My Husband, Warm the Bed- 890

To ensure Serene Silas’ safety, what Jackie Leves had planned would not be any less than Nathaniel Cooper’s.

The villa in North City was a gift given by Jackie’s parents when he was 18 years old. Therefore, it was not under the Leves family’s property, so almost no one knew that there was such a villa owned by the Leaves family.

Because no one knew this, and it was located in the villa area away from town, so the place was well kept under wraps

Therefore, before Serene was discharged from the hospital, Jackie had secretly communicated with Nathaniel. He asked Nathaniel to send Serene to live here, on his behalf.

Before Serene moved in, Jackie had already arranged for people to work on the security of the house to prevent any information from leaking out.

For anything related to Serene’s safety, Jackie took it

seriously. He could not let anything happen to her again and

he could not let her get hurt under his care.

After Jackie had hung up the phone, Serene was also done changing her clothes and came out.

The temperature outside was quite low. She wore a red down jacket which wrapped her petite body tightly in it. The red colour reflected on Serene’s pale face, which made

her pallid and haggard face look slightly better.

She asked, “Can we go now?”

Her complexion seemed better, which in turn made Jackie’s mood better. He couldn’t help but to raise his lips. He

walked to her side and wrapped her with a scarf. “Let’s go now.”

They were now living in the villa area in North City. Serene

and Jackie used to date at the Luna Tower in the South City. It would take more than an hour for them to the Luna Tower in the South City from the villa area in North City.

After getting on the car, Jackie turned on the heater in the car and said, “It’s going to be a long ride. You can take a short nap first. i’ll call you when we are there.”

Serene shook her head. “There’s no need. I’m not sleepy.” The problem about the two Jackies made her so confused. How could she fall asleep at all? But fortunately, the person beside her could make her feel a little relieved.

Jackie personally drove the car, while Serene was sitting in

the passenger’s seat. Both of them looked ahead without saying anything to each other, both of them seemed to be deep in thought

Jackie was thinking about how to lure those masterminds out and capture them all at once, while Serene’s mind was full of that ‘Jackie’s’ voice from the phone call earlier.

That man’s voice was Jackie’s voice. She would never be wrong about that… But it was alright if he had the same voice, what if the man also looked like Jackie?

Then, which man should she trust? Thinking of this serious problem, Serene looked at Jackie,

who was driving.

She was unfamiliar with his face, and it was not as good looking as Jackie’s original face. However, he still had defined features, and he was still a handsome man. To be frank, she had been secretly looking at him for several

days. No matter how she looked at him, she still could not find any traces of Jackie on his strange face, but she still believed that he was Jackie.

Knowing that Serene was looking at him, Jackie turned his head to meet her eyes and said, “Staring at me like this? Do you want to drill a hole in my face with your eyes?”

As soon as Jackie said this, Serene’s heart trembled. In the past, Jackie had also said the same words to her, and it was always in a flirtatious tone.

Back then, he said these words not long after she had agreed to his pursuit, it was when he had first asked her out.

Because she was so shy and did not dare to look at him, so she had to look at him quietly when he was not paying attention. When she was caught staring at him, those were the exact words that he had said to her.

That was right, in just a year’s time, a person’s appearance could change completely, but his character, tone, and manner of speech would be hard to change. In terms of appearance, Serene couldn’t find anything that

was similar to Jackie on this face. But after getting along

with him for a few days, he made her think that he was

definitely her Jackie, because something in him had not

changed at all.

He was Jackie!

The real Jackie!

After concluding all of this in her thoughts, Serene breathed a sigh of relief and gradually relaxed her fists. As long as Jackie was with her, could there still be any problem that could not be solved?

The answer was-no!

But she didn’t know who the person who called her with

Jackie’s voice was.

What was his purpose?

Could he be the real murderer who had exterminated the Leaves family that year?

“Mm, not speaking? Does that mean that you really want to stare at me until you make a hole in my face?” Seeing that she was only staring at him and did not speak, Jackie was a

little flustered.

“No. I just want to look at you like this. I don’t want to do anything else. Just looking at you makes me feel at ease.” Serene gave him a little smile. It was just a little smile, but Jackie was so excited that he almost bumped into the car in front of him.

He turned at the corner and parked the car by the side of the road. Looking at the woman who was smiling in front of him, he couldn’t help but to reach out and touch her beautiful cheeks. “Serene, do you know what you are talking about?” This time, Serene did not avoid his touch. Instead, she reached out her hand and gently pressed in on the back of his hand. “I said, because you are by my side, looking at you,

I feel safe.”

“You…” Did this mean that she no longer had doubts in him? Did she forget about all the hurt that he had caused her? Would she able to accept him again?

So many questions rushed into Jackie’s mind at the same time. He couldn’t believe that it was Serene who was talking to at this moment.

“Did I say something strange?” Serene pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Let’s go. Let’s go and see who the person on the phone is and what he wants to do.”

“You don’t have doubts in me anymore?” Jackie waited for

her answer nervously.

“Yes, I believe in you.” Serene nodded.

As soon as she said that, Jackie was so excited that his hands that were holding onto the steering wheel trembled a little. He even smacked on the steering wheel a few times,

causing the honk to make a whirring sound.

His Serene had finally come back!

Finally, she returned to his side!

Seeing that he was as excited as a happy child, Serene shook her head helplessly and said, “Stop pressing on the honk. People will think that there is something wrong with our car.”

“Okay, I will stop.” Looking at her, Jackie smiled stupidly. At this moment, Jackie’s actions had reminded Serene of

scene from their past.


In the past, Jackie had confessed his love to her personally. After she had accepted his confession, his reaction was exactly the same as it was now. He was also so silly and a little adorable, like a child.

She added, “We still have to go to the Luna Tower.” He said, “Okay, okay. I’ll drive there right away.”

He said that he would go immediately, but he was still staring at her. The more he stared at her, the closer he got to her. When he was about to kiss her, Serene immediately stopped. “Stop!”

Jackie suddenly withdrew himself and looked at her reluctantly, just like a child begging for a reward.

Serene really wanted to rub his head and tell him to behave well and not cause any trouble!

But she couldn’t do that. She added, “Let’s get down to business first. After that, you can do whatever you want.”

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