My Husband Warm the Bed- 910

Coast City was a large city in Country A. It was a city with four seasons

In spring, flowers bloomed aplenty, covering the city in

pastel colours, while winter brought to the city heaps of fluffy white snow. The heavy snow was here for several days already, and even

at this time, there were no signs of it stopping. Karen Joy Kyle sat by the window and looked at the snowflakes which were flying under the street lights. Her mind was full of thoughts about Griffin Cooper and his son,


When Brother Lionel took office, his father, Griffin, who was the former president, did not even show up at the inauguration ceremony to hand over the baton of power to him.

Yesterday, Griffin had sent someone to take Karen Joy to

him. The elderly Griffin had vehemently demanded her to

leave Brother Lionel. Griffin even told her that his son could

only marry Serene Silas, implying that this was the best

arrangement for his son.

In Karen Joy’s understanding, no matter how angry a father could be with his son, the father would always forgive the child after that, and would still love the child just as much as he did.

Brother Lionel had never mentioned his father to Karen Joy. It wouldn’t be hard to guess that their relationship was estranged

But there must be a reason for this.

What exactly had happened between the father and son? Karen Joy’s head was pounding with questions, but she still

couldn’t think of the reason.

She thought to herself, “I should give up. There is no point of me pondering over this repeatedly.”

She would have to wait for Brother Lionel to return to her side, and then she would ask him about this. Brother Lionel’s seductive yet familiar voice rang aloud. It

was her ringtone! Karen Joy quickly picked up the phone

and called his name, “Brother Lionel!”

“Karen.” Nathaniel said her name softly. He was about to continue speaking but stopped abruptly.

“Brother Lionel, the visit is going well, isn’t it?” She had been watching the news and knew that the local government of that country was very hospitable towards Brother Lionel

when he visited yesterday.

Yesterday, Brother Lionel had paid a visit to a very famous historical museum in this country. The entire visit was accompanied by the highest-ranking officials of the country,

The leaders of many foreign countries had paid great attention to their relations with Country A. They attached great importance to the new President of Country A.

“Yes, it went really well!” Nathaniel said in a deep voice. Judging from his voice, it seemed like he was dissatisfied about something and it felt like he was going to burst into anger sooner or later.

“Brother Lionel, are you okay?” Karen Joy finally noticed that Nathaniel was rather distressed. Even if they were a few thousands of kilometers apart, she could still feel that he was unhappy

“Do you have anything to tell me?” Nathaniel asked instead

of answering her question.

Could it be that Brother Lionel had been informed about her

meeting with his father?

Brother Lionel had sent someone to protect her. She realized that Brother Lionel must have known about it. Whatever he wanted to discuss, must be pertaining to this.

Karen Joy really wanted to tell Nathaniel the whole truth. However, she thought of the conflict between the father and son, and she stopped herself.

No matter how nasty Griffin was, he was still Nathaniel’s father. If she couldn’t ease the relationship between them, she shouldn’t worsen it either.

“Yes.” Karen Joy forced herself to smile in a relaxed way. “I wanted to tell you that I really missed you. I hope that you can appear before me as soon as I open my eyes tomorrow


Before Nathaniel could respond, she then continued,

“Brother Lionel, I’m just joking. You should get busy with your work, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Although she hoped that Brother Lionel could stay with her every day, her mind would still tell her to let him focus on his work. Everything else was secondary

They still had a lot of time ahead of them. When he finally retired in the future, he would have a lot of time to spend with her. By then, they would be able to do what they wanted to do together.

“Okay, you should go to bed early,” Nathaniel said. “Brother Lionel, you should rest early, too.” Karen Joy forced a smile but her eyes went dull as soon as she hung up the


Why didn’t Brother Lionel comfort her with some nice


He surely didn’t know how much she missed him.

Karen Joy only knew that she was thinking about Brother Lionel, but she didn’t notice that there was an inconspicuous black car that was parked on the road across her house.

There was a man sitting in a black car. He looked at the bright window of her room and whispered in his heart, “Karen, I will never let you feel wronged again.”

“Mr. President, the snow is getting heavier. If we don’t leave now, the roads may be blocked soon.” The driver, Jamie, waited for a long time but he had not received any orders from his master, so he reminded him so.

“Go to the Manor House. It’s the nursing home at North City, Nathaniel ordered in a low voice. Thinking of this, Nathaniel realized he had not met his father

in private for more than a year.

Originally, he thought that they would stay away from each other, but he didn’t expect that the man would actually target his girl.

Since the man had decided to target his girl, then he could no longer pretend that nothing had happened between them.

“Yes,” Jamie answered and then he started the car and

drove off. As the snow was heavy and it was already late at night, many roads were obstructed. They couldn’t take the highway to North City, so they had to take the old trunk


The trunk road was a much longer way, so it would naturally take more time than taking the highway.

They departed from Moon Bay at 9 o’clock in the evening. It took them nearly two hours to arrive at the Manor House in North City at 11 o’clock at night.

By the time they had arrived at the area, the roads were already covered with thick snow. The car had to drive for another 20 minutes before it could reach Griffin’s residence.

At eleven o’clock at night, Griffin would usually already be in bed. However, he wasn’t today. It was as if he knew that Nathaniel was going to come over to see him.

The woman who had greeted Karen Joy yesterday knocked on Griffin’s door. Before he could answer, she had already pushed the door open and went in. “Master, the Third Young Master is here.”

“Since there are only two of us here, you can just call me by my name. How many times do you want me to repeat this?” Upon hearing the woman addressing him so, Griffin frowned

discontentedly. “It’s only a form of address. I know that you have me in your heart and that’s enough.” The woman looked at him and smiled. “He’s here. Do you want to see him?”

“I’ve made you suffer over the years,” Griffin sighed as he

spoke. He looked up at the clock on the wall and listened to the wind that was blowing outside. He said, “It’s snowing so heavily yet he still came. Perhaps my son is a sentimental person.”

The woman did not speak, because she knew Griffin very

well, she knew that he still had something else to say

Sure enough, she heard Griffin say, “He is really like his mother.”

The smile on the woman’s lips disappeared instantly. She lowered her head and said, “Since you two have something

to discuss, ‘ll take my leave.”

She took two steps and turned back to remind him, “It’s getting late. Don’t chat for too long, and don’t get angry because of him. Your health is more important.”

“Mm” Griffin nodded, “Hannah, i’ll give you a proper title as my wife sooner or later.”

Hannah Elliot smiled faintly and said, “Griffin, I would prefer to have your love rather than an empty title.”

After that, she smiled gently at him again and then stepped


As soon as Hannah left, Nathaniel arrived. Similarly, Nathaniel also knocked on the door. Without waiting for a response from Griffin, he pushed the door open

and walked in.

The difference was that Griffin had been speaking pleasantly to Hannah, while he was cold towards Nathaniel. He said angrily, “Nathaniel, you are the President, don’t you have basic manners?”

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