My Husband Warm the Bed- 907

As soon she thought of this key point, Karen Joy Kyle was much more relieved.

She cleared her throat and pretended to be relaxed, “My dearest father, is there anything wrong with Uncle Cooper asking me to meet with him?”

She added, “You can talk to Brother Lionel, and you weren’t even very kind to him so why can’t Uncle Cooper talk to me?”

“Moreover, Uncle Cooper is quite friendly and full of praises

for me. Why are you angry then? Or would you be satisfied if

he opposes me to be with his son? Like what you did?”

In order not to let her father to worry, and not to let her father be even more dissatisfied with Brother Lionel, Karen Joy could only lie to her father.

However, just when she finished her words, her dearest father’s first words was like a huge fist punching on her face.

Kevin said seriously, “I don’t think a father who did not even show up for his son’s inauguration ceremony would worry about his son’s personal feelings. Now that he is worried, it proves that he must have another motive.”

Karen Joy, “..”

How could she underestimate her father’s intelligence?

She shouldn’t forget that her father was the leader of the almighty Rovio Corporation Inc. His emotional intelligence was worrying, but only few people could compare to his intelligence.

After the lie was exposed, Karen Joy smiles awkwardly and said, “Dad, no matter what his intention is, he can’t bully your daughter anyway. You can rest assured!”

“Do I have to wait until my daughter is bullied for me to take control?” Kevin always took great precautions whenever it concerned Karen Joy’s safety.

.” Karen Joy was left speechless again, because her dearest father’s words were right.

After a little while, Kevin coughed softly and said in a soft voice, “Karen, l’l ask Blake to follow you closely for now.” Karen Joy pouted and said, “Dad, I am a beautiful girl. Do I have to let him stay with me when I’m sleeping at home?”

Kevin said in a deep voice, “It’s decided, you can’t say no. Blake was the person he chose, and he was absolutely


Karen Joy, “…”

As expected, that was her bossy father.

What could she use in a power struggle with her dearest


After ending the call with Karen Joy, Kevin immediately dialed Neil Brown’s number. As soon as the call was connected, he asked, “Can you stay in Country A for a few more days?”

Upon hearing Kevin’s words, Neil knew that something had happened. He asked, “Did someone mess with our little Karen again?”

Kevin said, “That old fellow. Griffin Cooper, had sent someone to bring little Karen to see him but I don’t know exactly what he had said to her.”

Neil said, “That old man didn’t even care about his son being

the President. Why would he suddenly want to meet Karen?” Although he was asking, Neil was already almost certain that Old Mr. Cooper must had some bad intentions if he suddenly wanted to meet Karen Joy.

Kevin did not answer Neil’s question. Instead, he added

another point that he particularly stressed upon. “The person who was sent by Old Mr. Cooper to take Karen away is quite powerful. He succeeded in bypassing all the people whom I had sent to keep an eye on Karen.”

This was what Kevin was particularly worried about today. The people he had sent should protect Karen Joy at all times, but today they were defeated.

As a father who loved his daughter more than his own life, how could Kevin not worry about Karen Joy’s safety?

Upon hearing this, Neil realized the seriousness of the matter. He could not help but frown and say, “Kevin, since you have mentioned this, I have something to tell you.”

Kevin simply snorted, “Mm.”

Neil thought about the strange things that he had noticed

recently, and then slowly said, “I’ve been staying in Coast

City for a few days now and I noticed that a few forces are

secretly causing trouble in the shadows, and they were all aimed at Nathaniel.” Kevin nodded and said, “When Nathaniel ascended to the position as the President, he had not gained the approval from the former president… because of this, those who

coveted the position of the president are now able to make

a fuss about it.”

Neil added, “Although Nathaniel’s people have removed these fragmented rebel groups, it won’t be long before

another force reassembles and contends against Nathaniel. I’ve always felt that these scattered rebels are controlled by a mysterious force behind them. To eliminate these rebels, it is impossible to get rid of them unless we catch the real mastermind who was controlling everything.”

Kevin said, “I don’t care who is behind this. I only care about

my daughter’s safety. If Nathaniel can’t solve this matter, he

will not only not be able to keep the position as the

President, I will not give my daughter to him either.” Neil understood. “Since you have told me not to meddle in this matter then i’ll leave it to you. I’ll stay in Coast City for a few more days to help you watch over your precious daughter.”

Kevin replied, “Mm.”

Without even a word of thanks, Kevin hung up the phone. Just like before, he had never been polite to this youngest uncle of his.

They both knew each other too well, and Neil would not even be angry with his nephew.

“Did my brother call?” Mia Kyle stuck her head out and

asked as soon as he hung up the phone. “Mm.” Neil nodded and waved to Mia, as if he was calling his pet. “Come here and let me hug you.”

“Our child is almost a grown up. We are an old couple in other people’s eyes. Why do we still have to hug each other?” While saying these unwilling words, Mia’s feet were like a gust of wind. In a blink of an eye, she had arrived in front of Neil and playfully blinked at him.

Neil pulled her into his arms, lowered his head and bit her earlobe gently, which made Mia shrink her neck. “Neil, what on earth are you trying to do?”

Neil took a deep bite of her and slowly raised his head. He stared at Mia who was in his arms with his burning eyes and spat out, “I want to f*ck you!”

Mia, “.”


Really terrible!

How could an old man like Neil say such a shameless thing

at this age?

Never mind that he was being shameless, but more importantly, he looked so sexy while he was saying those words that she couldn’t wait to pounce on him and devour on him.

She obviously wanted to pounce on him, but in order to not let him comment her for being lustful at this age, she had to bear it and pretended to be shy and lowered her head.

Neil reached out his hand to pinch her chin and forced her to raise her head. “Mia, don’t tell me you don’t want it?”

Yes, she did!

She wanted it so much!

However, she still wanted to be reserved for once. If this guy really knew her, he would immediately pounce on

her. There was no need to ask whether she was willing or not.

“You’re not talking, does that mean you don’t want it?” Neil smirked and said with a nasty look in his eyes.

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