My Husband Warm the Bed- 906

Karen Joy Kyle did not ask him to stop, so Blake White

forced a smile again.

This time, he smiled as if someone had borrowed a few million dollars from him and didn’t payback. He looked like he was in great pain.

“Alright, stop smiling. Just do whatever you want to do.” It was a good thing that the subordinates were loyal, but they were so loyal that they didn’t know how to be flexible at all. Karen Joy was left speechless.

Blake nodded. “Yes.”

“Let’s go.” Karen Joy took the lead and walked out. Blake followed closely behind her, his nerves were tensed up as

he observed the surroundings. Seeing Blake’s tensed face, Karen Joy sighed and said, “Blake, I am still alive and can see you. That means I will be

fine. Relax a little, don’t be so tensed up.”

Blake said, “Miss, please walk in front of me.”

It was his mission to protect her. Her life was more important than his. He dared not to be careless since he was already careless once today.

“Blake, you really don’t need to be so nervous..” Karen Joy still wanted to say something to comfort the dull-witted Blake, but she had already arrived at where Samantha

Lesley was stopped earlier.

Seeing her coming out, Samantha immediately ran over and said, “Karen Joy, what did Uncle Cooper talk to you about?” “Nothing.” Karen Joy did not intend to tell anyone about

what had happened today, especially the scatterbrain


She guessed that even if she had told Samantha about it, Samantha might not be able to figure out anything out of this matter.

After all, Samantha was also just a spectator who doesn’t

know the truth

Samantha, like the other citizens of Country A, only knew that Serene Silas was the woman that was engaged to Nathaniel Cooper’s before he took office. She did not know the truth of this matter.

Occasionally, Karen Joy could see something different in Samantha’s eyes. It seemed that Samantha had something hidden in her heart but she wasn’t willing to tell her.

In the past, Samantha would tell her everything, but now she was hiding something from her. Karen Joy guessed that it had something to do with Brother Lionel’s fiancee.

Even her friend Samantha couldn’t accept her appearing by Brother Lionel’s side so it was expected that those citizens who didn’t know the truth would not understand them.

“Karen Joy, really? Nothing happened?” Samantha scratched her head, glanced at Blake that was next to Karen Joy, and complained in a low voice, “He came to me and yelled at me. He said that if something happened to you, he would shoot me to death. I was so scared so I thought that something had happened.”

As soon as she finished, Blake’s gloomy eyes stare at her

again, which scared Samantha that she shrank back. She quickly raised her hand and covered her mouth as if she was afraid that Blake would cut off her tongue in anger. Karen Joy patted Samantha on the shoulder and gave her a

reassuring smile. “He yelled at you probably because he didn’t know that the former president wanted to see me.”

Blake was still fairly young, but in Karen Joy’s eyes, he was a very prudent young man. She had never seen Blake lose his cool. He got mad today probably because he was scared. Karen Joy looked at Blake and saw the worry in his eyes that couldn’t be concealed. Her heart suddenly softened. In a foreign country, there was a person who actually cared about her. This feeling was so warm and touching.

“Since he did not know the situation, I shall not fault him then!” Samantha held Karen Joy’s arm and shook it hard. “Karen Joy, since nothing happened, you can continue to accompany me to show my friend some support. I’ve already made an appointment with him. He will be disappointed if I don’t go today.”

Karen Joy could not refuse Samantha. She was about to nod and say yes, but Blake stood up and refused, “Miss Lesley, Miss Kyle still has something to attend to today. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be convenient for her to go with you.”

As soon as Blake spoke, Samantha immediately hid behind

Karen Joy and stretched out half of her head to look at him.

“You are so fierce. Karen Joy had already promised me that

she would accompany me. What right do you have to refuse

me on her behalf? Who do you think you are to her?”

Because she was afraid of Blake, after yelling, Samantha immediately ducked her head and hid behind Karen Joy. She didn’t even dare to peep at Blake.

Karen Joy said, “Samantha, why don’t we go another day?”

She could go there at any time to support her friends. However, what happened today could affect her personal safety so they must attend to it first.

Blake had trailed her the whole time, but he had been shaken off at some point. It took him more than ten minutes to find her specific location.

They had to find out in time how those people had successfully avoided the watch of the people around her and had taken her away. They needed to prevent it from happening again.

Samantha responded with a dejected ‘Okay, and then she lowered her head in a low mood, looking like everyone in the world looked down on her.

Normally, Karen Joy would go with her just because her heart would soften under her persuasion. But today, she was not in the mood. Finding out the vulnerability of her protection was the utmost priority now.

Blake had arranged for someone to send Samantha to her friend’s place, and he drove Karen Joy home personally. Throughout the whole journey, neither of them spoke.

However, not long after, Karen Joy’s phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was from her father. It seemed that he

had received the news that she was taken away

She asked, “Blake, did you inform my father of this?”

Blake nodded and said honestly without trying to hide anything from her, “Yes. Your safety is the top priority for Director Kevin. We cannot delay any information. If there is any unwarranted situation, we will report it to him immediately.”

After Karen Joy learned about the situation, she answered the phone and said in a crisp but sweet voice, “Dad, are you thinking of me again?”

Kevin Kyle remained silent.

Sometimes, Karen Joy was really speechless and helpless

about her father.

He was always so quiet. He would not voice out his thoughts, and would always make them guess. However, she could not guess what he was thinking most of the time. She thought for a moment and decided to take the strike

first. “Dad, it’s just that Uncle Cooper wanted to see me. Why are you guys…”

“Only I can look down on his son. What right does he have to talk to my daughter?” Kevin’s serious voice came from the phone and into Karen Joy’s ears.

Her father was really domineering. Both of them were the children. How could his daughter be more precious than another person’s son?

Just because his daughter was the precious daughter of Rovio?

That person’s son was the President of Country A. As a matter of fact, his social status was not of any lower than them. It was more than enough for the boy to marry his daughter

However, it was impossible for her to tell that to her father.

She had to analyze the situation first and see how much her father knew about today’s incident. Only in this way could she find a solution. She could not let her father have a deeper misunderstanding of Brother Lionel

Judging from her father’s words, he was probably dissatisfied with Old Mr. Cooper’s private conversation with her but he did not know the content of the conversation.

As long as her father did not know of the content of their conversation, she would have a way to calm his anger and not let him worry too much about this matter.

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