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“I know! I’ve misunderstood you.” Jackie Leves stretched out his hand, in an attempt to grab Serene Silas, but she stepped back again to prevent him from touching her

Serene’s face was pale. She tried to extend her hand to Jackie, but she could not bring herself to take the first step.

Indeed, it wasn’t that she did not want to get close to Jackie. But the trauma that Jackie had caused her was so severe that it was impossible for her to face him again in such a short time like how she had used to.

She opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but she didn’t know how to. So she lowered her head and bit her lip tightly.

“Serene..” Jackie called her.

“Hmm?” She still didn’t want to raise her head and look at him. She was trying to avoid him.

“Let’s go. Let’s go and eat.” Jackie gave up the idea of wanting to hold her hand, put down his hand and walked ahead of Serene towards the dining room. However, he

would pay close attention to Serene, who was two steps behind him, to see if she was following him or not.

Although he did not have eyes at the back of his head and he could not see her, but he could feel that when he wasn’t looking at her, her eyes were on him.

These days, she would always look at him like this. Only when he didn’t look at her, she would look at him boldly, as if she was assessing a stranger whom she had never met


Perhaps, she was still not very sure whether he was her Jackie or not.

Perhaps it was because he had hurt her so greatly in the past that she would no longer be able to love him like how she used to

Thinking that she might not accept him anymore, Jackie’s heart sank and his steps became heavier. At this moment, he wanted to turn around and pull her into his arms.

But he couldn’t do it because he would scare her.

In this life, he mustn’t hurt her anymore, and he couldn’t let her be afraid anymore.

He was the one who told her that he would protect her and would never let anyone hurt her. However, he was also the person who had really hurt her.

The two of them were eating sullenly at the dining table. No one opened their mouths to break the silence until the both

of them simultaneously picked up the same piece of meat. Serene quickly retracted her fork and said, “Um, I’m full… You can continue eating.”

She only ate two mouthfuls of pasta, and left the food on

the plate mostly untouched. She also didn’t eat much of the

meat. How could she be full?

Jackie put some meat onto her plate and said, “Eat some

more with me.”

“Oh, okay.” Serene nodded and picked up the fork and took another two mouthfuls of pasta, but she didn’t eat the meat

that he gave her.

“Have some vegetables.” Jackie put some vegetables onto

her plate. “Oh, okay.” Serene nodded obediently again, and then picked up the vegetables that he gave her and put it into her mouth.

She was so obedient that she looked like a puppet at the

mercy of others.

Seeing her like this, Jackie was both angry and annoyed. He put down his cutlery and said, “Is it really so hard to eat with me?”

Serene shook her head.

Jackie sighed and said, “Then eat properly, have a proper meal with me.”

“Okay.” Serene nodded her head, straightened her body, picked up some vegetables and put them into her mouth. Then she ate another two mouthfuls of pasta.

After ensuring that she was eating properly, Jackie then

picked up the cutlery again.

He took a piece of the meat that she cooked and put it in his mouth.

Serene knew that Jackie liked to eat meat, especially steak. In the past, the cook in the Leves family was particularly good at making this dish. She had also learned how to grill the steak from the cook,

but she was unsure if she was untalented or just stupid,

because the steak that she made was never delicious.

In order to prepare this dish today, she had been secretly practicing her cooking skills for a few days. After wasting a few pieces of steaks, she thought that this one in front of her was not too bad.

When Serene saw how Jackie devoured on the piece of

steak in one bite, she couldn’t help but to reach out to cut

him some more. “If it’s nice, you should eat more.” “It’s very tasty.” Jackie looked at her and saw that her pale face was finally stained with a blush. He was suddenly in a good mood and ate two more pieces. “It’s fatty but not

greasy. You could pass as a professional chef soon.”

“If you like it, I will cook it for you more often in the future.” Serene had said the exact words before, but at that time, she was not as cautious as she was now. Back then, she had always said it in a flirtatious tone.

“Okay.” Jackie could vaguely see the former Serene before


The background of the Silas family was very complicated and Serena’s parents had passed away when she was very young. So, she only grew up with her grandfather and was an outcast in the Silas family.

At a very young age, she had learned how to hide her true emotions. Only when she was in front of him, she would show her true side.

Only when she was with him, he would see a happy and carefree Serene.

But now, even when she was facing him, he could hardly see her real happy expression anymore.

After this conversation, the two of them did not speak again. The dining room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop


A phone call broke the silence.

It was Serene’s phone ringing.

She smiled apologetically at Jackie and went to grab her phone. When she picked up the phone, she noticed that it was an unknown number. She didn’t feel like answering it, but she was afraid that she would miss anything important, so she answered the phone politely, “Hello!”

“Serene, is that you?” A male voice came from the phone, it

was a voice that Serene was very familiar with

“Who are you?” This voice shocked and scared Serene. It sent her into a panic mode. She couldn’t help but look up at the man who was sitting in front of her.

Jackie was sitting in front of her.

“It’s me,” said the man again.

“Who exactly are you?” Serene was afraid. But she tried her best to control herself and suppress her fear. However, the hand that was holding the phone began to tremble uncontrollably. The trembling intensified rapidly.

“Serene, what’s wrong?” Jackie saw her face had turned pale and reached out to grab her phone. However, Serene was startled and moved away from Jackie.

Her beautiful eyes looked at him with vigilance. “Tell me, who exactly are you?”

She was asking, but she didn’t know if she was asking the person on the phone or the Jackie who was in front of her. Jackie sensed something and tried to approach her to grab her phone. He wanted to know who the person on the other

end of the phone was.

Why was she so scared all of a sudden?

However, as soon as he stepped



immediately retreated.

“Serene, don’t be afraid! Give me your phone. No matter what happens, let me deal with it, okay?” Seeing Serene’s horrified and wary look, Jackie did not approach her again in an attempt to let her put down her guard against him first.

Serene shook her head and stepped back, screaming, “No matter who you are, don’t come close to me, stay away from me.”

Jackie was flustered. “Serene, what’s going on?” At the same time, the familiar male voice came from the

phone. “Serene, it’s me. Don’t you recognize my voice anymore?”

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