My Husband Warm the Bed- 909

Serene Silas smiled shyly. “No, I won’t.” Jackie Leves pinched her face and looked at her with


frown on his face. “You won’t? If I hadn’t helped you, your clothes might have been stained by the sauce already.”

His words seemed like he was disgusted by her messy eating, but in actual fact, they were words of love.

Serene’s face reddened with embarrassment and she blinked her eyes. She was no longer a child, how could she dirty her clothes?

However, if Jackie wanted to complain about her, she would just let him do. He wasn’t really repulsed by her anyway.


Jackie suddenly called her name affectionately,

“Mm?” Serene replied.

Serene looked up at him and her large eyes blinked in


He stretched out his thick palm and rubbed her head. “Thank you for waiting for me the whole time! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for not trusting that man who now has the face I once had.”

When she suddenly heard Jackie’s words, Serene’s heart tightened uncomfortably. She felt anxious all of a sudden,

She bit her lip and suppressed the pain in her heart forcefully. “Should I not be waiting for you? Should I not believe in you?”

He was her lover. He was the father of their child that had

lost its life, and the man who had really doted on her with all of his heart.. To wait for him and to believe in him was a basic obligation of hers. She didn’t need him to thank her for

it. “You trusted me so unconditionally, and I.” Thinking of the fact that he had doubted her and hurt her because of the false evidence, Jackie really wanted to slap himself in


“Jackie, let bygones be bygones. Let’s not talk about it anymore, shall we?” Serene placed her little hand in his large palm. “Promise me that we must walk by each other’s side for the rest of our lives. Promise me, Jackie, that we would never leave each other ever again!”

It felt like an eternity, despite them only being apart for a year. She didn’t dare to think of how she could hang on if she were to be separated from him again.

Jackie raised his hand and gently stroked her beautiful but gaunt face. “Mm, we’ll leave this place in a few days and start a new life in a place that no one will know about us.” After knowing the truth, Jackie had already made a plan. He thought that he would take Serene to a place where no one would know who they were. They could start a new life

together once he eliminates those masterminds behind the

Leaves family massacre.

Moreover, he wanted a child with Serene, a little baby girl who looked just like his beautiful woman. A baby girl that would grow up to be as gentle, angelic and kind as Serene.

Thinking of the child and their family’s bright future, a happy smile suddenly appeared on Jackie’s handsome face.

In this life, although he had experienced the pain of the extermination of his family and a near-death experience, he felt that he was lucky enough to have her by his side. With

Serene, he could overcome any hardship and begin a new life with her.

“I want to go to Provence, in France.” Serene smiled gently as she said, “If it’s possible, let’s settle down there.” Provence was renowned for its lush lavender fields and fine wine. It was also known as the “City of Knights” in Europe.

Provence was the source of inspiration for many romantic


Serene had fantasized frequently of life in Provence with her beloved man, walking hand in hand in the fragrant lavender fields, and creating their own love story. A love story that only belonged to the two of them.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Jackie stroked her head. Suddenly,

he moved her head towards him and lowered his head to

kiss her gently

His kiss was very gentle and lingering as if he was savoring the finest wine. The more he tasted, the more he could taste Serene’s unique beauty.


After a long time, when he let go of her, he called her name gently

“I’m willing to..” She said softly

He only called her name, but he didn’t even speak his intentions. However, Serene knew what he wanted to say because she had a tacit understanding of this man that was her one true love. She immediately gave him assurance that she was finally willing to accept him.

And so, Jackie could no longer rein in his strong desire for her. He picked her up and strode into the bedroom.

Serene carefully reached out and hooked her arms around his neck. Her face was flushed and her heart was beating so

fast. She didn’t dare to look at him in the eyes. Suddenly, she heard Jackie’s hearty laughter. “Why is my Serene still so adorable?


Was she adorable?

She was obviously very shy now, wasn’t she?

She reached out her hand to his waist and pinched him gently, warning him to stop talking. However, she did not

know that Jackie was not threatened by her at all.

He put her on the bed and bent over to look at her. “Look at

me.” Her face was steaming hot, and he still asked her to look at him. She opened her eyes and looked at him shyly. When

she looked into his deep and bottomless eyes, she was so

frightened that she closed her eyes again.

Jackie was a terrifying man right now. He looked at her as if he wanted to swallow her in one bite, which made her heart tremble.

“Serene, look at me.” Jackie used his gentle and seductive voice to lure her to open her eyes and look at him.

Serene was still silent.

“Serene, look at me!” He said again. He was exceptionally stubborn. It seemed like if she didn’t open her eyes and look at him, he could spend the whole night trying to make her look at him.

Serene was dumbstruck.

Why was this man so stubborn?

She could feel her body turning red from embarrassment.

Couldn’t he just stop asking her to look at him?

“Serene, look at me!”

It was the third time he had said the same thing. He forced her to look at him. He wanted her to know that he was the man who was going to make love to her.

In the end, Serene still couldn’t resist his persistence. She slowly opened her eyes with a reddened face. As soon as she opened her eyes, Jackie suddenly bent down and kissed her again. After a long while, he let go of

her and said, “Do you know who I am?”

He asked such a childish question, but Serene still nodded with a silly look on her face. “You are my Jackie, the man I love.” “Good girl, very good!” Upon hearing the answer that he

wanted to hear, Jackie bent over and pressed his body upon

hers. Gently, affectionately and passionately, he made love

to her, compensating for all the hurt he had brought to her

before. The romantic tryst was just beginning..

When their bodies had fused as one, he asked her in a hoarse voice, “Serene, do you know who is making love to

you right now?” It was clear that he was making love to her, but she didn’t know exactly what was he worried about. He needed her to tell him personally that she knew then only he could feel at


Perhaps it was because he had lost her for too long. Perhaps he thought that this was just a dream! He could not believe that this very moment was real. Serene breathlessly uttered these words to him, “You are Jackie!” Upon hearing the name “Jackie”, Jackie was pumped with

passion and continued to make love with her, claiming her as his woman.

Second, minutes, and hours passed, while the couple was still entangled passionately. When Jackie was still thrusting himself into her, he heard Serene suddenly say, “Jackie, I want a child! Can we do that?”

Jackie said in a deep voice, “Okay, let’s make a baby!”

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