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Nathaniel Cooper shook his head sadly. It was not his fault that he had such a ridiculous idea.

He succeeded in becoming the President of Country A. In

the past, many who opposed him knew that the situation was irreversible, so they congratulated him nevertheless, However, only his father, the former president, did not express any opinion.

His father was the former president, and he was going to take over as the new president. There should be a positive hand-over ceremony between them.

The former president should personally hand over his power to the new president. This process would affirm that the power of the new president was legal and blessed,

However, on the day when the new president was officially appointed, the former president did not appear with the excuse of being seriously ill and bedridden.

He won the election and the inauguration ceremony was held. All these felt like Nathaniel was doing a one man show. How could people not gossip about it?

The man at the top position, who should ensure a smooth handover of the position to Nathaniel, never appeared. Nathaniel had been in office for two or three months already, but the man was still using the same excuse of being sick and did not say a word for him in the public.

Because the former president didn’t appear even once, so when the new president, Nathaniel took the office, his path was extremely hard and difficult. Each step he took was restrained.

However, Nathaniel was good at assigning people to their jobs. He was very politically savvy, therefore he was able to slowly suppress the opposing voices.

The voices that were against Nathaniel being the President had been eliminated. What was left now was the mastermind behind the scenes. As soon as the person was exposed, everything would be easy to deal with.

“Brother Lionel, what’s the matter with you?” Karen Joy Kyle’s soft voice pulled Nathaniel’s thoughts back. He looked at her and smiled. “I was thinking of the gift

I should get you when I come back.”

He didn’t mean to lie to her. But he didn’t want her to worry so much about him, especially of the negative things related

to him.

Karen Joy snuggled in his palms and said, “Brother Lionel, you don’t have to bring me any gifts, just come back to me

safely.” She was born in the Kyle family. As Kevin Kyle’s daughter, she always had whatever she wanted since she was a child, her father would shower her with all kinds of treasures from

time to time even if she didn’t ask for anything.

Karen Joy had seen all kinds of rare gifts. To her, the most precious gift was for Brother Lionel to return to her safely. “Silly girl.” Nathaniel couldn’t help kissing her forehead. Why couldn’t this girl be more selfish?

After dinner, Nathaniel had to handle a few more


He sat at the desk and focused on reading the documents in his hand. From time to time, he would draw a few lines with his pen to highlight the key points or areas which he had


Karen Joy, who was sitting beside him, held her head with both hands and was also focused on watching her Brother Lionel. Her Brother Lionel was really handsome when he was working seriously.

He was wearing a form fitting custom-made suit, which

gave him a hint of elegance, but at the same time, the temperament of a politician’s resoluteness.

Fortunately, not every girl could see Brother Lionel work. Otherwise, her Brother Lionel would be surrounded by

fangirls all day

While staring at Brother Lionel’s handsome face, Karen Joy began to conjure up dirty thoughts in her mind… Ah, ah, that was so embarrassing.

She raised her hand and patted her blushing face and muttered in her heart, “Karen oh Karen, what are you thinking about all day long?”

She would often say that she was a pure and innocent child. How could she think of something like this? If Brother Lionel knew about it, he would definitely think that she was

a lustful girl.

However, the more Karen Joy tried to restrain her imagination from running wild, the more active her brain became. All that she thought about were things that Brother Lionel had not done to her yet…

Brother Lionel held her and kissed her unscrupulously. His

kiss became more vigorous. His hands nimbly slipped under

her clothes, bringing her to another world which she had

never experienced before. In an instant, Karen Joy felt as if her body was on fire, she was burning with desire…

Finally, after he finished reading the documents, Nathaniel raised his hand and rubbed between his eyebrows. Then, he slowly looked up and said, “Karen..”

The moment he looked up, he saw Karen Joy’s flushing face. “Karen, are you not feeling well?”

Nathaniel thought she had a cold or a fever, so he quickly got up and came to her side. He held her in his arms and

touched her forehead.

Her forehead was red and hot, it burnt his hand. He panicked and said, “Karen, I’ll call the doctor right away. Don’t be afraid.”

“Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy put her hands around Nathaniel and rubbed her mature woman’s body against his chest. “Brother Lionel, I’m not sick. I don’t need a doctor. I want


She didn’t want to wait any longer. She wanted Brother Lionel. She wanted him to take her to the mysterious, unknown world.

She wanted to give herself completely to Brother Lionel. She didn’t want to just be his girl, she wanted to be his woman, for the rest of his life.

Brother Lionel would definitely agree to her request!

Hearing Karen Joy’s words, Nathaniel’s body shook. He was so excited that his Adam’s apple bobbed a few times, and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Karen, do you know what you’re talking about?”

Karen Joy hugged him and touched him all over with her delicate hands. “Of course I know what I’m talking about. I am clear minded the whole time.”

Nathaniel’s eyes deepened, and his body began to react. Would Nathaniel want to devour this attractive girl in front of


The answer was, yes! He really wanted to, for a long long


His body’s reaction was the best answer However, this was not the right time. Before he gave Karen a formal identity, before he could let Karen stand beside him in the public.

He couldn’t!

Since he loved this girl, he had to cherish her.

He couldn’t let her become his woman for no reason, and he couldn’t let her suffer any grievances with him.

“Brother Lionel, don’t, don’t you want me?” Karen Joy didn’t get Nathaniel’s response after a long while. She raised her head and blinked her beautiful eyes, looking at him innocently and pitifully.

She had plucked up all her courage to voice out her desire for Brother Lionel but she didn’t expect his inaction. She was so embarrassed that she didn’t know where to put her hands.

“Karen, it’s not that I don’t want to, but we still can’t do it now.” Nathaniel looked away. If he were to look at her for

another second, he might lose his rationale. “I understand.” She took the initiative to bring up the topic, but Brother Lionel didn’t agree. How could she bear with that?

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

Nathaniel added, “It’s getting late. I’ll send you back first.”

Karen Joy did not look at him and nodded. “Okay.”

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