My husband warm the Bed- 893

“Serene.” The man turned sideways to block their way. “It’s only been a year. Have you forgotten the promise between us?”

“Shut your f*cking mouth!” Upon hearing another man calling Serene Silas’ name so intimately, Jackie Leves really wanted to kick the man into the air if he could.

He protected Serene under his wing like an old hen protecting its little chick, preventing the impostor from getting close to her.

The man ignored Jackie and said to Serene, “Serene, I don’t know who this man is and I don’t know what he is talking about. I only know that no matter how long it has been, you are still in my heart.”

Since he was here to be Jackie’s impostor, of course, he would not give up their plan easily just because a man was here to ruin it.

A year ago, the Leves family was exterminated, and Jackie’s life and death were unknown. At that time, he knew that he would have a chance to replace Jackie.

Not a lot of people knew of his existence after he had lived in the dark for more than 20 years. In fact, to the Leves family, he was just Jackie’s shadow, and he could only live under Jackie’s shadow.

He was also a human being, and he also had the blood of the Leves Family. Because he was born two minutes later than Jackie, his fate was completely different from that of Jackie.

Jackie came to this world two minutes earlier than him.

Within that mere two minutes, he was the pride of the family, the successor of the Leaves family, and the hope of the Leaves Family.

What about him?

He didn’t even have a name of his own. He was just Jackie’s shadow, his substitute

When Jackie was alive, he could only live in the dark and could never appear in the world of light.

If something happened to Jackie, he would have the chance to walk out of the dark and continue to live as Jackie. He took away Jackie’s identity, occupying everything that originally belonged to Jackie, including his work and his


Because he was just a substitute, he couldn’t have his own thoughts, let alone his own life. The education he received ever since he was a child was to imitate everything about Jackie.

He must like what Jackie liked; hate what Jackie hated: whether it was food or women, he must love what Jackie loved.

Having lived for more than 20 years, but never had he lived his own life. He would wake up at the same time as Jackie every single day and repeated everything that he had done.

Since many years ago, he had always wanted to get rid of Jackie. Only by doing that, he could use Jackie’s identity to start a new life.

He wanted to replace Jackie.

However, it never occurred to him that the opportunity would come so soon. When he was not fully prepared, the Leaves Family was exterminated and Jackie had disappeared.

He was excited, he was happy. He felt that he could finally get out of the dark and finally live the life he wanted.

However, he was too naive.

He had been imitating Jackie for more than 20 years. Once Jackie was not there for him to imitate, he did not know how to continue on with his own life.

Just when he didn’t know how to replace Jackie and to continue walking on this path, someone found him. That person knew him more clearly than he did.

That man promised him that he could continue to live as

Jackie, but he had to wait for a year. He had been waiting for more than 20 years, he wouldn’t mind waiting for another year, so he agreed to that man’s

request and lived in the dark for another year.

A few days ago, the man finally reached out to him again and asked him to look for Serene using Jackie’s identity…

He knew that Serene was the woman that Jackie loved. He was Jackie’s shadow, so he must love what Jackie loved, and like what Jackie liked, so Serene had unconsciously occupied his whole heart.

He didn’t know whether it was because of Jackie or the fact that Serene was a woman who could really make a man fall for her. Anyway, she touched his heart. He knew clearly that he wanted that woman, and he wanted to make her his own. He wanted her to be his real woman.

So he came.

Without giving Serene a chance to speak, he said, “The Leaves family was killed, and I was seriously injured. I laid in bed for more than half a year before I could get out of bed to walk.. When I could walk, I came to you immediately. I

didn’t expect that you wouldn’t be willing to reconcile with


What he told Serene was similar to what the real Jackie had experienced for the past year, which shocked Serene greatly. Was Jackie’s life in the past year under their surveillance too?

Thinking about those people that were watching Jackie in the dark, it was very likely that they would do anything to harm Jackie again.

Serene held Jackie’s hand tightly and her heart trembled with worry. “I won’t let anything happen to you again. I won’t let those people have the opportunity to hurt you again.” Jackie smiled and pinched the tip of her little nose, saying, “Little fool, I don’t need you to protect me. I’ll protect you

from now on.”

She was so weak as if a gust of wind could blow her off, but she held his hand so tightly and wanted to stand in front of him to protect him.

This silly woman, her love for him was so obvious and

undisguised, but he previously had suspected that she was

the accomplice of the Leaves family’s murder because of

some indefinite evidence.

The man said a lot, but Serene didn’t seem to have listened to a single word. His eyes darkened, and he said, “Serene, thought our love could last forever, but I didn’t expect that you would fall for someone else so soon.”

With the information he on hand, there was no other man around Serene. She had never forgotten Jackie and did not fall in love with any other man.

As long as Serene was still obsessed with Jackie and had not fallen for another person, she would be defenseless

against the face which he had, which was exactly the same as Jackie’s.

He had a face that was exactly the same as Jackie’s. With this, he should be able to defeat all the opponents who wanted to pursue Serene in seconds. However, he had never expected that Serene would be

accompanied by a man, and he could see that Serene was in

love with this man. After listening to the man’s words, Serene smiled and said,

“Let me tell you something. My love for Jackie will never change.” Upon hearing her confession, Jackie grasped her hand and

looked at the guy in front of him with a provocative look in

his eyes. “Kid, even if you have a face like Jackie’s, it’s

useless. My Serene is not a fool. You can never deceive


If it weren’t for this familiar face or the fact that this face belonged to him, Jackie really wanted to give that guy a good slap and make that guy stop thinking about his woman.

Jackie clapped his hands and said, “Come out, all of you. Bring this man back.”

Nathaniel Cooper’s men had arrived. If he let his men take this guy back and interrogate him, he would surely find out on many more interesting things.

What about him?

Of course, he would take his woman home and do what he wanted to do.

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