My husband warm the Bed- 881

Oh no!

What could she do?

In what ways should she help to put out Brother Lionel’s


If not, she would just let Brother Lionel have her.

Anyway, she was looking forward to moving into that intimate stage with Brother Lionel deep down in her heart. So much that she would have lustful dreams from time to time at night

Just when Karen Joy Kyle was about to surrender herself to Brother Lionel, Nathaniel Cooper let go of her, got out of the bed, turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

Nathaniel was so quick that before Karen Joy could say anything to stop him, he had disappeared from her sight. “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy looked at the door, her eyes full

of disappointment, and her heart was bitter, she had a

sudden impulse to cry.

After Nathaniel went out, he quickly went into the bathroom in the lounge next door. Following that, Karen Joy heard the sound of running water.

She was guessing that Brother Lionel wanted to take a shower before he did it with her…

Because of the indecent images she had in her mind, Karen Joy could feel her heart beating faster and faster as she lay on the bed. Her heart was beating so fast it seemed to want to jump out of her mouth.

“Brother Lionel, I’m ready!” she silently called him. She was

so nervous that her hands could not help but clenched into


She began taking in deep breaths to relieve the nervousness in her heart.

After all, she had no experience in this area. Losing one’s virginity was really very important to a girl.

She hoped that she could relax a little and give her best to Brother Lionel without leaving behind any regrets.

However, Karen Joy waited until her heart gradually calmed down and she had almost fallen asleep, yet Brother Lionel was still in the bathroom.

What was Brother Lionel doing?

Karen Joy didn’t want to wait any longer. She intended to take the initiative. After all, this was the path she had chosen, so she absolutely wouldn’t regret it.

She gritted her teeth, mustered up her courage in front of the bathroom door and knocked. “Brother Lionel, what are you doing in the bathroom? Don’t you know that I’m waiting for you outside?

Her soft and unique voice, could effortlessly disrupt Nathaniel’s mind. The desire in Nathaniel that he had tried

so hard to suppress, was once again provoked. “Damn it!” Nathaniel growled in a low voice and punched hard on the wall. His angry eyes were like the eyes of a devouring beast.

“Brother Lionel, what happened to you?” Karen Joy was

scared and took a step back. She calmed down and went

forward to lean against the door and asked him again.

“Karen, stay away from me! Don’t let me hear your voice again!” Nathaniel roared, and his voice almost shake the door.

This girl, he didn’t want to hurt her, but she had inadvertently ignited the desire he had tried so hard to suppress. He could be sure that if she were to say just one more word, he would

subdue her without any mercy. “Oh…” Karen Joy nodded, turned around and walked out. As she walked, she kept turning back to look at the bathroom

door, until she could no longer see it. Then she quickened

her pace and left.

Brother Lionel had never talked to her in such a tone. Was he tired of her? Or did he think she was a troublemaker?

She didn’t know.

She was so depressed she felt like crying, but she tried hard to force back the tears in her eyes.

When she walked out of the North Palace, she looked up at the sky

The sky was dark by now, and snowflakes were scattered in

the sky. The snowflakes fell on the street, on the roof, and on the passers-by on the street.

In previous years, during the first snow, she was always at

her home in New York,

She would drag Little Precious to the garden to gather up the snow to make ice pops. The both of them would have a

good time.

It had been the same for many years, and it had never changed.

But what about this year?

At the first snow this year, she was in a foreign country and with Brother Lionel. She should be very happy, but she was not as happy as the past years.

Would loving someone really make her different from what

she used to be? Would it strip away her confidence and make her sentimental?

Her mother had never told her that loving someone would be like this. If she had known that it would be like this, she would not have liked a person with all her heart. If she had kept half of

her heart to herself, her mood would not be easily affected

by others.

As she walked in the snow, snowflakes landed on her head and soon turned into water droplets. But she continued walking without realizing it.

Suddenly, an umbrella was held over her head, blocking away the falling snow. She felt happy and said, “Brother Lionel..”

She thought Brother Lionel had come after her. When she looked up and saw Jayden Elias Kyle, she was so disappointed that her bright eyes darkened once again.

Jayden said, “You must be very disappointed I am not

Brother Lionel.”

“Yes, I’m very disappointed!” Karen Joy smiled bitterly, without concealing her real thoughts. “You’re stalking me again? Jayden, how much free time do you have in a day?”

Jayden followed her pace and said slowly, “I’m in full charge of Rovio’s business in Country A. How free do you think I am?”

Karen Joy gave him a side-eye and said, “Since there are so

many things to do, you should focus on your work. Don’t

come and bother me.”

Jayden shrugged and said, “I don’t have time to care about you too, but Dad wants me to stay here, so I can’t run away from being responsible for your safety. Today, you were

almost kidnapped. Where was Nathaniel?” Karen Joy instinctively defended her Brother Lionel and

said, “When I was taken away today, it was Brother Lionel’s men who took me back.”

Jayden asked again, “Where was he then?”

Karen Joy did not like his tone and said angrily. “His

whereabouts has nothing to do with you. Why do you have

to be so nosy? You just need to take care of yourself. You

don’t need to worry about my affairs.”

Jayden snorted.” Nathaniel has nothing to do with me, but you are related to me, you are related to the Kyle family, and

to Rovio.”

Because Jayden was actually right, Karen Joy was even angrier. She shouted at him, “Jayden, what are you trying to say exactly?”

Jayden said in a low voice, “I’m here to tell you that you are the precious daughter of Kevin Kyle, the leader of Rovio. Since you were a child, you could have what you want, no one could harm or make you sad. But now, why would you come to such a damned place to let a man torment you?”

Yes, Karen Joy admitted, Jayden was right. Since she was a child, she had everything she wanted and

she was the center of the whole family. She never knew how it felt like to be left alone. After coming to Country A to find Brother Lionel, she had experienced the ups and downs that she had never

experienced before. She had felt lost and confused, but she

had never regretted it.

Her mother had always told her that one’s life would not always be smooth sailing, and one was bound to face all kinds of setbacks on their journey in life. However, it did not matter, as long as we gritted our teeth and soldiered on, we would be able to find the rainbow after the rain.

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