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When coming here earlier, they felt the journey didn’t take long to reach the destination.

But the journey back home seemed to take forever,

Jackie Leves accelerated the car several times, but it still felt like it was not fast enough.

He wished that his car could grow a pair of wings and fly home in an instant, so that he could hold Serene Silas in his

arms and do what he had wanted to do. The distance to home was getting closer. At the thought that he could soon hold Serene in his arms and do what he

had wanted to do, the blood in Jackie’s body began to boil,

his desire rose

He could already see his front gate ahead. Jackie once

again sped up and rushed forward. With a sudden brake, the car stopped at the front door. He unbuckled his seat belt and dashed out of the car. He couldn’t wait to take Serene home. “Serene, hurry up, I can’t

wait any longer.” Serene blushed coyly. What on earth was this man thinking


Jackie couldn’t be bothered so much and stretched out his hand to carry her.

Ring –

A piercing ring from the phone interrupted Jackie’s actions. He took out his phone with a dark face and answered, “What’s the matter?”

Nathaniel Cooper was really his good brother. The phone

call was neither too early nor too late but came in as soon as he arrived home. He was definitely doing this on purpose.

Jackie answered the call because it was Nathaniel on the line. If it were another person, not only would Jackie ignore the call, he might even smash his phone.

“I found out about something and I need to discuss it with you. Please come over, Nathaniel’s voice sounded


“What is it, just talk through the phone, I don’t have time now.” Jackie stared at Serene, his body growing impatient as his desire intensified. How would he have the mood to see Nathaniel?

“It’s very important. You have to come over and discuss it.” After saying this, Nathaniel hung up decisively.

Jackie was so angry that he wanted to smash the phone. Nathaniel, you’re doing this on purpose!” Serene stopped him in time. “Jackie, I think for Nathaniel to call and ask you to go over, he must have something

important to tell you. You’d better go first.”

Serene knew what he wanted to do, but they had many opportunities in the future. It was better to settle other things first

Jackie stared at her as if he was going to devour her. “Don’t call him by his name anymore. It feels intimate and I don’t like it. You should be addressing him as Mr. President!”

Serene said, “Okay, I’ll listen to you. If you don’t want me to, then I won’t.”

This man was really childish.

She didn’t need to argue with him.

Jackie added, “I don’t want to see him.”

Serene really had no way to deal with this man’s occasional

tantrums. She shook her head helplessly and said, “You go first. Get those things done. I promise to do whatever you want after that.”

Jackie smiled wickedly and said, “Serene, you said it yourself. Don’t go back on your words when the time


Seeing the wicked smile on Jackie’s face, Serene suddenly regretted it. She wanted to say something, but Jackie cut her off before she could. “That’s a deal. I’m going now. I’ll be back, wait for me at home.”

Serene wanted to go back on her words, but after thinking

for a while, she didn’t say anything. The worst thing that could happen was for him to make love to her. It was not like he hadn’t done it before. It was not a big deal.

When Jackie returned, he not only subdued Serene but also

asked for other special services. She was so exhausted, she really regretted agreeing to it. However, Jackie would never give her a chance to regret her


“Brother Lionel, is something wrong?” After hanging up the phone, Nathaniel did not speak. His face was gloomy. Karen Joy Kyle guessed that something had to have happened. Hearing Karen Joy’s voice, Nathaniel looked up at her, his face began to relax significantly. “Karen, come here.

“Brother Lionel, what’s the matter?” Karen Joy walked over to him. As soon as she reached him, he pulled her into his arms and held her in an embrace.

Nathaniel buried his head in her neck and sniffed. He

murmured her name over and over again in a low voice, “Karen, Karen.”

Hearing him call her like this, Karen Joy felt a little uneasy.

“Brother Lionel, what happened? Please don’t scare me.” He hugged her and rubbed her head. “Nothing. I just want to

hug you like this.”

No matter how busy he was or how tired he was, every time he hugged her, all his exhaustion would dissipate in an instant, as if she had a magical effect on him.

Karen Joy also hugged him. “If you feel better holding me like this, then hold me as long as you need.”

Nathaniel opened his mouth and bit her ear. “My silly girl.”

Karen Joy pouted and said, “I’m not silly.”

Nathaniel smiled and said, “Not silly?’

Karen Joy put her face on his face and rubbed it like a cat asking for love. “I’m not silly. Brother Lionel is.”

Hearing her soft voice, Nathaniel’s heart softened. He could not help but hold her head and kiss her passionately.

The two of them were so engrossed with the kiss that they didn’t even notice that someone had entered the house and stood there for a long time.


After waiting for a long time, Nathaniel still hadn’t realized he was there. Jackie coughed loudly to make Nathaniel notice him.

Nathaniel had called him over to discuss matters, preventing him from making out with his woman. However, Nathaniel was here with his woman in his arms.

What an eyesore.

Hearing the cough, Karen Joy quickly escaped from

Nathaniel’s arms and said with a red face, “Brother Lionel, you guys go ahead. I’ll wait for you next door.”

She knew that Brother Lionel had something to discuss with Jackie, so she decided to leave.

As soon as Karen Joy left, Nathaniel’s face instantly darkened. He handed a document to Jackie and said, “I received news from my people not long ago. Please have a


“What?” Jackie asked, but he proceeded to pick up the document and started flipping it

“The information about your impostor and some clues about the person behind the scenes” Nathaniel said.

The snow continued to fall.

Everything the eyes could see was white, there were

no traces of other colors.

Karen Joy sat by the window and watched the snowflakes drifting all over the sky. Her mind started to wander.

What on earth were Brother Lionel and Jackie discussing

about? Was it really necessary to talk for such a long time?

She waited for an hour, two hours, then three hours… But they were still talking, as if he had forgotten about her. She knew that Brother Lionel had a lot of things to do, and she also understood his situation, so she tried not to create trouble for him. But she was bored having to wait for so



Karen Joy sighed and retracted her gaze.

She couldn’t spend her days like this anymore. She had to find something to do so that she wouldn’t overthink.

But what could she do?

The last time, she could serve as a volunteer with Yaya and the others, or she could go hiking with them..

Now the others were all preparing for their graduation the next year. All of them had gone for their internships with some companies. Karen Joy was the only one left and she could not do anything.

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