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They sent supplies to the disaster area. If they didn’t publicize it no one would know of Karen Joy Kyle’s existence, and what Kevin Kyle did would be in vain.

Kevin was a businessman, and he had a clear purpose in doing things. He would never spend time and money to do something of no benefit.

Karen Joy silently went to the disaster area to take part in the rescue work. Since the media did not write about it, no one knew that she was among the many rescue personnel. After that, Karen Joy went to the disaster area again to

teach for another month. The media didn’t speak about it so no one knew about her work.

If she always did these things in silence and the local citizens did not learn of her work, this was something far from what she wanted to achieve. Therefore, Kevin wanted to take advantage of this matter

and let the media of Country A know about this, so that the

people of Country A would know that such a young girl had

done so many things for them discreetly.

Karen Joy also wanted to publicize her work, but compared

with Kevin, she acted slower because she was still young and inexperienced. Look, even when Karen Joy had pissed Kevin off, he also

thought about his precious daughter a lot. He was very


Now, what Kevin needed to do was to build a reputation for Karen Joy so that more people would know her and recognize her efforts.

Karen Daly was a little worried about this. “Kevin, it’s good that you have thought through all the things for our Karen But after all, we will grow old, and she will be an adult, so she will have to learn to face some things by herself.”

Kevin stood up and pinched her face. Till listen to you on other things, but you have to listen to me on this matter. If I can’t arrange her future for her, I can’t be at ease.”

Karen said, “But…”

Kevin once again blocked Karen’s mouth with the method he often used, so that she could just keep quiet. He was open to speak about other things, but he had made up his mind about Karen Joy’s matter, and he was stubborn about it.

Moon Bay, Coast City, Country A.

After the kidnapping incident previously, Mia Kyle had not

been at ease because the mastermind behind the scenes had not been found yet.

In the past, when they were in Chatterton Town or New York, if anyone were to pull a trick like that, they would already be wiped out instantly.

This time in Coast City, they were almost kidnapped, and there was no clue about the mastermind even after so many


With a fiery temper like Mia’s, how could she not be angry? She stared at Neil Brown and glared at him again and again. He was still playing with the new pistol in his hand and did not pay attention to Mia’s anger at all.

She was so angry that she was going to explode. How could Neil ignore her?!

Mia was so angry that she rushed to Neil and grabbed him

by his collar. “Both of us were almost kidnapped that day, are we going to let it go just like this?”

As long as the crime was not solved, Karen Joy would be likely to experience what happened that day in Country A at any time.

The men Kevin arranged and Nathaniel’s men were all fast

in action. They caught those who wanted to kidnap them, but what about the next time?

What if they were careless and Karen Joy was really


The more Mia thought about it, the more uneasy she became. Therefore, she could only lash it out onto Neil to

vent her anger.

Even with Mia grabbing his collar, Neil looked calm. “Do you think I’ll let it go just like this?”

While speaking, he was still playing with his gun. It seemed that he did not care about this matter at all, but inside, it was different Although the kidnapping did not succeed that day, it was a

very huge thing for the Kyle family and the Brown family.

They would never allow those dangerous forces to come

close to their families.

However, Neil was now in the capital of Country A. Even if he secretly brought some of his people to enter the country, it would be a little inconvenient to do things. Therefore, he needed more time to find out about the people behind the scenes

Mia continued to ask, “Then why don’t you find out who they are?”

Neil put down his pistol, patted Mia’s hand, and patiently explained, “Because it’s not the right time yet, because the

person we are waiting for hasn’t appeared yet.”

It was inconvenient for the Neil’s men to do their work in this country. However, Nathaniel arranged for a group of men to assist Neil. They had already set up the bait, and now all they needed to do was to wait.

Neil believed that this wouldn’t take too long, and naturally, he would reveal himself.

Mia was anxious anyway. “How long do we have to wait?” Neil thought for a moment and said, “Well, when Nathaniel

returns from the visit abroad. It will be soon.”

Mia continued, “You’re not lying to me, are you?” Neil said, “You’re so smart, how would I deceive you?”

Mia smiled and said, “Hm, you sweet talker.” Neil stroked her head sweetly. “Honey, go play with Levi. I have something to do. After that, let’s invite Karen Joy out

for lunch.”

Mia nodded and smiled happily, “Okay.”

On the other side, Levi Brown, who watched the entire conversation between his parents, curled his lips quietly.

His silly mother really didn’t realize that his father didn’t really praise her for being smart, but treated her like a child


However, for a woman to be this silly but still think that she was so smart, it had a lot to do with her husband too.

For she was so pampered and protected! She would

become more and more naive eventually.

Kevin Kyle’s efficiency was not to be underestimated. In just half a day, the headlines of all the major websites in

Coast City of Country A were related to a girl named “Little Jar”.

According to an unofficial news source, since the earthquake in Long Cove two months ago, a girl of a secret identity donated tens of millions of dollars worth of supplies to the disaster area.

Not only that, she also personally rushed to the front to participate in the emergency rescue, and then went on to participate in the reconstruction work and became a

voluntary teacher for a month.

The news on the Internet showed a brief description, and there was no photographic evidence of these things that happened

It was not until an Internet user posted a photo released by a photographer two months ago.

Before this, the person who had taken the photos had already posted these photos before, but because Little Jar had not received any popular attention yet, there were very few people who had noticed her, or that photo.

Now, as soon as the news came up, the photos gained


Once these photos were released, it circulated quickly. The talks about the most beautiful face in the Long Cove incident rode through the Internet quickly. It gained public outreach, and soon, the news occupied the headlines of all major websites.

A message left by Netizen. It said, ‘A beautiful face with a beautiful heart.

Netizen B commented, ‘She did good things without leaving her name. If we didn’t dig this out, we won’t even know that there is a hero hidden among us ordinary people.

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