My Husband, Warm the Bed- 882

Karen Joy Kyle had always remembered her mother’s words.

Her life’s journey had just begun, she still had a long way to

go. It was impossible for her parents to keep sheltering her from problems in life. She had to eventually be responsible for her own life.

As the leader of Country A, Brother Lionel was very busy every day. It was impossible for him to keep her company all the time just to make her happy.

After understanding this point, she decided to use other methods to help Brother Lionel, for example going to the disaster area to help the victims, serving as a teacher in the disaster area, and making friends with Yaya and the others.

She was trying hard to integrate into the lifestyle of the country’s people, trying to excel, learning how to be an excellent first lady, and preparing to be Brother Lionel’s wife in the future.

She had been working hard and never thought of giving up. However, she felt that the distance between Brother Lionel and herself was still large. She could see him, but she couldn’t reach him. It was as if there was a mountain between them. No matter

how hard she tried, she could not reach his side. She could

not let him hold her hand nor declare to the world that she

was the girl he liked and the only one he wanted to marry.


But yet, she was the almighty Karen Joy Kyle, the daughter of Kevin Kyle, the leader of Rovio!

In school, she was the popular person whom everyone wanted to ingratiate themselves with but couldn’t. In the past, the others looked up to her, but now she could only look up to her Brother Lionel

Now, her emotions were no longer under her control, instead they changed with Brother Lionel’s attitudes towards her.

Karen Joy lowered her head and kept silent. Jayden Elias

Kyle grabbed her and made her look at him. “Rovio has

properties all over the world, but none of those are

important. Because you, Karen Joy Kyle, is Rovio’s biggest

and most valuable treasure!” “The most valuable treasure?” Karen Joy laughed, but her eyes were tearing out of frustration. “I’m greedy. Not only do I want to be the most important treasure of the Kyle family, but I also want to be the most important treasure in Nathaniel’s heart. I want him to have his eyes and heart on

me only.”

Shaking her head, Karen Joy continued to say, “I know that my request is too much and too unreasonable, but I can’t help but expect that. I want Brother Lionel to belong to me, and only me alone, not to the people of Country A.”

Jayden held Karen Joy’s shoulders and shook her hard. “Karen, that’s not too much, nothing you request is too much.”

Karen Joy shook her head and said, “How is it not too much? To want the President of a country to only care about me, how is that not too much?”

Jayden stared at her and said slowly. “Because you are our precious Karen Joy Kyle, you should deserve the best of Nathaniel can’t love you with all his heart, then he is not worthy of your love.”

Karen Joy smiled bitterly and said, Just because I am

Karen Joy? If I don’t have this identity, then what else am 1? Am I worthless?”

Karen Joy’s words made Jayden frown, and he added, “In my heart, Karen Joy is confident and proud of herself. No matter where she is, she is always the center of attention. But now look at you, because of Nathaniel, what are you turning yourself into?”

Karen Joy murmured, “I don’t know what I’m turning into, maybe I became like this when I left the Kyle family. Maybe this is the real me.”

Jayden grabbed her hand and dragged her away. “Karen, if you have forgotten who you are, I will help you.”

Karen Joy wanted to get rid of his hand, but he clasped her hand tightly. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break free. She was so furious that she shouted, “Jayden, let

me go. I don’t need your help.”

Jayden roared, “Karen, shut up!”

Karen Joy lowered her head, held his hand, and bit on it. She wanted to break free of his grasp. However, Jayden did not loosen his grip even though Karen Joy sank her teeth deep into his skin, so hard that his hand started to bleed.

Karen Joy let go of him, wiped the blood off her lips, and roared, “Jayden, don’t you know how much I hated you? Do you want me to hate you more by doing this?”

Jayden chuckled. “Since you already hate me, I don’t care if

you hate me more.”

She hated him, which proved that she still remembered him and had him in her heart. For him, this was better than being forgotten by her for the rest of her life.

Karen Joy didn’t know what to say

How could there be such a person in this world?

She would really like to kick him now.

He dragged Karen Joy to the car by the road. Jayden gave the driver a look to ask him to get out of the car. He put Karen Joy into the passenger seat and sat in the driver’s seat.

Karen Joy wanted to open the door and get out of the car,

but Jayden quickly locked the door and gave her no chance

of escape. She could only stare at him with wide eyes and

said, “Jayden, let me out of the car!”

Jayden ignored her and started the car, then accelerated quickly. Karen Joy was so scared that she immediately reached for the handle above her head. She said through gritted teeth, “Jayden, do you believe i’ll kill you?”

“Humph.. I’m waiting for you to kill me, Jayden snorted. With an inexplicable smile on his face, he stepped on the accelerator again and sped up.

Karen Joy held the handle tightly. No matter how fast Jayden went, she didn’t say anything anymore. She gritted her teeth tightly, and in her mind, she was thinking about how to deal with Jayden after she got out of the car.

Jayden turned left, turned right, went straight, turned right

again, then turned left… After repeating this for about half an hour, Karen Joy almost vomited from the twists and turns. Finally, Jayden made a sudden brake and pulled the car over steadily on a road near to the cliff.

The road was less than one meter away from the cliff. If it

weren’t for someone who was 100% familiar with the terrain

and a 100% skilled driver, no one would dare to take this


Jayden stopped the car and looked at Karen Joy with his head tilted. He smiled and said, “If I had just stepped on the brake for a mere fraction of a second too late, the car would

have rushed down the cliff. At this time, we might have fallen off the cliff and have been smashed into pieces.” Karen Joy sat firmly in the passenger’s seat, her expression calm and relaxed. She even looked at Jayden coldly and

said, “Childish!”

Did he really think he could scare her like this?

She was never scared, while she was growing up This was so childish and ridiculous.

Jayden looked at the proud, confident, and calm girl beside


Jayden smiled with satisfaction. “That’s it. This is the Karen I know, the little princess of our Kyle family.”

Even if the car had stopped at the edge of the cliff, even if her life was hanging on the line, there was not a trace of panic on her face, this could not scare her at all.

This was the Karen Joy that everyone loved and cared for!

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