My husband warm the Bed- 892

It was Jackie Leves’ voice.

However, there was more deliberation in his voice, and he lacked the affection he should have.

This face was almost identical to that of Jackie’s original face. Serene Silas stared at him for a long time, but she couldn’t see anything different.

She pinched him hard twice and also rubbed his face, leaving red marks as she did so, but she found no trace of plastic surgery


Before Serene could understand what was going on with this face that was exactly the same as Jackie’s, she was suddenly dragged away with force.

She fell into another warm embrace, closely followed by a hard slap on the man’s face that looked identical with Jackie’s

The slap was not enough to vent his anger. Jackie raised his hand swiftly to slap the man again, but Serene grabbed his hand tightly as soon as he swung his hand.

She shouted at him, “What are you doing?” Jackie was trembling with anger. “Serene, look carefully. That man can’t be Jackie Leves. He is definitely not the real


How dare she stop him? Was she doubting him again?

Before she came up, she told him that she believed in him. Serene bit her lip and said, “If he is not Jackie Leves, then

are you?”

Jackie was in dismay.

The fact was, it was this impostor who made Serene doubt him. He hugged Serene with one hand and launched his fist with his other hand towards the man again. The man dodged Jackie’s attack and asked, “Serene, who is

this man?”

Serene glanced at Jackie who could go berserk at any time. If she were to say another word that would make him misunderstand, he might go crazy.

Serene knew Jackie’s character very well. If he were to lose his mind, the consequences would be unimaginable.

She looked at the impostor opposite her again. It was obvious that the man was testing her to see if she had really believed that he was Jackie.

This man was obviously not Jackie, but he purposefully pretended to be Jackie. He definitely had an ulterior motive. Perhaps the mastermind behind all this was the one who exterminated the Leaves family.

The people who wiped out the Leaves family were also the people who ruined Jackie’s face. The same people who caused Jackie and her to be separated for more than a year, she needed to find out who they were.

In the past, she had no way to do that and no clues. Now, such a big clue had presented itself to her, why wouldn’t she seize the chance and continue to investigate.

Because Serene wanted to know who was behind this, she pretended to believe that the man who had the same face as Jackie was the real Jackie.

The most urgent thing now was to appease Jackie and let him know her thoughts. But she couldn’t tell him verbally…

She raised her head and looked at him, just in time to meet his eyes. She quickly winked at him to reassure him.

“It doesn’t matter who he is. What matters is that you are back.” This was Serene’s answer to the two men.

As soon as she said that, she heard Jackie inhale sharply. His body trembled with fury. “Serene, you..”

Serene was also angry. “What about me?”

Jackie you stupid man!

She had hinted him via eye contact, but he didn’t understand

her hint How could he be so stupid?

What if their children inherited his genes in the future, would

they be as stupid as him?

Although she was despising him for being stupid, he was the one she liked. She couldn’t leave him just because he was stupid. She discreetly pinched him again.

This time, if Jackie, this stupid man, still didn’t understand

what she meant,

she swore that she would get angry.

Fortunately, Jackie was not as stupid as she thought. He seemed to understand her intentions after she discreetly

pinched him. Jackie was furious, which made the man opposite them was very happy. Although he didn’t smile, but Serene caught the glint in his eyes.

He said, “Serene, come here, let’s go.”

Serene nodded and looked at Jackie again, hoping that

Jackie would understand her and let her go. However, Jackie did not do what she expected. He held her head and

kissed her fiercely.

“Mm…” Serene felt a strong urge to kick this man, but she couldn’t bear to hurt him. She could only let him hold her and continue to kiss her.

After kissing her fiercely, Jackie touched his moist lips and smiled smugly. “Serene, I’m very satisfied with your performance today.”

Serene was so angry she rolled her eyes. This stupid man,

what he did would ruin her plan.

Jackie ignored her contemptuous look, he was in a good mood. “Since you know that this man is an impostor, i’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Serene was so furious she was almost out of breath. “You..”

He really was stupid!

Really stupid!

Hopelessly stupid!

“Look, the impostor’s face has darkened. He had already realized from Jackie’s words that they knew about his false

identity,” Serene complained in her heart.

Serene was so angry that she raised her foot and stepped hard on Jackie’s foot. She needed to teach this stupid man a lesson.

Jackie added, “Serene, I’m a man.”

Of course she knew that he was a man, she had never doubted his ability. Why did he emphasize that he was a man at this moment?

Jackie said again, “Serene, you are a woman.”

Of course she knew that she was a woman. She also had what a woman should have, plus her assets were more eye

catching. She had never doubted her gender.

Jackie looked at her and asked, “Do you know?”

Serene raised her hands and surrendered. “I don’t know. Please enlighten me!”

Jackie coughed and said in a serious manner, “I am a man, and you are my woman Now that this impostor has pretended to be me, how can I hide behind you and let you protect me? Silly woman, listen to me, from now on, stand behind me and let me protect you.”

Jackie was the one who came out with the idea to let Serene pretend to believe the impostor and play along with them to get into the enemy’s base. This method was an easier way to expose the mastermind behind the scenes.

However, using this method would put her life on the line at any time. The risk was greater.

He would rather spend ten years to find out the person behind the scenes than let her take the risk. Even if it would only take ten days to expose the mastermind if she risked herself.

Jackie asked again, “Do you know now?”

The most romantic words in the world might not be “I love you”, but instead “I am here, and I will protect you. Leave it all to me”.

Serene nodded. She was obviously very happy inside, but she couldn’t help crying. “You, how can you say something

like this right now?” She wanted to help him. She wanted to expose the mastermind as soon as possible through this impostor. But

she didn’t expect this silly man to disrupt her plan. “Silly woman, don’t cry now! Save some strength, you can go home and have a good cry!” Jackie hugged her and turned to leave, completely ignoring the man who looked exactly like how he used to be.

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