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Serene, it’s me. Don’t you recognize my voice anymore? The impact of this sentence on Serene Silas was a hundred or even a few thousand times more powerful than an atomic bomb.

Before she had time to calm her mind down, a familiar male voice came from the phone again, “Serene, I’m back!”

“Serene, I’m back!”

Another blow blasted at Serene, making her confused on where she was, and what day it was.

It took Serene a long time to recover from the shock. She took a deep breath and said, “Who are you exactly?”

Perhaps the person on the other end of the phone had the same voice as Jackie, or maybe someone had deliberately impersonated Jackie’s voice, or maybe there were a lot of maybes.

In short, the man on the other end of the phone had nothing to do with her Jackie. The man in front of her was her Jackie

Serene told herself this, but at the next moment, the familiar voice at the end of the phone gave Serene a very certain answer.

He said with a voice that Serene was very familiar with, “You

once told me that you will definitely be Mrs. Leaves in this

life. I kept that in my heart. You better not forget that.”

Yes, she had personally told Jackie that she would be Mrs. Leaves for the rest of her life and marry him. She remembered it clearly.

She had always remembered it, even if the sky was falling and the earth was shattering, she would not forget what she had told him personally.

But how did the person on the other end of the phone know about it?

Only she and Jackie knew about this. Only they knew. How

did the man with the same voice as Jackie knew about it?

Just as Serene’s thoughts were in a mess, the person at the other end of the phone said, “Serene, I have come back alive. Are you happy?”

Serene: “..”

Of course, she was happy that her Jackie had come back alive, but at this very moment she also had a Jackie’ with


Just as Serene was completely confused about the situation, Jackie’s voice came from the phone again. “Serene, come out quickly. I will wait for you at the usual place. I’ll not leave until you come.”

After finishing his words, the man on the other end of the phone hung up the phone, not giving her any chance to speak or to refuse.

In the past, this was what Jackie would always do to her too.

Jackie would call her ask her to come out and meet and never gave her a chance to refuse. As long as he called her to meet up, he would wait until she went to see him.

Moreover, Jackie would turn off his phone after he had hung up the phone, which was his way of avoiding her rejection Thinking of this, Serene immediately called back. As expected, the machine voice came from the phone – The phone you’ve dialed is unavailable, please call again later!

The voice, the past, and the way he called her, and the man on the phone were all in line with the Jackie that she


What was going on?

Was she hallucinating?

Wasn’t her Jackie standing right in front of her?

Why did a man with the same voice as Jackie appear on the other end of the phone?

How did that Jackie know about things that only she and

Jackie knew about?

Which one was the real Jackie?

Serene couldn’t understand and was eager to see that person. She wanted to confirm whether that person was her Jackie or not.

She held her mobile phone and wanted to leave, but as soon as she took a step, she was pulled into Jackie’s arms and was held tightly by him. “Serene, calm down. I will deal with what happened today.”

“Let me go! You devil! I’m going to find my Jackie!” Serene pushed him and shouted, like a crazy person who had lost her mind.

This man was the devil who had hurt her. This man’s face was completely different from Jackie’s, and his voice was completely different from that of Jackie. He did not look like her Jackie at all so how could he be her Jackie?

He was the devil who did not care about her and raped her

so viciously!

She might be thinking of Jackie until she had gone mad, so she had mistaken a man who had imprisoned her for Jackie.

“Serene, calm down!” Jackie roared in a deep voice.

Although this woman was thin and usually had no strength, but this time, she struggled so hard that she almost managed to break free from Jackie’s arms.

“Let go of me! I’m going to find my Jackie!” Serene picked up his hand and bit it hard.

Usually, she didn’t have much strength, but the person she wanted to see might be the real Jackie, so her body suddenly had strength that was beyond her imagination.

Jackie let her bite his hand, but he still held her tightly with another hand, “Serene, listen to me. No matter who called you, no matter what that person had said to you, you have to calm down. I am back now, I will help you deal with it.

For the past year, he was not with her. She had lived a life full of anxiety every single day which had made her lose her sense of security. Now that he was back, he would never let her face those terrible situations alone.

Listening to Jackie’s voice, Serene gradually came back to her senses. She looked up at Jackie and scrutinized him

from head to toe.

After a long time, she murmured a few words from her

mouth, “Who are you exactly?” Before Jackie could answer, she smiled again. “You would surely say you are also my Jackie.”

“Serene..” Jackie said as he wrapped his arms around her. Seeing her losing her wits, his heart ached as if someone was whipping it fiercely with a whip. “I am Jackie Leves!”

“Ha ha… You obviously don’t look like my Jackie at all. How can I believe that you are my Jackie? I must be crazy.” Serene was mocking herself. “Do all of you really think that I’m living a good life? Why do all of you always come and try

to mess with me?”

Jackie hugged her and patted her back gently. “No one will be able to mess with you again anymore, I won’t let you disappear from my sight.”

“Are you Jackie?” Serene asked again, and then gave herself an answer. “You are not Jackie. You don’t look like Jackie at all. How can you be Jackie?”

Jackie said in a deep voice, “I’m Jackie! I’m your Jackie!”

“You’re Jackie?” She looked at him and couldn’t see any traces of Jackie on his face. She couldn’t find any traces of him, so she pushed him hard and said, “You’re not Jackie. Let me go and let me find my Jackie. He’s waiting for me. He won’t leave if I don’t go and see him.”

In the past, there was one time that Jackie had asked her out but she did not meet him on time because she was grounded by her grandfather. That day, Jackie waited for her for a day and a night, and finally, he climbed over the wall of the Silas house to look for her.

Everything of the past was still playing vividly in her mind,

but now everything has changed. Even she herself could not

tell who was the real one and who was the fake one!

Jackie grabbed Serene’s hand and let her touch his face. “Serene, my face has changed, but my heart is still the same!”

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