My Husband Warm the Bed- 901

Kevin Kyle had arranged for people to leave the comments on the Internet. On these news posts, the comments were mostly praises

It was the first time for Karen Joy Kyle to show her face and identity people of Country A. It went perfectly well according to Kevin Kyle’s plan.

Seeing herself appear in the news and finally being exposed to the citizens, Karen Joy was not very happy. Because she knew very well that her father was behind all

of these posts on the internet.

As for the comments on the Internet, the trend of the news would change very quickly. It might be all praises at first, but in the next moment, the praises would die down.

Karen Joy knew that her father did this because he loved her. With his ability, he would not allow any negative news or comments. But she really didn’t want to rely on him for everything. She really wanted to handle this matter by


After all, if she really became the First Lady of Country A one day, her father couldn’t do anything for her anymore. She would have to do everything by herself then.

Ring, ring, ring

The ringing of her phone suddenly startled Karen Joy, who was deep in thought. She immediately sat up straight and reached out for her phone.

The phone call was from Samantha Lesley.

Karen Joy answered, “Hey Samantha.”

Samantha said, “Karen Joy, I’m downstairs. I’ll take you to my friend’s place for a while. Come down quickly. I’ll wait for you.”

Karen Joy nodded and said, “Okay. Wait for me.” Samantha was Karen Joy’s classmate and friend. She was

also the closest friend she had in Country A besides Brother


When she was with Samantha, Karen Joy always acted more casually. She could always be a true self

Whenever she was with Samantha, she could be very carefree. That was why she was very willing to hang around with Samantha, even though Samantha was a very clumsy and muddle-headed little girl!

As she saw Karen Joy walkout, Samantha, who had been waiting for a long time, jumped happily. She even waved to her and said, “Karen Joy, Karen Joy… I’m here.”

“You little girl, why are you jumping? I’m not blind.” Most of the time, Karen Joy would think that Samantha was really a scatterbrain.

“Hehe.. I was just worried that you can’t see me.” Samantha scratched her head and showed her signature silly smile.

Karen Joy walked to her side and held her, “Let’s go.” “Mm, take my car. I asked the driver to drive us.” Samantha walked Karen Joy to her car happily. Karen Joy sat in the car and did not speak. Samantha kept

talking nonetheless, “Karen Joy, I know that you have been to really nice places, but when you go to my friend’s club later, I hope you can say something to encourage him.” Karen Joy glanced at Samantha and said, “Unless that

someone is provoking me, have you ever seen me be hostile with someone I’m not familiar with?”

Interaction with others was a test for emotional intelligence. Karen Joy inherited her father’s high intelligence but she absolutely did not inherit her father’s emotional intelligence. She was a people person and was always friendly and approachable, so many people were happy to be friends with her.

“Hehe..” Samantha scratched her head again and said, “I know you’re smart. You won’t say something bad on an occasion like this, but I’m just a little worried.” Karen Joy also understood Samantha’s concern. She was

Samantha’s plus one for this event, if she said something

unpleasant, it might make things difficult between

Samantha and her friend.

Karen Joy patted her on the shoulder and said, “Silly girl, don’t worry. I am your friend. No matter what, I won’t embarrass you.”

Samantha held Karen Joy in her arms and giggled. “Karen Joy, I knew it! You still love me.”

Karen Joy smiled and pinched her face. “Silly girl, you are my friend. Of course, I love you.”

Samantha was two years older than Karen Joy was, but it felt like Karen Joy was more like her older sister judging from the way they were interacting with each other and their tone of speech.

They were in the car for some time. As she realized that the car was driving into the City Ring Highway towards North City, Karen Joy suddenly felt something was wrong.

She heard from Samantha said that her friends’ club was in South City, but the driver’s direction went completely in the

opposite direction from South City. Karen Joy tried to look at the driver from the rear-view

mirror, but the rear-view mirror was very low, she couldn’t have a good look at the driver.

Karen Joy quietly shook Samantha’s hand and whispered, “Samantha..”

“Karen Joy, what’s wrong?” Samantha sat next to Karen Joy. but she, who had always been oblivious, didn’t seem to notice anything abnormal. She even asked loudly.

It seemed that it was more difficult to have Samantha cooperate with her. After thinking for a while, Karen Joy added, “My bowels a little uncomfortable. I need to go to the bathroom. Can you ask your driver to stop somewhere so I could get down?”

Because of the kidnapping incident last time, these days, Brother Lionel’s protection for her was particularly tight, so not anyone would have the opportunity to approach her. She was also very cautious. She didn’t hitch any rides from strangers, didn’t communicate with strangers, and didn’t go

out alone. She was very cautious, but she forgot that those

bad guys might try to target her friends instead,

Because she wasn’t vigilant with Samantha at all, she would enter any car Samantha asked her to. The men Brother Lionel arranged for her and Blake White might also think the same way, so they might have neglected this risk.

And this driver was probably no longer Samantha’s driver.

Before nantha came to pick her up, her ver might have

been substituted away, but Samantha, who was innocent

and oblivious, did not realize that.

Karen Joy said that to get an opportunity to get away, but Samantha didn’t understand what she meant. She said

stupidly, “Karen Joy, we are on the highway, so we can’t stop yet. Why don’t you hold on for a while and we’ll get off at a rest stop?”

Karen Joy was staring at her and shaking her head silently, This really made her realize that she shouldn’t fear strong opponents, but instead, she needed to fear to have a dummy as a comrade.

The driver Jason Lesley arranged for Samantha must be a driver that he trusted. So this meant that the driver must have worked at the Lesley house for a few years already, but Samantha was so careless that she didn’t even notice that he was replaced in secret.

Samantha didn’t understand her. There was indeed no way

to stop here, so she could only wait and see if she could find

an opportunity to escape in the next rest stop. Karen Joy looked at the sign on the side of the road. There was a rest stop available a few miles ahead. She elbowed Samantha again and said, “Samantha, ask your driver to pull over”

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