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If Karen Joy asked Jackie Leves, between Sister Serene and herself, who would be better? Jackie would not hesitate to answer. Of course, his Serene

was better. Because he loved Serene, so he would love everything about

her, so Serene was the most outstanding and the most

unique in his eyes. If Karen Joy asked Brother Lionel the same question Obviously, in Brother Lionel’s eyes, she was the best. No one in this world could replace her.

Serene Silas and Karen Joy Kyle both had people who knew how to appreciate them. There was really no need for any comparison

“Cannot be compared?” Old Mr. Cooper smiled coldly. He threw the brush in his hand on the desk, and said, “Do you think that the girl from the Silas family is not qualified to be compared to you? Little girl, how dare you speak so arrogantly.”

“Mr. Cooper, you know that that was not what I meant. Why would you deliberately distort my words and misunderstand me?” Karen Joy still smiled faintly, “Anyway, there is nobody else here, nobody will hear what we are talking about, you don’t have to beat around the bush.”

He was the typical politician, with a kind and friendly face in front of the people but a vicious face behind closed doors.

For a person who had been fighting for power in the political world, family affection and love almost did not exist in their world. In their lives, there were only political games to strive

for more power

He was very blunt with his words, so there was no need for Karen Joy to pretend and to beat around the bush with him. It was better to let him express his stand then she could go home earlier after handling the matter. Coincidentally, Old Mr. Cooper did not intend to beat around

the bush with Karen Joy too. He said, “I’ve asked my men to bring you here for only one purpose.”

Karen Joy smiled and waited for his subsequent words.

Old Mr. Cooper said, “The girl of the Silas family was engaged with Nathaniel before he took the position as the President. Old Mr. Silas had contributed a lot to Nathaniel’s success in the political world. For him to be President, the Silas family’s support was very important to him.”

As he was at it, Old Mr. Cooper paused deliberately and stared at Karen Joy. He was trying to read her mind through

her facial expressions. However, he had never expected that this little girl could control her facial expressions so well. She was always wearing a smile on her face, so that no one could see through her real thoughts.

Unable to see through Karen Joy, Old Mr. Cooper hesitated for a while, and then said slowly, “Nathaniel breaking off the engagement with his fiancee soon after he has taken office will be very bad for his public image.”

Karen Joy smiled but remained silent.

Old Mr. Cooper continued, “If Nathaniel marries Serene, the Silas family will be of great help to him. If he wants to call off the wedding, the resistance from the Silas family will also be great. If he wants to become a qualified politician, then this engagement must not be annulled.”

Karen Joy nodded with a smile, and he still couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

Looking at Karen Joy’s tender face which had a smile on it the whole time, Old Mr. Cooper sighed and said, “Little girl, to love someone is not to occupy him and destroy him, but to help him fulfill his wishes. Think about it carefully, do you want to see Nathaniel lose everything and to get impeached?”

His aggressive attitude could not scare the little girl, so Old Mr. Cooper’s expression changed, his attitude became a little more humble, as if he was begging her.

To him, a qualified politician could bow down to anyone, and he would be flexible to act according to the circumstances.

Karen Joy smiled and said, “Of course I don’t want to see him lose everything that he has worked hard to gain.”

Upon hearing this answer, Old Mr. Cooper thought that the opportunity had come. He immediately took it and say, “So, do you know what you are doing now is destroying his future?”

Listening this accusation towards her, Karen Joy really felt

wronged. She smiled and said, “Mr. Cooper, I just want to

ask you a question. Do you really know your son? Do you

really know of his abilities?”

Perhaps Old Mr. Cooper understood Brother Lionel, maybe because he knew too well how powerful Brother Lionel was, so he wanted to try his best to constrain him.

But why would he do that?

Karen Joy could not understand. Old Mr. Cooper forced a smile on his face. “He is my son. As

a father, how can I not know of his abilities?” Karen Joy added, “If you really understand him, then you

should know that he has the ability to be the President. He doesn’t need a woman’s help.”

Her Brother Lionel was so outstanding, he definitely would not need to rely on a woman to get to where he was at now. His engagement to Serene was to protect the woman on behalf of his best friend.

The look on Old Mr. Cooper’s face darkened. “Little girl, do

you know that I have countless ways to make you disappear from this world?”

Karen Joy still smiled and said, “I guess if you could get rid of me, you wouldn’t have taken the trouble to invite me all the way here to have a chat with you, am I right? Maybe by now I should already be a dead cold body.”

As soon as Karen Joy’s words came out, Old Mr. Cooper’s face became even more unpleasant.

This damned girl’s brain was really quick and accurate, and what she said was exactly what he was thinking. She was right. If he could get rid of her, he could have sent someone to get rid of her already. Why would he bring her

here to anger himself?

It was not that he was afraid of this little girl, but the influence of the Rovio Corporation Inc that was behind her was too strong. Kevin Kyle, who could shake the whole world with a stomp, was not a person to be trifled with.

Karen Joy added, “Old Mr. Cooper, I can give you an absolute answer. I will definitely stay with Nathaniel and become his wife one day in the future.”

Old Mr. Cooper clenched his fists and said with killing intent in his eyes, “Little girl, don’t say it so soon. You said that you will marry Nathaniel, but will he marry you?”

Karen Joy smiled politely and said, “You don’t need to worry

about this. I believe that his taste should be better than yours and he will know what kind of girl he wants.”

Not only does she have good taste, her Brother Lionel’s taste was even better. When she was younger, Brother Lionel had always doted on her and would always make her think about him all the time.

As he was being extremely angry with Karen Joy, Old Mr. Cooper said, “Little girl, I’d like to see if you can become Nathaniel’s first lady during my lifetime!”

Karen Joy smiled and said, “If you don’t die a sudden death.. I think you should be able to witness it.”

Old Mr. Cooper’s words were harsh, so Karen Joy was not bothered to be polite to him anymore. She had a good family education, but her father had taught her that if someone bullies her, she must pay it back a hundredfold.

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