My Husband Warm the Bed- 903

The destination was the Manor House. Where did the retired politicians of Country A reside?

The area was filled with greenery. It was very beautiful and the air quality was excellent. It could be seen that the country had indeed spent a lot of money to build a place

that was perfect for retirement and recreation.

As soon as she got out of the car, before Karen Joy Kyle could see the surrounding clearly, a woman, who seemed to be in her fifties, came to her and said, “Miss Kyle, please come with me!”

On the journey to the Manor House, Karen Joy did not think of a way to escape. Now that she had come to someone else’s territory, it would be even more difficult to escape.

Besides, since Brother Lionel’s father wanted to see her, then she should go and see him and treat herself as a guest that they had invited. There was no need to think of a way to

slip away.

Karen Joy adjusted her coat, and then showed her signature bright smile. “Sure, please lead the way.”

Karen Joy was easier to control than she had expected. The middle-aged woman was slightly surprised and then made a gesture to show the way, “Miss Kyle, this way!”

Karen Joy nodded and went on her way.

“Karen Joy, wait for me.” Although Samantha Lesley wasn’t greeted by the woman, she still followed Karen Joy but as soon as she had taken a step she was immediately stopped by someone.

The person who stopped her was the driver who had just

brought them here. He said in a cold voice, “The former president only invited Miss Kyle to meet him.”

In other words, the man meant, “The former president didn’t invite you, so you should be more sensible and don’t be such a nosy person

Samantha touched her head and asked with a face full of

doubts, “The former president watched me grow up. He had

even carried me when I was a child so why can’t I see him?”

Karen Joy turned around and gave Samantha a reassuring smile. “Samantha, I’ll be fine alone. You can wait for me

here.” Samantha scratched her head and said, “Karen Joy, but…” Karen Joy added, “You’ve already said the person who

wants to see me is Nathaniel’s father, so he won’t make

things difficult for me. I have also seen the news about him.

He is surely a kind old man, so don’t worry too much about


Samantha opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but then she didn’t know what to say

Anyway, it didn’t matter whether Samantha said it or not, the result was the same. She was stopped and Karen Joy went alone to see the former president who had invited her to be

his guest.

Walking through a tree-lined path, she arrived at a spacious office. The middle-aged woman knocked on the door but did not get a response. She opened the door and said, “Sir, the person you had aske us to invite is here.”

A middle-aged man stood in front of the large desk in the office. He didn’t raise his head nor did he say anything, but he was focused on his drawing.

The woman turned back and said to Karen Joy, “Miss Kyle,

the Master is not done with his work yet. Please wait for him for a few moments.”

Karen Joy nodded.

The woman smiled and left respectfully, leaving Karen Joy alone in front of the legendary former president

In the past, when Karen Joy was doing some research, she

had come across some photos of the former president. When Karen Joy saw the legendary former president, she

couldn’t help but to sigh. The photo was really a lie, it was

completely different from his real person.

In the photos, he looked very kind and friendly, like a benign elderly man, but in real life, the impression he gave was…

Karen Joy looked at the man who was painting in front of the desk. The white hair on his head was already grizzled, but his face didn’t look as old as she had thought.

He was drawing, but this graceful activity still could not hide the viciousness that was hidden between his eyebrows.

Karen Joy stood there for a long time. Finally, the old man turned his head and stared at Karen Joy with his sharp eyes. He scrutinized her without any hesitation. “Are you the little girl from the Kyle family?”

He looked at Karen Joy with disdain, and through his tone, he did not see Karen Joy as an independent adult.

The little girl of the Kyle family!

There were people who had also said such words to Karen Joy, but the tone that they used would not annoy her. Only

when this Old Mr. Cooper had said it, Karen Joy felt like

beating somebody up.

Karen Joy couldn’t help but to frown, and showed a polite and distant smile. “Mr. Cooper, you’ve asked your men to

invite me here. Did your people invite the wrong person?” “You are indeed the little girl of the Kyle family!” Old Mr.

Cooper said once again. His voice was loud and clear. “You seem younger than you look in your pictures. “You also look different from your pictures.” Karen Joy hated the way he was looking at her, she hated it very much. However, since she had received good education since she

was young, she didn’t show her dissatisfaction on her face.

She was still polite to him.

Even if she hated this man, he was still Brother Lionel’s

father. Sooner or later, she would marry into the Cooper family. By then, they would be each other’s family. In order not to make it difficult for Brother Lionel, Karen Joy was willing to swallow this frustrating feeling.

Since she loved Nathaniel, she would always think of him. As long as it would be useful to him, she would try her best

to do anything to help him. If anything that could cause trouble for him, she would try not to do it so that he could be a good president for the

country and the people.

After staring at her for a long time, Old Mr. Cooper said, “You are only 18 years old. In a few days, Nathaniel will be 30 years old. He’s 12 years older than you. Do you think you two will be able to live happily together with that huge age gap?”

Old Mr. Cooper was very frank and his attitude was

aggressive. Although he didn’t explicitly say that he didn’t

approve of the relationship between Nathaniel and Karen

Joy, his tone was already obvious enough.

He had even forced her to meet him without even informing her, and his words were so aggressive. Karen Joy had been

trying to be patient with him, but she couldn’t bear it


Since she couldn’t bear it any longer, then she didn’t have to endure it.

Karen Joy smiled and said, “Mr. Cooper, may ask you a question? What is your definition of happiness?”

“Little girl, I’ve experienced much more in life than you. Don’t you try to play words with me.” He looked at her with displeasure. “I’ll ask you one more question. Who do you

think is more qualified, you or the girl of the Silas family?” Before Karen Joy could answer, he had already given Karen Joy the answer, “You are definitely not as suitable as the girl of the Silas family. Whether in terms of character or family background. The help that you can offer to Nathaniel is far less than that the girl of Silas family. Why do you think that you have the right to let Nathaniel give up his fiancee and choose you?”

Karen Joy smiled faintly and politely replied, “Mr. Cooper, think you might have misunderstood something. The girl of the Silas family and I cannot be compared to each other at all.”

Because they were a separate individual from each other. Both of them were the best in their respective lovers’ eyes, and they were the most unique and irreplaceable in this world.

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