My Husband, Warm the Bed- 884

He just stood there. The white snowflakes fell on his body, but he didn’t move at all. His eyes fell on her, and he realized that he was glued to her, they were unable to shake each other off.

If they were to be separated forcibly, they had to first destroy the glue between them, and this would mean great harm to both of them.

Nathaniel Cooper and Karen Joy Kyle looked at each other. Their gazes intertwined in the mid-air, but no one spoke.

Karen Joy secretly hid her hands behind her back and pinched herself hard. Only then could she control the urge to throw herself into his arms and hold him tightly.

He had asked her to stay away from him and told her not to let him hear her voice again. So, she had to oblige. She was definitely not going to wait for him to push her away from


She obviously wanted to give him a cold look and tell him

with practical actions that she would no longer like him. But her eyes had deceived her. She could not move her eyes away from his. Jayden Elias Kyle also spotted the man who shouldn’t have come, but he ignored him. He pulled Karen Joy forcibly to

his side and said, “Karen, there’s sleet on the ground, it’s

slippery, walk slowly.”

“Oh…” Karen Joy lowered her head and tried to escape to hide her emotions. She pretended not to see Nathaniel and was leaving with Jayden.

However, before she could move away, Nathaniel took two steps forward, grabbed her wrist, and tried to pull her back into his arms.

Nathaniel was fast, but Jayden was not slow either. Nathaniel also held Karen Joy’s hand and did not let her go. Jayden said coldly, “Nathaniel, let go of your dirty hand, don’t touch her!”

“You should be the one to let go!” Nathaniel held Karen Joy’s wrist with one hand and launched his fist towards Jayden

with the other hand,

Jayden didn’t expect Nathaniel to attack him. When he reacted, he could already feel Nathaniel’s fist heading towards him. He turned his face sideways to avoid the punch, merely missing Nathaniel’s fist.

In the scuffle, Jayden held Karen Joy’s wrist tightly as if he

was protecting a precious treasure. He couldn’t allow others to take her away from him. “Nathaniel, you broke her heart. How dare you take her away?”

Nathaniel was stunned.

Did he break her heart?

When he came out of the bathroom after a cold shower, he

found that Karen Joy was missing. After asking the guards outside, he knew that she had left alone. He then asked the person he had sent to protect her and found out that she had left with Jayden.

He was angry because he knew that she had left with Jayden. When he arrived here and saw them together, he was even more furious.

No man could remain calm when he saw his beloved girl alone with another man, especially when that man had inordinate feelings for her.

Therefore, he neglected the very reason why she left the North Palace

At this time, after Jayden brought it up, Nathaniel had a rough idea, but he still didn’t give much thought about it. This was because his attention was still on Karen Joy’s mention of breaking up with him.

Two tall and strong men, one on the left and the other on the right, both holding Karen Joy’s left and right wrists tightly. No one was willing to let go of her hand nor let her throw herself into the arms of the other man.

The two men looked at each other and the atmosphere grew more intense. They threw their punches at the same time, both dying to smash each other into pieces.

This time, the two of them punched simultaneously. When their fists met, neither of them had the upper hand.

Before Jayden could react, Nathaniel attacked again. This time, he moved faster and his punch landed on Jayden’s face. Jayden suffered the punch. His face darkened and his eyes

flashed with cold murderous intent. He lifted his leg and

kicked at Nathaniel. But Nathaniel turned sideways and

successfully dodged the attack.

After Nathaniel successfully dodged the attack, he immediately punched back. When he was about to hit Jayden, Jayden didn’t dodge this time. Instead, a smirk crept over the corner of his mouth.

Because when Jayden was about to dodge, there was a person who was faster than him.

Karen Joy stood in front of Jayden in a flash.

If Nathaniel landed his fist, the person who would be injured this time would not be Jayden, but Karen Joy.

Seeing that the fist was about to land on Karen Joy’s face, at the most critical moment, Nathaniel retrieved his fist in time.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Karen Joy’s delicate and flawless face with complicated emotions.

The lovely, nifty, and sensible gir… her various expressions flashed before Nathaniel’s eyes, but he had never seen this face that she had at the moment, a cold face looking at him.

While Nathaniel was staring at Karen Joy, Jayden swung his fist and hit Nathaniel’s chest heavily.

Nathaniel could have dodged it, but he didn’t. He continued to look at Karen Joy and smiled. “Karen, are you contented now?”

Nathaniel didn’t expect Karen Joy to block his fist for Jayden. The bitterness in his heart was more painful than being punched a hundred times.

If she wanted to protect Jayden, then Nathaniel would not touch the person she wanted to protect anymore. She wanted him to get injured, then he would gladly oblige.

If this could satisfy her and calm her down, it didn’t matter how many punches he would take.

As long as she was happy!

Seeing that Nathaniel was injured, Karen Joy felt a squeeze in her heart. However, she bit her lip and did not speak.

What did he mean by that?

How could she be contented with this?

Did he really understand her?

If he didn’t understand her, why would he assume what she

was feeling?

Jayden hated Nathaniel so much that he wanted him to

disappear from this world.

Today, he finally had a chance to teach him a lesson and he didn’t want to miss it. Jayden threw another punch at Nathaniel, this time aiming at Nathaniel’s face, the same place where Nathaniel had punched him just now. Jayden was speedy and Nathaniel didn’t want to dodge it. At

the same time, Karen Joy was still being misunderstood by

Nathaniel and didn’t stop Jayden in time. Therefore, Nathaniel once again took the hit on his face

from Jayden’s punch.

Nathaniel was still smiling after being punched. He did not look at the person who punched him but stared at Karen Joy and said, “What I did to him, he had returned the favor. Are you satisfied now? If you are not satisfied, let him hit me again until you are happy.”

“Nathaniel, you bastard!” Karen Joy was angry and distressed. She was angry that he had never understood her true feelings, yet she was distressed that he was injured. Nathaniel reached out and wiped the tears at the corner of

her eyes. “Karen, don’t cry. If you are not satisfied, let him

continue to hit me. Let him beat me up until you stop crying

until you are satisfied.”

“Nathaniel, why do you want to do this? Why do you want to make me sad?” He clearly knew that she didn’t want him to get hurt, why would he hurt her in this way?

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