and shrugged helplessly. To face


such a cold and arrogant father everyday, it must be hard on

her beautiful and gentle mother.

If her Brother Lionel was like her father, she would definitely collapse one day


“Tell the boy next to you, what I said earlier was definitely not a joke.”


Then, Kevin just hung up.


She was so pitiful. She was like a poor unloved child. After so many days, her father was still angry with her.

Her father didn’t even say goodbye to her and hung up her

call so heartlessly She looked at Nathaniel next and pouted, “Brother Lionel, it’s all your fault!

“You said that I’ve been seeing other women behind your back?” Nathaniel also held grudges. He did not forget how the little girl badmouthed him.

“Brother Lionel, I know that you like me so much. How would you possibly cheat on me? Tell me, who said that? I’ll help you deal with her.” Karen Joy smiled ingratiatingly and was ready to act dumb. As long as she behaved coyly, Brother Lionel would never punish her.

“I don’t need your help. I will personally take care of the naughty little girl who said that I’ve been seeing another woman.” He deliberately emphasized on the word “take care”, which made Karen Joy feel a little frightened. She was worried he might mean something else…

Brother Lionel just went up to her and kissed her hard, and

his hands were wandering around her body. This was a first,

and she was stunned. She was so nervous that she did not

know what to do. She was ready to just accept whatever

Brother Lionel wanted to do. When Brother Lionel finally let her go, Karen Joy was so shy that her body turned red. She lowered her head and didn’t even dare to look at him.

She swore that she would never dare to provoke him again in the future.

Brother Lionel was a huge wolf in sheep’s skin! She was just a naive girl. How could he use such a

shameless way to take care of her?

“Do you like it?”

Suddenly, she heard his familiar, seductive voice. Karen Joy loved hearing his voice. She looked at him and nodded stupidly. Soon, she felt that something was wrong and shook her head hard, “No, I don’t like it.”

She was not a masochist, so how could she enjoy Brother Lionel’s “punishment”?

Earlier, his hands were…

She was too embarrassed to think about it.

Karen Joy touched her blushing face. She could imagine that she was probably blushing as red as a tomato. “You don’t like it?” Nathaniel asked again.

Karen Joy felt that Brother Lionel was approaching her

again. She could feel that his breath near her earlobe, which was tickling her.

She felt that her face was getting even redder… She must have looked very funny and ridiculous.

Nathaniel carried her up to sit on his thighs. He was strongly expressing how much he wanted to love her.

“Brother Lionel… Please don’t do this!” Karen Joy exclaimed and put her hands on his chest. She was so scared that she didn’t dare to move. For a long time, she had underestimated how strong a man

could be when he wanted a woman. He was so strong that

she couldn’t refuse him at all. She felt immersed in his aura.

“Little girl, there is no next time.” Every part of his body was yearning for hers. He wanted her to become his woman so badly.

But in the end, his rationale still defeated his impulse. How could he eat her up before he even publicly declared their relationship?

Karen Joy calmed herself down. Fortunately, Brother Lionel was not so cruel, but there was a trace of unspeakable disappointment in her heart after he pulled away.

She didn’t know why either.

At the same time, Director Kevin, who had just hung up the

phone with his daughter, also had a bad time. When he hung up her call, he didn’t expect his wife to be standing at the door of the study and staring at him. He felt a little guilty and asked, “It’s late, you’re not going to


Karen Daly still did not speak and she just stared at him. Kevin Kyle put down the document in his hand and walked over to her. “Karen, what’s wrong? What happened? Why are you not talking?”

Karen pressed her lips together, but did not say a word. Kevin stretched out his hand to hug her, but she stepped back to avoid him. “When I’m not talking, you can sense that something’s happened? You’re feeling anxious aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Kevin answered honestly. “You know that it’s not a good feeling, so why would you ignore Baby Karen? She is alone in a foreign country, and her parents are not by her side. You called her but didn’t talk to

her. Don’t you know how upset she will be?”

Most of the time, Karen wanted to give him a long lecture. Obviously, he loved his daughter more than anyone else, but he treated his daughter poorly at times. One day, if his

daughter really ignored him, he would have to hide in a corner and cry. She would not pity him then.

“I.” Kevin was speechless.

Karen rolled her eyes at him and said, “You don’t know? Do you think that after she has her Brother Lionel, she wouldn’t care about her father? Director Kevin, don’t you think you are too childish? Our Baby Karen is your child too, you’re the one who raised her, how would she not care about you?”

“I just don’t like that boy, who is he to steal my precious daughter away?” Karen Joy was his child that he raised lovingly. She had just grown up and she ran so far away to find that boy so soon. Every time he thought of it, Kevin felt as if his heart was soaked in jealousy.

Karen did not agree with Kevin’s point of view. “What’s wrong with Lionel? I think he’s a good boy. He doted on our Karen since she was a little baby. The last time I saw him, he still cared for Karen a lot. These days, he has protected our Karen well, I’m getting more and more satisfied with him.”

Kevin looked at Karen with dissatisfaction, she looked like a

typical mother-in-law who was happy with her son-in-law.

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