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Just as Karen Joy Kyle was lost in her thoughts, her phone rang

She looked sideways and found that it was Samantha

Lesley calling

She answered and said feebly. “Samantha, what’s the matter?” Samantha was all fired up and her excited voice came from the phone. “Karen Joy, do you still remember what I told you last time?”

“What did you tell me?” Karen Joy did not have any impression of what Samantha had told her at all.

“Have you forgotten?” Samantha sounded disappointed. “Samantha, please tell me again.” Although she wasn’t talking face to face with Samantha, Karen Joy still felt a little embarrassed for she had forgotten what Samantha had said.

Samantha said, “Last time, I asked you to accompany me to my friend’s newly opened club to show support for my friend. You have promised me.” “Oh, okay! Anyway, I have nothing scheduled these few days. Call me when you want to go.” Karen Joy was still

worrying about having nothing to do, when Samantha

brought this up.

When Karen Joy agreed without hesitation, Samantha resumed her happy tone and said, “Karen Joy, let’s go tomorrow then. Brother Nathanael is going abroad tomorrow,

so he definitely doesn’t have time for you, we can go out and have fun together.”

Karen Joy asked immediately, “Brother Lionel is going abroad?”

Brother Lionel was going abroad again. Why hadn’t she heard any news about this?

“Karen Joy, didn’t Brother Nathaniel tell you about it?” Samantha was silent for a moment and then she said, “I only saw my brother asking someone to help him pack his luggage. I thought he was going abroad with Brother Nathaniel. If Brother Nathaniel didn’t tell you about this, maybe I made a mistake.”

The more Samantha explained, the more upset Karen Joy

felt. Even the others thought that Nathaniel should tell her in

advance about going abroad. But he did not tell her. “Karen Joy, are you all right?” When Samantha didn’t hear Karen Joy’s answer, she asked her repetitively, “Karen Joy. Karen Joy..”

“I’m fine,” Karen Joy smiled.

Brother Lionel was busy every day. He had to deal with official business and personal affairs. Many times, he would need his secretary to remind him about a lot of things. It was not surprising for him to forget to tell her about his trip.

She should wait a little longer. If Brother Lionel was going abroad for a visit, he would definitely tell her in advance. As soon as she ended the call with Samantha, Brother

Lionel came to her and said, “Karen.”

She turned around and smiled at him. “Brother Lionel, you’re done with your work?”

“There is still a bit of things to manage.” Nathaniel looked at her apologetically. “It’s getting late. I’ll have dinner with you


Although he was extremely busy, he still wanted to make time to accompany her for dinner. The slight discontent she had just now disappeared in an instant.

Karen Joy hugged Nathaniel’s arm and said with a smile, “Brother Lionel, you have dinner with me, I’ll accompany you while you work overtime later.”

Nathaniel tapped on her head and said, “Okay.”

Because of the incident two days ago, Nathaniel was very concerned about Karen Joy’s mood. No matter how busy he was, he would try his best to find time to accompany her for meals,

He only needed to spend an hour with her for meals every

day, and she would be extremely happy. This girl was so easy to please

“Brother Lionel, do you have anything else to tell me?” Karen Joy asked him while on the way to the dining hall. “Hmm? What thing?” Nathaniel lowered his head slightly When he saw her beautiful fan- like eyelashes, he inadvertently lowered his head and kissed her. “What do you

want to hear?”

“Don’t you have anything to tell me?” Karen Joy asked while secretly reminding herself that if Brother Lionel didn’t tell her, then he had definitely forgotten about it himself.

Nathaniel thought for a moment and said, “My girl, do you want me to say affectionate words such as “I like you” every


He was a grown man, and he was not good at flirting. It was already a breakthrough for him to say it once in a while.

He really couldn’t do it if she wanted him to say it every day.

“Brother Lionel, did you really forget what you want to say to me?” She had reminded him forthrightly, yet Brother Lionel still couldn’t remember. This showed how busy he was all day long. Poor Brother Lionel

Seeing Karen Joy’s earnest face, Nathaniel thought about it seriously. After thinking for a while, he finally remembered that he was going abroad.

He originally planned to inform Karen Joy about the trip in the afternoon. Later, Jackie called him to ask for support, and after that he got some new information. So he had unintentionally left this matter behind

These days, he had been busy trying to expose the mastermind behind the scenes and neglecting this girl beside him.

Yet this girl was young but very understanding. She would not argue with him nor throw tantrums at him. She was so sensible that his heart ached

He rubbed her head and said apologetically, “Karen, I’m going abroad for a visit for a few days. I have to leave early tomorrow morning.”

After confirming that Brother Lionel was going abroad for a visit, and that she would not be able to see him for a few days, Karen Joy felt a little lost, yet she put on a smile and said, “Brother Lionel, you go ahead, I will be waiting for you at home.”

Waiting for him at home.

These were the words he yearned to hear since he was a

child, but no one had ever said this to him. His mother loved him, but her love was more on the desire

for power over kinship.

He was his mother’s own child, and also a tool for his

mother to pursue power. Since he was child, his mother had taught him to work hard

to become the next president. As for family affection, he had learned almost nothing from his mother.

And his father?

Since he was young, Nathaniel was rather unfamiliar with

the word “father”. His father and his ex-wife had two sons. He was the child of

his father’s second wife. His father’s feelings for him were very conflicted, and so was his feelings towards his father. His father was the former Mr. President. He was busy with work and social engagements every day, so it was difficult for the whole family to get together even for a meal.

In Nathaniel’s memory, he had only dined with his father no

more than five times.

He had always thought that his father was so busy that it was extremely difficult for him to accompany his wife and child for a meal. It was not until he became the President of Country A, that

Nathaniel knew that no matter how busy this job was, he

could still squeeze out the time for a family meal if he was

willing to do so.

Nathaniel had always felt that his relationship with his

father was not like father and son. His father had treated him worse than he would treat a stranger. Nathaniel’s deepest impression of his father was the way his father looked at him. It was completely different from

the way he looked at his two older brothers. In the past, Nathaniel even had the idea that he was not his father’s child.

It was ridiculous to just think of it.

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