My Husband, Warm the Bed- 885

“Karen, how can I bear to make you sad?” Nathaniel Cooper was most afraid of Karen Joy Kyle’s tears. All he really wanted was to hold her in his arms and spoil her, to see her being happy and carefree always.

“You’re obviously making me sad. I’ve told you not to let yourself get hurt again. You should take good care of yourself, but you just don’t want to listen to me. In short, you just don’t care about me because you never take my words to heart.” Karen Joy wiped away her tears. She bit her lips, turned around, and was about to leave. “Nathaniel, from now on, your matters have nothing to do with me anymore.”

“Karen… Nathaniel grabbed her again and quickly hugged

Karen Joy in his arms. “I’m your Brother Lionel, and you’re my Karen. How can I have nothing to do with you?” Karen Joy struggled, “That’s what it’s going to be like from now on. I have nothing to do with you and you have nothing to do with me. There will be nothing between us. I will go

back to New York and never see you again.”

Karen Joy said these words because she was angry with him.

She waited for him to come. She thought that he should realize the grievances in her heart, but he didn’t understand. He even hurt himself and said things that made her sad.

Nathaniel’s face fell, and his dark eyes smoldered in anger. “Karen, so whatever you say is right? What do you take me for?”

He was still yelling at her!

He didn’t even know what his mistake was, yet he was

yelling at her!

Karen Joy bit her lip hard and said, “You’re the President of Country A. I’m just a commoner and I can’t be with you. We’ll just go our separate ways from now on.” “Go our separate ways?” Nathaniel grabbed her hand and

said in a low voice that was almost hoarse, “Karen, let me

tell you this, you can never escape from me for the rest of

your life!”

If he didn’t show his power, did she take him for a weakling? She was teasing him, wanting him to let her know that there were many more facades to the Brother Lionel she knew.

Nathaniel’s deep and hoarse voice made Karen Joy’s heart shrink unwillingly. Her heart ached so much that she panicked and could not find a word to refute momentarily.

Seeing that Karen Joy was convinced by Nathaniel’s words just like that, Jayden Elias Kyle immediately interrupted, “Nathaniel, what’s the point of saying so much nonsense? If you really like her and really want to be with her, you shouldn’t let her be with you so obscurely. You said that your engagement with Serene Silas was just a contract. There is no love between you two, but do your people know about this?”

Nathaniel couldn’t find his words.

Because his people didn’t know the truth, so he had to break off the relationship with Serene and then announce his relationship with Karen Joy. In other people’s eyes, Karen Joy would be regarded as a homewrecker, a mistress.

Therefore, he could not rush to cancel the engagement with Serene and announce Karen Joy’s identity. He needed to come up with the perfect plan. Otherwise, any mistake would make Karen Joy become the criticism of the people.

Nathaniel would absolutely not allow that to happen. So he was waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to do it.

When the time is ripe, he would make Karen Joy his rightful bride and receive the blessings from everyone Nathaniel did not speak. Jayden naturally thought that he felt guilty and said, “Nathaniel, your people don’t know your true relationship with Serene. But once you publicly

announced the cancellation of the engagement with Serene,

what will those people think of the woman standing by your side? I believe that you should know very well without me telling you.” He continued, “Nathaniel, if you really love Karen, please think more to protect her interests. Don’t let her feel wrong, let her continue to be a happy girl, instead of leading an

anxious life by your side.”

After listening to Jayden’s words, Nathaniel curved his lips

and a faint smile crept over his face. “I will take care of the matter between us. You don’t need to worry about it.” Jayden sneered and said, “Karen is a part of the Kyle family. My parents have asked me to take care of her. Of course, I

will worry about her

“If you really regard yourself as her brother, I will welcome you to worry about her, but for now, I am enough for her.” Nathaniel left with these words, ignored Karen Joy’s struggle, and carried her on his shoulder, then he turned around and left.

After taking two steps, he felt a gust of wind behind him. Nathaniel did not need to see to know that Jayden would not let him leave that easily. He dodged and turned his head to look at Jayden. “Jayden you are no match for me.”

Before that, he willingly took the punches from Jayden twice

because he wanted Karen Joy to worry about him. That way, she would return to his arms obediently.

But when he actually saw her worrying about him, his heart ached. Therefore, he would not let anyone hurt him again, nor would he let Jayden touch him.

Jayden was also assessing Nathaniel’s real strengths, so he

launched another attack.

After several attempts, Jayden knew that he was indeed no match for Nathaniel because he couldn’t even touch Nathaniel even though he was carrying Karen Joy.

The outcome was obvious so Jayden stopped trying to attack him physically, but resorted to using his words, “Karen, are you really going to go with this man?”

Karen Joy struggled and said, “Nathaniel, put me down.”

When Karen Joy said this, she did not expect Nathaniel would really release her. Jayden also did not put much hope that Nathaniel would let go of Karen Joy at all. However, Nathaniel went beyond everyone’s expectations. He put Karen Joy on the ground.

Karen Joy had just found her footing when Nathaniel grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards him He lowered his head and kissed her madly.

“Mm…” Karen Joy stared at him with her eyes wide open. She could see his enlarged handsome face, his long eyelashes, and how he was kissing her so earnestly and domineeringly.

She had never thought of really ignoring him. She didn’t know how to attract his attention, so she thought of this childish way with her close- to- zero experience in relationship

Nathaniel kissed her as if there was no one else around, and

she responded to his kiss the same way. After a long time, he let go of her and said in a hoarse voice, “Karen, if you break up with me again when you are angry next time, I will teach you a good lesson.”

Karen Joy couldn’t refute.

Nathaniel caressed her lips and said softly, “Do you know

your mistake?”

Karen Joy shook her head.

Nathaniel raised his eyebrows. “You really don’t know what

your mistake was?” Karen Joy still shook her head and said, “I did nothing wrong. I just want to know what kind of affection do you have for me when you say you like me. Do you like me as my three-year-old self, or do you like me now?”

Ultimately, this was the key to Karen Joy’s struggles.

She was both the child back then and her current self. No matter which one Nathaniel liked, she was herself. However, she needed to understand what kind of affection Nathaniel had towards her.

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