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As for work, Karen Joy Kyle had thought about it, but the premise was that she wanted to help Brother Lionel out and prepare to be the First Lady in the future.

For example, when there was an earthquake in Long Cove, she rushed to the disaster area to join the rescue team in order to help Brother Lionel get things sorted out.

All this while, she was not a person who would only do things spontaneously. What she learned from her father was that she should always plan things ahead.

No matter what she did, she knew she needed to prepare for the future, so that it would be easier for her then.

After the reconstruction work of the disaster area was

carried out steadily, Karen Joy returned to Coast City. For a

moment, she didn’t have anything else to do, and she was

so bored that she just spent her days thinking a lot. It seemed that it was time for her to plan her future so that she could build a name for herself in this country.

If the citizens knew of her existence and when Brother Lionel announced her identity to the nation, they would know who she was

Then, the citizens would know her and approve of her -‘So it’s her, she is the best candidate to be the First Lady

Karen Joy smiled and thought that she was wise, but she

had been thinking too much recently and messed up her plan.

Karen Joy turned off the flight booking application, and she pressed on Blake White’s number. “Blake, can you do me a favor?”

“Miss, please let me know.” When it came to Karen Joy. Blake always treated her with utmost respect.

“It’s quite cold lately and it’s been snowing. Please send two batches of clothes and food to the disaster area on my behalf so that they wouldn’t suffer.” In Karen Joy’s opinion, the best way to leave a good impression on the people of Country A was to do good deeds.

Blake said, “Director Kevin has ordered us to send them

already, and they were all sent under your name. Those supplies and food should have already arrived at the disaster area.”

“My dad asked you guys to send those already?” Karen Joy was very surprised, but she soon felt that it was normal. Her father had always been like this.

She remembered that all this while, her father had done a lot

of things for her in secret.

If she didn’t think about it, she might never know that her father had done it for her discreetly

“Yes,” Blake said with certainty.

“I see.” Karen Joy hung up the phone and immediately dialed her father’s phone. She had to thank her father for doing so many things for her silently.

[Dad, your phone is ringing. Guess who’s calling?]

Kevin Kyle was reading a document and Karen Daly stood behind him and massaged the pressure points on his head. Suddenly, Karen Joy’s soft voice came from the phone on

the side of the desk.

Hearing his daughter’s voice, Karen stopped what she was doing and smiled at her husband, “Director Kevin, your little lover is calling.”

Kevin put down the document in his hand and he grabbed Karen’s hand hard. He pulled her into his arms and said, “What’s wrong? Are you so petty that you are even jealous of your own daughter?”

Karen rolled her eyes at him and pushed him away. “Who’s jealous of our daughter? Stop fooling around. Hurry up and answer the phone. Don’t let our baby wait for too long.”

Kevin hugged her tightly and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. “Karen, in my heart, you are always my priority.”

Karen just glared at him.

She couldn’t understand him sometimes.

Recently, he would say sentimental things to her from time

to time, and she really couldn’t stand it sometimes.

Was it true that the older a man gets, the better they would get at coaxing their woman?

Kevin let out a subtle smile and asked again, “Do you know

that?” Karen rolled her eyes at him again. “Director Kevin, you really don’t want to answer our daughter’s phone call? If she ignores you later, don’t regret it.”

Kevin insisted, “Do you know what I said just now?” There was no way to deal with this stubborn man. Karen simply nodded and said, “Yes, Director Kevin, I know what you said.

Kevin was still dissatisfied. “You gave me a perfunctory reply.”

Karen tried hard to smile and said, “Mm, Director Kevin, I got it.”

Karen Joy’s phone call was about to be cut off, but Kevin still looked unhappy. “Do you remember what I said to you

just now?”

Karen was taken aback.

For a moment, she really couldn’t remember what Kevin had said to her.

Kevin raised his eyebrows. “Mm?”

Karen Joy’s phone call came in again. Karen was anxious and she couldn’t remember what Kevin had said to her just


Karen put on a flattering smile and said, “Mr. Kyle, why don’t we pick up the call first? What if our baby has something

urgent to tell you?” Kevin said, “She just called Blake. She should have just

found out about the delivery of supplies. It wouldn’t be

anything else, no need to hurry.” Karen took a deep breath.


She knew that his daughter did not have anything urgent at hand so he could just tease her like that?

If she had known that he would always “torture” her for fun, she shouldn’t have massaged him just now.

Since he had been working long hours, he always had a migraine problem. To help him, she had learned ways to massage him through an acupuncturist to relieve the symptoms.

If she had known that he would bully her like this, she would not help him.

Kevin asked again, “You don’t remember?” Karen nodded. “Mm.”

Kevin took her hand and said seriously, “In my heart, you will

always be my priority. Don’t be jealous of your daughter.” Karen retorted, “And why should I be jealous?”

Kevin asked, “Remember what I said?”

Karen reassured him, “I remember. I am the priority in your heart.”

Kevin was quite satisfied with this answer, so he picked up the phone and answered, “Yes, Ka-.”

Karen Joy’s soft voice cut him off, “Dad, I miss you and

mom. Do you guys miss me?”

“We miss you too.” Kevin answered in a casual tone, not

saying too much.

“Dad, how much do you miss me?”

“I miss you very much.”

Since he added a few more words to his usual reply, Karen Joy was satisfied, “Dad, thank you!”

“Why are you thanking me?” Kevin frowned. He didn’t like his precious daughter acting so politely with him.

Karen Joy added, “Dad, I know what you have done for me.

Thank you for being so thoughtful! Thank you for doing so much for me!”

“You are my daughter. Kevin answered again. It was a simple but also the most powerful answer.

Because Karen Joy was their child, she was the fruit of their love, so of course he loved this child a lot.

“But I still have to thank you!” Her father was always like this. He wouldn’t talk much, but he would use practical actions to protect and care for the whole family.

Especially for her, he spoiled her so much that she felt blessed.

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