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“Uncle Reid, please keep on your right. Let’s go to the rest area.” Samantha Lesley saw the signboard and notified her driver accordingly.

However, the driver did not stop the car as she had instructed. Instead, he drove to the road on his left and sped up

“Uncle Reid, we have an emergency. Please stop the car at

the service area.” Samantha said again, as if she hadn’t found out that the driver might not be her driver anymore. The driver didn’t do as Samantha said. Karen Joy Kyle was

certain that the driver was no longer Samantha’s full-time driver and had long been replaced by someone else.

But who on earth was this person?

Karen Joy did not know.

She also didn’t know what the driver’s purpose was.

However, she was very clear that a person who would drag them away without greeting them must have a purpose.

Samantha apologetically said, “Karen Joy, Uncle Reid could be a little stubborn sometimes. Maybe he doesn’t want to stop the car. I think you might have to hold in it a little longer.” The situation was already like this, but Samantha still hadn’t

noticed anything. Even Karen Joy was already starting to

feel suspicious, was Samantha really silly or was she just

pretending to be so silly?

If Samantha wasn’t her classmate, if she wasn’t someone Brother Lionel had arranged to be by her side, if she didn’t

know how muddle-headed Samantha was… Karen Joy would really think that Samantha was playing

dumb with her. But now it was not the time to find out whether Samantha was playing dumb or not. What they had to do now was to find a way to get themselves out of danger.

Karen Joy quietly clenched her fists, and then reached into her pocket to find her phone. She wanted to make a secret phone call, at least to let her people know that she was under someone else’s controlled.

However, when Karen Joy took out her phone and looked at it, she found that there was no signal on the phone. She thought someone must have tampered the car so that the people in the car wouldn’t get any signal on their phone.

“Damn it!” Karen Joy bit her lip and cursed in her heart. She was already so careful but she still fell into the enemy’s


Brother Lionel had gone abroad for an official visit. If the news spread to him, he would definitely worry about her safety and would make him lose focus on the country’s affairs.

She wanted to be a qualified first lady in the future so the last thing that she would want to do was to disturb Brother Lionel when he was on such an important trip.

Now, she couldn’t get in touch with Blake White, and she didn’t know if Brother Lionel’s men were following her.

If they wasn’t following her then she couldn’t count on them to help her to get out of danger. She could only find her own way.

Karen Joy felt helpless because she had to find her own way out with a subpar teammate like Samantha. For the first

time ever in her life, Karen Joy thought it would be better to be more cautious when she was making friends.

A friend who was smart, with just one gaze, they would already know what you were thinking about this is especially important when it comes to a life or death situation.

The car drove at a high speed and arrived at a place called Bedford Exit. The driver slowed down and exited the highway through the Bedford Exit.

As soon as he got out of the highway toll station, the driver’s phone rang. The driver picked up the phone and answered it. Karen Joy and Samantha did not know what the other party had said, they could see that he was nodding

repeatedly. After hanging up the phone, the driver looked back at Karen Joy and said kindly, “Miss Kyle, our former president wants to see you.”

Before Karen Joy could react, the driver said, “Our former president has no bad intentions against you. As long as you cooperate with us, we will send you back the way we invited you here. We will never hurt you.”

“You… you’re not Uncle Reid. Who are you? Why are you driving our car?” When the man turned his head to face them, only did Samantha realize that her driver had already been swapped.

But the driver and Karen Joy ignored Samantha, and the driver was only looking at Karen Joy.

Of course, it was the best for Karen Joy to cooperate with him. If not, he would forcefully drag her with him to meet the former president anyway.

Although he said “invited”, Karen Joy understood very well

that those people would not give her the chance to choose. She had to go, or she would be ” invited to go.

She was a smart girl. Under a situation where both choices were unfavorable to her, of course she would choose the one that wouldn’t make herself suffer.

After thinking it through, Karen Joy pursed her lips and

smiled gently. “I don’t know your former president. Are you

sure that he wants to see me?”

To be honest, because when she was checking on Brother Lionel’s background, she had accidentally learned something about the former president of Country A, so the former president of Country A had left a very bad impression on Karen Joy.

He was the former president and also Nathaniel’s biological

father. His son had succeeded his position as the president but not only did he not help his son, he even tried to cause trouble for him. A father like this was barely a match for a qualified father.

The driver said again, “Miss Kyle, you may not know our former president, but he has heard of your name long ago and is very curious about you.”

Karen Joy smiled calmly and said, “Since the former president wants to see me, how can I not go and see him, right?”

The driver also smiled and said, “Miss Kyle, you are really a smart girl. No wonder our Third Young Master only thought about you all these years.”

Karen Joy smiled and did not reply which she had indirectly admitted that she was a smart girl herself. It was his good taste that the Third Young Master had fallen in love with her.

Her Brother Lionel indeed had good taste!

These two people were talking one after another. Samantha was confused and said, “Karen Joy, this person is not our driver. I don’t know him.”

This was something that they all knew but Samantha had just said it. No one wanted to reply to this slow reacting idiot.

They didn’t speak. Samantha scratched her head and said,

“Karen Joy, the former president should be Brother Nathaniel’s father. I think it’s not a bad thing for Brother

Nathaniel’s father to see you.”

Just as Samantha was talking, the car drove on a tree-lined

road and the trees were all covered with thick snow. The pristine white snow was sparkling under the sun. It was very glaring yet beautiful.

Samantha began to sigh again, “Wow, I grew up in Coast City, but I never knew that there is such a beautiful place in Coast City.”

Karen Joy was thinking about why the former president had wanted to see her but she couldn’t think of a reason Samantha who kept talking in her ear had made her a little confused with her own thoughts and had no way to think


She turned around and looked at Samantha. Samantha, can you give it a rest for a while?”

This girl, sometimes, was so muddle-headed that she would make people want to hit her with a stick. Someone had to her that the world was not as bea ful as she


Samantha blinked and said, “Karen Joy, you really don’t have to worry, although…

Karen Joy interrupted her. Samantha, please!”

Samantha shut her mouth and looked at Karen Joy quietly, it seemed like she still hadn’t realized what Karen Joy was worried about.

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