My Husband, Warm the Bed- 891

After completing this, he could do whatever he wanted! Why did it feel like Serene Silas was hinting something else

to him?

“Okay.” He felt happy in his heart and answered her briskly. Then, he drove away at the speed of light.

He could only do the things he wanted to do after getting

these matters out of the way. It was about an hour’s drive to get there, and they finally

arrived at Luna Tower.

“Here we are.” When the car stopped, Jackie immediately reached out and held Serene’s hand. “Serene, wait in the car. I’ll go and meet that person first.”

“The person he wants to see is me. If I don’t show up, he will

certainly not show up.” Serene smiled gently back at him. “Don’t worry, I will be fine.” She still wanted to be his Mrs. Leaves, and she also wanted

to raise a family with him. Before they could get these obstacles out of the way, she had to be brave and strong, She could no longer let others separate them.

Jackie responded, “I just don’t feel that it’s safe.” Listening to his flustered voice, Serene thought he sounded funny and chuckled. “Jackie, there are so many people here. Do you think he can take me away?”

Jackie glared at her and said, “Just do as I say. Listen to me.”

He had turned domineering. He sounded like an emperor who demanded obedience.

Serene shook her head helplessly. “No, listen to me this time. You wait for me in the car, and i’ll go in and see him. If he sees me with you, he would not show up.”

Both of them were stubborn. Since both of them did not want to take a step back, they would not be able to come to a conclusion. In the end, Jackie took a step back and said, “Okay, you go.”

He asked her to enter the tower first, and then he would follow her. Anyway, she did not say that he couldn’t follow her secretly.

“You are not allowed to follow me secretly,” Serene added this line in time, and now Jackie lost his backup plan. Jackie’s face froze, and he secretly thought, “Does this

woman know how to read minds?

“Of course I don’t know how to read minds.” Serene easily saw through his thoughts again. Her lips were slightly raised

and she let out a subtle smile. Well, Jackie was her one true love, so she just needed to pry a little and she could already see through what he was


Now that she knew what he was thinking, Jackie’s face

appeared, but he was secretly excited. His Serene was finally back, and he would no longer need to sleep alone at night anymore

Serene opened the door and got out of the car. She turned back and smiled at him. “Jackie, trust me, I can handle this matter.

She spoke so confidently because she hadn’t met the man yet. She didn’t know what was waiting in store for her.

The weather was cold today, and the wind was strong. Luna Tower appeared isolated, and there were only a few cars

scattered in the parking lot. Occasionally, couples, hugging each other, could be seen walking by.

There were not many tourists, so it would be easier to find the target. At the same time, they were also more likely to be discovered by the target. So after getting off the car, Serene went straight to the bottom of the tower.

Luna Tower was a very famous scenic spot in Coast City, but the entrance tickets were not expensive. It cost only 20 dollars to enter. After buying the ticket, Serene walked into

the entrance of the tower.

It was a five-story building, and there were spirals of ancient looking stairs inside the building. The view looked prettier from the fifth floor onward.

Usually, it would be very crowded. But today, due to the bad weather, there were very few visitors.

When she went upstairs, Serene only saw two couples heading downstairs, and she continued to walk up alone. When she arrived at the fifth floor and she was catching her breath, she looked up and saw a man standing in front of


The man was tall and strong. He stood straight and was looking into the distance. His back was facing her.

His back was so similar to the back of the person she loved. If she hadn’t known that Jackie was waiting for her in the

car, she would have rushed over and hugged him. “Serene..” When the familiar voice called her name out, the

man turned to look at her. “You’re finally here.”

He smiled at her with the smile she was familiar with, he looked at her with the eyes she was familiar with and talked to her with a familiar tone too.

In the past, when they were dating, whenever she was late,

Jackie would also look back at her and say, “Serene, you’re finally here.”

However, Jackie would do one more thing. After he said that line, he would walk quickly to her and hold her in his arms to kiss her hard.

He would kiss her until she felt dizzy before he let her go.

Not only was this man’s voice similar, his body, his face, and every subtle change in his expression was the same as that of her Jackie!

Serene was stunned as she just looked at him blankly. She didn’t know how to react,




That was the only name in her mind as she looked at him. She almost forgot that there was another “Jackie” in the parking lot under the tower.

“Serene, I’m sorry! I came back to you late! I know you have

suffered a lot these days, and I’ll make it up to you from now

on.” The man stepped towards Serene and got closer and


When he was about to walk to her side, Serene finally reacted a little. She blinked her eyes hard to look at the man in front of her. He had exactly the same face, the same voice, and the way

he walked was exactly the same as Jackie too. She could

not find anything different.

It was too similar!

But Serene knew that he was not her Jackie.

The man’s disguise in front of her was almost perfect. It

was so perfect that she could not find any flaws. But she was sure that this man was not Jackie.

However, she couldn’t explain the reason.

If she was forced to give an answer, she would give an extremely ridiculous answer- a woman’s intuition!

This man was too perfect a copy of Jackie. Every word he said and every action he did made her feel that he was deliberately disguising himself.

She was sure that he was not Jackie.

The man pulled Serene into his arms and hugged her tightly. He whispered, “Serene, I’m back. Aren’t you happy?”

Although she knew that this man was not Jackie, Serene did not struggle. She nestled in his arms and said, “I am not unhappy. I am just afraid that I will be happy too quickly. This whole year, I have had more than a hundred dreams like this. Every time I wake up, you will disappear.”

She raised her head from his arms and stared at him

lovingly. “Can I touch your face? I need to know that you are real.”

The man nodded, he took the initiative to hold Serene’s hand and let her touch his cheek. “Serene, can you feel it? I am really back.”

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