My Husband, Warm the Bed- 889

His appearance had changed, so had his voice. However, his feelings for her had not changed at all, it was still as strong as before.

It was so strong that he could offend the whole world for


Did she know that?

Jackie Leves looked at Serene Silas quietly. He could see his current face from her crystal-clear and beautiful eyes that were filled with tears.

Yes, he admitted that his appearance had changed completely, and there was nothing similar to what he had looked like before.

After the surgery, the first time he took a look at the mirror, he was so frightened that he had smashed the mirror. It took him a long time to accept this face. Even he himself couldn’t accept this strange face in an

instant, not to mention Serene who he had hurt with this face.

Serene was still conflicted internally, deciding if she could accept him, hence she doubted him after receiving a mere call from the fake “Jackie”. He understood this and would not blame her.

“Are you really Jackie?” After a long time, Serene spoke again, asking the questions that she had repeatedly asked before.

She didn’t know who she should believe, but her woman’s sixth sense told her that she could believe what the man in front of her had said to her.

If she believed in the man in front of her, that would mean that she believed and admitted that the man in front of her was the real Jackie.

However, the voice of the man who called her was not only the same as that of Jackie’s, but he also knew the things that only she and Jackie knew. That man might also be her Jackie.

It was difficult for her to make a decision to choose between a man whose voice was similar to Jackie’s, or her intuition to trust the man who did not look like Jackie at all.

Because she could not make a choice between these two people, her heart was in a mess. She could only look at the man in front of her helplessly. She looked into his deep eyes and said, “Can, can I really trust you?”

“Yes!” At the same time when Jackie looked at her, he clenched her hand tightly and nodded heavily. “Serene, of course you can trust me!”

“But.” Serene was still worried. What if she trusted the wrong person and missed the real Jackie?

“Go ahead.” He knew that she had something to say

“I want to go and meet that man. I want to go and see for myself. I need to personally see him, then only can I rest assured.” She bit her lip and said firmly.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” She wanted to see the man and confirm it in person because she still had doubts about him. Jackie knew why she wanted to go for the meeting but he did not say it out loud

At the same time, he also wanted to know who the mystery man was. This time, they would never let those scumbags who had hidden in the shadows get away.

“You want to go?” Serene didn’t know what she was worried

about. She just felt that it was not appropriate for him to meet that person with her.

“I have decided. I’ll go with you.” Jackie announced his decision overbearingly and did not give Serene a chance to object

Serene, “.”

He used to be like this. For some things, he was so decisive and overbearing that he made a decision without discussing with her.

Jackie added, “Go back to your room and change your clothes. I’ll go get ready. When I’m done sorting everything out, we’ll go out and go to Luna Tower at South City.”

“You.. You know about the Luna Tower too!” Although Serene was willing to believe that the man in front of her was the real Jackie, upon hearing the name of the place coming from his mouth, she felt much more reassured.

“Should I not know about it?” Jackie raised his eyebrows. “No, I didn’t mean that.” As a citizen of Coast City of Country A, it was not surprising for him to know about the Luna Tower. What made Serene feel at ease was that he knew that the place that the person on the phone was referring to was precisely this place!

The Luna Tower was not the highest tower in Coast City, but

it had the longest history and was also the best place to enjoy the full moon. The official name of this tower was the Luna Tower, but it had another name which was widely-known amongst the

people, the Lovers Tower.

Most people were familiar with that name. Many young couples had gone there because it was famous and made their wishes together, hoping that they would stay together


All those couples in love hoped that they would be able to hold on to each others’ hands for a long time.

Jackie and Serene were no exception. They also held hands and made their wishes here, just as those couples did.

Therefore, this place had become the most common place

for the two of them to go on their dates, The person on the phone just asked Serene to meet at their

‘usual place! He must have been referring to the Luna

Tower. There would be no other place.

While Serene was back in her room to change her clothes, Jackie dialed Nathaniel Cooper’s number. “Those

mastermind clowns are at it again. This time they are trying to be my impostor.”

“Those people are finally unable to sit still. This time, we must catch them all, and no one can escape.” Nathaniel’s voice came from the phone. His voice was calm but at the same time deadly, it could send a chill down one’s spine. “Since they want to be your impostor, then we’ll let them. I’d like to see what kind of tricks they can play.”

However, Jackie frowned and was not as calm as Nathaniel was. He said worriedly. I’m not worried about what they will do. I’m only worried that Serene will be deceived.”

Because Serene still could not trust him completely. He was worried that she would fall into the enemy’s trap and would no longer believe him.

He couldn’t bear to think about the things that would happen to him if Serene no longer wanted to believe that he was Jackie…

Jackie was so worried, so Nathaniel hurriedly reassured

him. “Jackie, if you think that Serene is a woman who can be deceived so easily, then you should spend more time with her to know her better.”

Jackie was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Nathaniel added, “Because… she loves you, and so, she

would never regard anyone else as you.”

Also, for some unknown reason, Nathaniel was so determined to believe that Serene would be able to recognize who the real Jackie was.

Perhaps it was because Nathaniel’s heart was fully occupied by one person. He loved Karen Joy Kyle, so he would naturally know everything about her and of course, he would not regard anyone else as his lover, except for her.

Once you have fallen in love with someone, that person would be unique to you and will be irreplaceable in your heart.

Even if his appearance had changed, she would still be able to recognize the man that she was familiar with. It would only take a short time for her to find out.

After listening to Nathaniel’s words, Jackie felt relieved and said, “Someone had impersonated myself, and asked Serene to meet him at our ‘usual place. We will head there

soon. You should arrange for some men to go to the Lovers tower to check it out.” Nathaniel said, “I’ll send someone over right now. You two have to be careful as well. You can’t expose the address

that you’re currently living at.”

After all, Serene was still involved in a murder case. Before this matter was completely resolved, she could not appear in public.

It was the best way to protect her if she did not appear in public, and allow the public to forget about her for the time being

Jackie nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

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