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On the way back to Karen Joy Kyle’s place.

Karen Joy looked out of the window, while Nathaniel Cooper looked at Karen Joy. Both of them just looked in silence, and neither of them opened their mouths to break the silence.

The car drove all the way to Moon Bay. Nathaniel then pulled Karen Joy into his arms and rubbed her face. “Karen,

please give me a little more time.” “Brother Lionel, you don’t have to say anything else. No matter how long it takes, I’m willing to wait.” She wasn’t blaming him when she didn’t speak, she was just a little


Nathaniel said, “Karen..”

“Brother Lionel, you still have to go abroad for the visit tomorrow morning. You should go back early.” Karen Joy squirmed out of his arms, opened the door and got off the car. She waved at him and said, “Brother Lionel, goodbye!”

Seeing her forcing out a smile, Nathaniel’s heart ached again. He followed her out of the car and reached out to hold her, but Karen Joy turned and ran away.

While running, she said, “Brother Lionel, remember to call me when you arrive tomorrow, or I may chase after you and harass you.”

Nathaniel’s outstretched hand caught the emptiness in mid

air, and his heart suddenly felt empty as well. He watched

her enter the elevator until he could no longer see her. Then

he turned back and got back into the car.

When the driver started driving, Nathaniel took out his phone and dialed a number. He said in a cold voice, “Sort

out the information we have now. We must get rid of all

those troublemakers in the shortest time. When I come back, if there is no new progress, you will have to bear the consequences.”

After saying that, Nathaniel ended the call decisively without giving the chance for the other party to reply. Then he threw the phone to the side and pulled at his tie irritably.

Give him some time!

Give him some time!

He always asked Karen Joy to give him more time. Then

why didn’t he work harder to settle his own affairs as soon as possible?

Every time he thought of the grievances that Karen Joy had to suffer all these while when she was with him, Nathaniel really wanted to stab himself.

Jamie, the driver, glanced at Nathaniel who was in the back seat from the rear-view mirror. When he saw Nathaniel’s gloomy face, like an impending storm, he was so terrified that his hands holding the steering wheel shook.

Their President always had a smile on his face. His smile was gentle and elegant and he didn’t look like a harmful person at all.

However, only those who had been working for him all the years, knew how ruthless their president was.


Hearing the arrival of the elevator, Jayden Elias Kyle put out the cigarette butt in his hand immediately and threw it into the trash can. He looked up at Karen Joy, who came out of the elevator, and said, “You’re back!”

“Mm.” Karen Joy responded softly. She didn’t even look at him as she passed him by and walked to her door. Jayden followed Karen Joy quickly.

Karen Joy stood still and turned to look at him. “Jayden, what’s the matter?”

Jayden did not respond. Instead, he grabbed the keys in her

hand and opened her door.

Karen Joy shouted at him, “Jayden, what do you want again?”

Jayden took her into the room and said in a low voice, “Karen Joy, do you know what you are doing all day?” Karen Joy didn’t want to talk, she didn’t want to talk to this nosy person. What she did all day had nothing to do with him.

Jayden slammed the door hard and said, “You were smart since you were a child. At school, you skipped several grades. You’re only 18 years old but had completed studies that only people a decade older than you could. So many people recognized your talent and even offered to hire you with a high salary. We even saved a high ranking position in Rovio for you. But you didn’t choose any of these. You came here just for a man right after your graduation.”

“I’m happy to do so!” Karen Joy retorted. Jayden was such a busybody! Every word he said hit the right spot, making her refutes seem so weak and powerless.

“You’re happy?” Jayden grabbed Karen Joy’s wrist and said

angrily, “You may be happy, but have you ever thought about your family who loves you?”

Karen Joy didn’t say anything,

Karen Joy did not speak, and Jayden’s voice softened. “Karen, to love someone is not to always be around him.

Instead, you need to make yourself more outstanding and

shine even brighter, in order to capture the attention of the person you like. You are very smart, why can’t you figure this out?”

Karen Joy understood Jayden’s words.

But she had no experience in love. No matter how smart she

was, she was a fool in love.

Jayden reached out and rubbed her head. “Karen, come

back to New York, live your intended life. If Nathaniel really loves you, he will definitely come and find you.”

“I’ve said that i’ll wait for him to come back, so i’ll wait for him.” Karen Joy pursed her lips and carefully digested what Jayden had said to her.

As the leader of Rovio, her father was worth billions. His wealth was enough for him to spend several lifetimes. Even so, her mother didn’t choose to be a homemaker and stay at

home. Her mother had always been working hard. She mentioned that her work could help her realize her self-worth and find

her self confidence. In that way, she could be more

confident, standing beside her husband,

If one day her husband lost his job, she could also tell him calmly – Don’t be afraid, he still had her, and she could

support him.

The words that Jayden said to her should be what her mother had always meant to.

Karen Joy suddenly figured it out.

She smiled at Jayden and said, “Thank you, Jayden! I know what I should do now!”

Next, she was very clear about how to go on this journey in life.

The next day.

Early in the morning, Nathaniel set off to the airport under the protection of a group of people, and took the president’s private jet abroad for the scheduled visit. For the President to go abroad for a visit, it was of course a

huge event in the country. There were live broadcasts on all the news channels and Internet platforms of the event. Therefore, even though Karen Joy was at home, she could

watch Brother Lionel’s situation all the way. She knew from the TV that Brother Lionel had arrived at the airport. She knew that he had boarded the plane, and that his plane had taken off…


Karen Joy held her head and let out a long sigh. Brother Lionel had flown away, so was her heart.

She really wanted to be capricious for once and secretly fly to the country where Brother Lionel was visiting…

Thinking of this, another question popped up in Karen Joy’s mind. Why couldn’t she be capricious just once? She just wanted to be closer to Brother Lionel but she would

not disturb his work. She could totally follow her heart just


Besides, the country Brother Lionel was going to only need a visa on arrival. She didn’t need to go through the tedious process to apply for a visa. All she needed to do was to buy a ticket and fly over to find him.

Karen Joy had always been action-oriented. After having this idea in her mind, she immediately picked up her phone and was ready to buy a ticket to go after Brother Lionel.

However, as soon as she picked up her phone, Karen Joy

gave up this idea.

She had already thought it over last night. She needed to have her own career, to make herself more outstanding, and keep Brother Lionel’s attention on her forever.

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