My Husband Warm the Bed- 899

Kevin Kyle kept quiet.

He really didn’t want his precious daughter to be as polite as a stranger to him, but he didn’t want to argue with her either.

Karen Joy Kyle didn’t know what Kevin was thinking, so she continued, “Dad, I know that you love me and care for me so much that you can’t wait to give me all the best things in the world. But I still hope that you can let me do something by myself so that I can grow strong on my own. What do you think?”

He felt that his daughter was implying that he was nosy, so his face darkened and he looked at Karen Daly discontentedly, as if to say, “Look, your daughter is complaining about me.”

Karen was extremely innocent in this matter! She did give birth to this daughter, but Kevin spoiled her the most. Now that the child said something he was not happy with, how could he blame her?

Karen Joy didn’t know that her father was unhappy and was still making her speech. “Dad, look, if you do everything for me, I would rely on you. What should I do if I can’t rely on you in the future?”

After all, parents would eventually grow old, and they would

be powerless one day. If she couldn’t be independent and

strong enough before that day comes, how could she care

for her parents?

It was good that she knew her father’s love for her. She hoped that he would let her go and do more things by herself, so that she could hold up the sky of her own in the


That was Karen Joy’s opinion, but Kevin thought differently. As a father, he wanted to pave the way for his daughter for her future.

Even if he grew old late, the man that his daughter liked should take over his place and spoil his beloved daughter so that she could continue to be carefree.

He said, “So, you can’t rely on that Cooper kid?” If Nathaniel Cooper couldn’t take care of Karen Joy on his behalf, he would never give his daughter to him.

“Dad, we are talking about us. Don’t bring up Brother Lionel, okay?” Karen Joy just didn’t like him talking about Brother Lionel in such a skeptical tone.

“He may be your Brother Lionel, but I’m still your father, I can’t even question anything him?” Kevin also didn’t like that Karen Joy would always protect Nathaniel.

Karen Joy was so angry that she stomped her feet. “Dad, you are being unreasonable.”

Kevin’s face didn’t look good either. “You’re protecting him,

and you’re still saying that I’m unreasonable?” If he was really unreasonable, he would try his best to kill that Cooper boy! He would never let that man make his

daughter worry at all. “Dad, I won’t fight with you anymore. You guys should go to bed early.” Karen Joy wanted to call her father to thank him, but she didn’t expect that they would argue.

Both of them had a stubborn temper. Once they were were fixed on something, it would be difficult for them to change their views.

Karen Joy was the first to hang up the call, fearing that she

would lose her mind and say things that would hurt her father.

Kevin was so angry that he yelled, “What’s so good about that kid? How can our daughter protect him like this?”

“You don’t like him and don’t think there’s anything good about that kid, but at least he dotes on our daughter. Wasn’t the son-in-law you were looking for just a man that would dote on your daughter?” At this crucial moment, Karen stood

up as a mediator. “Kevin, why can’t you see that?”

“That kid made her suffer so much and she still protects him. Can’t I have my own opinion?” Kevin couldn’t be satisfied with the man his daughter chose to be with. Maybe the problem wasn’t him, but Kevin might find it hard to accept any partner Karen Joy had.

Before his precious daughter had fallen in love, her father

was her favorite man, the most handsome man in her heart, the hero in her mind, but now… that Cooper kid took away his daughter Karen sighed. “If my family were still alive back then, and if

they did not like you and stopped me from being with you,

do you mean I should not put in a good word for you in front

of them?”

Kevin said with confidence, “It would be impossible for them to not like me.”

Karen smiled and said, “You think you are excellent enough, and other people will not look down on you. Lionel is the President of Country A, and he is also a top figure in the country. So why would you look down on him?”

Whenever Kevin was angry, Karen would always reason with him in such a gentle way, slowly putting off the fire in his heart.

Kevin said, “I just don’t like him.”

Karen said helplessly, “Then let’s take our daughter home and ground her. From now on, she is not allowed to be associated with that Cooper kid.”

Kevin was still dissatisfied. “Karen, do you think I’m such an

unreasonable person?”

Karen shrugged her shoulders and said, “Sometimes I really

think you are a little bit.”

Kevin was speechless.

Karen continued, “Since we can’t bear to make our daughter

sad, then let’s support her decision and try to see the good in Nathaniel. We raised her, you should trust her judgment.”

The dissatisfaction Kevin had for Nathaniel was impossible to change it in an instant. However, after hearing Karen’s words, he was willing to try this out and try to see the good in Nathaniel.

He was still a little worried. “I’m just worried that our Karen will be bullied and fooled around with. I’m worried that Cooper will always put his work first and would never prioritize our daughter.”

Karen smiled and said, “Your worries are not unreasonable, but we can’t push him away just because we’re worried. We have to find the good in him together.”

Kevin raised his eyebrows. “Why aren’t you worried at all as a mother?”

Hearing this, Karen was just amused.

How was she not worried about their daughter? She was calmer than Kevin in dealing with this matter.

Through some observation and information she got in the past days, she could find the good in Nathaniel and knew

that he would spoil their daughter like they would. If she didn’t know that Kevin was worried about their

daughter, she would really be mad at him. As they lived together for a long time, when one of them gets impulsive, the other one has to be calm. Otherwise, it would be easy for them to get into a conflict and they could possibly fight

Kevin has a low emotional intelligence and she lived with him for more than ten years. How could she not be clear about that?

At this time, she had to compromise a little more. Karen smiled again and said gently. “You’ve sent someone to keep an eye on that guy. Did he ever do anything to Karen that he should be sorry for?”

Kevin shook his head and said, “Not yet, but it doesn’t mean

that it won’t happen in the future.”

Karen took a deep breath silently. Kevin picked up his phone and dialed a number. He said in a low voice, “The transportation of supplies this time must be announced to the media of Country A. We must let the

Now, this man was really too much!

people of Country A know who is secretly supporting the

disaster area behind the scenes.”

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